Tim Channon

Posted: March 12, 2017 by tallbloke in Blog, Celestial Mechanics, exploration, humour, innovation, Maths, Measurement, modelling, Natural Variation, Obituary


With sadness, I’m sharing the news that my Talkshop co-blogger Tim Channon passed away on Friday. Tim had been bravely battling with cancer for some time, and was still upbeat and lively-minded when I spoke with him last week. Since then unfortunately, medical complications set in.

Tim was one of a kind. A humorous, thoughtful and technically brilliant individual. His contribution to our understanding of cyclic phenomena through the analysis software he wrote propelled me into my own research. His patient recording of weather data and survey of UK weather stations demonstrate the depth of interest and passion he had for bringing facts to bear on the climate debate. His dedication, skill and good natured rebukes against uninformed speculation and bad theory puts him in the Pantheon of great sceptical thinkers and scientists.

Tim will be missed and remembered.


Please use the donate button to contribute to a Talkshop wreath for Tim’s funeral. I’ll be attending and will take that and all our condolences to Tim’s wife.

  1. AlecM says:

    Very sad loss.

  2. Lance Wallace says:

    Very sorry to hear that. Tim had an original mind, and it was always a stimulating challenge to follow his explorations of the curious byways that he would explore.

  3. rishrac says:

    My condolences tall bloke.

  4. scute1133 says:

    I’m sorry to hear this. I’ll miss Tim’s insight and our occasional bantering into the small hours in the comments.

  5. A C Osborn says:

    Very sad to hear this news Roger.
    Condolences to his family.

  6. Roger Andrews says:

    Indeed a brilliant guy. Tim gave me a lot of help on thorny statistical issues and more than once set me straight when I got in over my head. A sad loss to the blog and, I think, to science. He will be missed.

  7. Sorry to hear this Rog. Tim was a smashing bloke.

  8. Stephen Richards says:

    His enthusiasm here was infectious and his death reminds us all of the mortality of our crusaders.

  9. nzrobin says:

    So sorry to hear this Roger. My sincerest condolences to you all. Tim certainly was a treasure and will be missed by many. Robin.

  10. catweazle666 says:

    Very sorry to hear that, Roger, he’ll be missed.
    Condolences to all.

  11. oldbrew says:

    Rest in peace TC.

  12. tallbloke says:

    Thanks for your condolences and remembrances. Please use the donate button to contribute to a Talkshop wreath for Tim’s funeral. I’ll be attending and will take that and all our condolences to Tim’s wife.

  13. Joe Public says:

    His pieces were thought-provoking.

    Condolences to his family.

  14. Tim Spence says:

    Very sad news. I remember some of the great work he did. I’m just an electronics engineer with a passion for maths and nature and I see this blog as a treasure. clearly I don’t comment much but I do read the blog every day in those moments when I have some spare time.

    Just looking at the recent posts headers, there’s a great variety of interesting material, but when the subject goes to astrophysics or gas laws, I’m out of my depth but fascinated, so I’ll remain a great fan and I’m more than willing to chip in some articles of my views.

  15. Graeme No.3 says:

    Sad news. My condolences to you and Tim’s wife.

  16. RJ Salvador says:

    We were all enlightened by Tim’s posts. His death is a loss to us all. You have my sympathy.

  17. TA says:

    So sad. God Bless Tim and his loved ones.

  18. suricat says:

    I’m devastated Roger. Didn’t know him ‘in the flesh’, but came to know him via the ‘Net’.

    I tried to make a condolence comment at his site, but my ‘WordPress problem for login’ got in the way. Please offer my condolences to Tim’s family for me and accept £10 towards a wreath (Tim’s site doesn’t have a ‘contribution pot’ and it seems I couldn’t get to it even if it was there).

    Tim is, was, dogged in the purity of his research data. Please conserve this ‘in perpetuity’ where possible.

    J’ai les larmes dans mes yeux pendent j’ecris. Une des amis en plus a departe la scene. I can’t say this in English. It wouldn’t make sense (perhaps not in French either), but I’ll miss and remember him.

    Best regards, Ray.

  19. hunter says:

    Tim’s insights were excellent and he clearly had a fine mind and use it fully.
    May rest in peace, and may his family, friends and loved ones find comfort in the memories they share. Thank you for making certain the community heard about this sad news.

  20. p.g.sharrow says:

    Our friend will be missed…pg

  21. JB says:

    My condolences and his congratulations. Another Voice in sabbatical.

  22. dai davies says:

    Sad news, indeed. His flying fish photo came to mind.

  23. Konrad says:

    I am saddened to hear of Tim’s passing. While I have not made recent contribution to the site, I greatly appreciate the efforts to keep the non-lukewarmer side of the debate alive and growing. Tim’s efforts were instrumental in this.

    My own father, an engineer, is still ticking at over 92, having survived life threatening cancer surgery and radio therapy at 84. I believe it his refusal to retire and his decision to keep working, at whatever his capacity, that has kept him going. It is very likely that Tim’s dedication to this site prolonged his time with friends and family.

