Wind Power Disaster Means South Australian Labor Government ‘Gone with the Wind’

Posted: February 22, 2017 by oldbrew in ideology, Incompetence, Politics, turbines, wind
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South Australia has found out the hard way that relying too much on wind turbines is bad news for everyone, including the politicians who ordered it.


jay weatherill Jay Weatherill’s political future all but blacked-out.


While the power pricing and supply calamity that is South Australia is down to the subsidies awarded to wind power under the Federal government’s Large-Scale RET, the state Labor government has done plenty to create the unfolding disaster and nothing to mitigate it.

It’s vapid Premier, Jay Weatherill must know that, as a wind power champion, he’s yesterday’s ‘hero’ and, as a so-called political leader, today’s fool.

Third world beckons as Weatherill plays the fool
The Australian
Nick Cater
14 February 2017

It would be wrong to give Mike Rann and Jay Weatherill all the credit for turning South Australia into wackadoodle windmill world. We should recognise the contribution of those who egged the premiers on, like Al Gore, auteur of An Inconvenient Truth. When it came to showing leadership on renewable energy, said Gore, South Australia was “one of best examples…

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  1. Let’s hope we get politicians who get rid of the birdmincers here before we suffer the same (which can’t be long).

  2. oldbrew says:

    The inevitable consequence of greater ‘market share’ of the electricity grid for intermittent renewables is always going to be greater instability.

    Sooner or later there will be a ‘bad day’ when all that becomes unmanageable and the system fails. Once there’s been one, expect more.

  3. Graeme No.3 says:

    Premier Weatherill today claimed that 50% renewables “would be good for SA”. Will shortly announce his solution to the electricity crisis.
    Also in the news flood in the CBD as yet another water main burst. Quote of the day (from restaurant proprietor with sandbags at the door) “I’ve always wanted a waterside restaurant”. SA is known as “the burst water main capital of Australia”. The state government yesterday belatedly (very belatedly) allocated $55 milion to fix the problem. That should be enough to fix 2 marginal electorates.

    Also last week news leaked about 600 bridges and culverts requiring repairs, some from 2003 just after Labor was elected. They have defended the disintegration of concrete on the new tram overpass on South Road (very much a main road) as “not their fault” – the standard excuse for new trains not working, no new trams available for extended lines etc. etc.
    Also today yet more industry has announced they will leave SA for other States. 1800 jobs to be lost. Premier on TV claiming that “jobs were being created” as proved by the unemployment rate dropping to be the second highest in the nation. No figures are available on migration to other States.

    Weatherill may last longer than you think as Premier; there doesn’t seem to be anybody in the Labor Party willing to take on the mess, although given the ‘calibre’ of those in the Cabinet perhaps excusable. The next election in SA will be March 17 next year, and Labor has lost the gerrymander which kept them in office with 47%. It remains to be seen what further damage they can do in the coming year.

  4. rishrac says:

    If the problem were real and the action taken by having windmills had an effect then it might be worth it. However, the problem is very much in doubt and for certain the action is not worth the expense.

  5. J Martin says:

    I guess that’s what people voted for whether they realised it or not. An example of “the people getting the government they deserve” perhaps.

  6. oldbrew says:

    Once the media admit wind turbines aren’t the wonder machines they’re made out to be, people may wake up to the problems – as we seem to be seeing in Australia.

    The trouble is we may have to wait for the system to start breaking down before anyone takes much notice.

  7. oldbrew says:

    Spin gone mad: now they’re trying to tell us SA can have 100% renewables with gas-fired power stations to fill in the power gaps. Huh?

    Furthermore, CST, OCGTs, batteries with appropriate inverters, and synchronous condensers can all contribute to a stable and 100% renewable SA.

    Read more at:

    Burning gas = CO2 emissions, whichever way you spin it.