    Vale, Tim Channon. You fought for science. You fought to make this world a better place. You may have disobeyed orders, as AGW sceptics are not allowed to die without permission. But the AGW sceptic corps will live forever, thereby your memory lives forever. Tim, you will be remembered forever amongst the heroes who tried to save science and civilization.

    Yet still it hurts, and nothing I type can stop me crying.

  24. Bryan says:

    Sorry to hear about Tim
    His posts were well worth reading

    My main memory was when he opened up a pyrgeometer to find what it really measured.
    Please contribute my £10 donation to a wreath or charity of his choice.

  25. Bloke down the pub says:

    A sad loss to the community. My condolences to his wife.

  26. craigm350 says:

    Really sad to hear. RIP Tim, you will be sorely missed.

  27. Sad, feel for his family and direct friends. In Australia Bill Leak died a few days go of a heart attack where attacks by the Human Rights Commission and the socialist left and climate alarmist may have been factor. Bill Leak was a reknown artist with paintings in major galleries and for more than twenty years a cartoonist in the The Australian Newspaper truthfully commenting about political events including useless windmills and energy policies. Tim was an honest engineer whose analyses where always welcome.
    Can good and clever persons like these be replaced?

  28. Bruckner8 says:

    I never thought I’d be feel what I’m feeling, about someone I had never met in person. Rest in peace, Tim, and thank you for your fine work and wit on this blog.

  29. gregole says:

    Tim will be missed. My condolences to his family and friends. May his soul rest in peace.

  30. Geoff Sharp says:

    Sad news, Tim made many great contributions to planetary science and the quest for truth amongst the propaganda peddled by the climate alarmists.

  31. E.M.Smith says:

    We all want to think our existance made some difference. Tim’s presence reached around the world. Even here in California, he had impact. I think I’ll be having a quiet wake, sipping something with bite yet compelling, while reading his past articles…

  32. Bob Weber says:

    I’m surprised to be having these feelings as others have mentioned.

    Tim was like the rest of us, a foot soldier in our fight for truth and freedom.

    His loss is like the loss of a soldier not unknown; our reactions and feelings commensurate with a similar loss. Tim fought as a good loyal foot soldier out of a selfless sense of duty to help his fellows fight this good fight for his family and yours.

    Today our flag flies at half mast for this man whose example will shine forever, a man who stood in the gap with us fighting for truth and knowledge in a culture of ignorance.

    Today’s mourners will also leave a lasting legacy, some unsung, and if I could only say one thing to to any of you and Tim it would be

    Thanks for being here!

  33. suricat says:

    Bob Weber says: March 14, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    “I’m surprised to be having these feelings as others have mentioned.”

    That’s OK Bob. I’m taken aback at the emotion declared here 🙂

    One’s own life’s experience leads to an empathic understanding of the life experience of others (the ‘cognitive understanding’ of; if only I were in their place/situation). For my part I’ve lived through an extreme recent personal loss of both friends and family, thus, I can empathise with the loss to Tim’s friends and family (it reminds me of my losses). It gets stronger with the increase of ‘life experience’ (age), but the emotional pain is eased with time and more/better understanding.

    As you come to understand this ’empathic symbiosis’ the ’emotional turmoil’ reduces. However, it doesn’t go away. It only helps you to understand ‘life’. ‘Hearts and minds’ (always in my heart and memory). Your personal history dictates the empathic connection you have with ‘recent events’ in this thread. I offer my condolence (should it be appropriate) to any recent loss you may have incurred, but they are still alive and with ‘you’ in your ‘memory’ (mind) and ‘heart’ (emotion).

    “Today’s mourners will also leave a lasting legacy, some unsung, and if I could only say one thing to to any of you and Tim it would be
    Thanks for being here!”

    Yes, Tim was ‘there’, but ‘we’ still are ‘here’. I’m still here for you and the site Bob, and we have Tim’s ‘legacy/data’. Let’s do something with it in his name.

    Best regards, Ray.

  34. David Blake says:

    Such a great loss for science, and an even greater loss for the pursuit of the truth. Even though I think we all knew this day was close it still makes me very sad to hear the news.

    Tim was evidently a person for whom the data mattered. The truth mattered. And he evidently didn’t care for covering up the truth in the goal of an (AGW) agenda. In my only exchange with Tim (off site) he very politely showed me to be completely wrong, and in a gentle, reasoned way, prevented me from making a complete tit of myself. He provided data, and calculations well beyond which I was capable of. I didn’t mind being wrong in the slightest. Not when it was explained so eloquently and concisely by a gentleman like Tim.

    RIP Tim, you’ll soon have heaven sorted out.

  35. tallbloke says:

    This evening I spoke again with Tim’s wife and she sends her thanks and regards to everyone for their kind words and thoughtful comments here. She has been passing printouts to the family who are heartened that Tim had so many friends across the world who appreciated his contribution.

    Tim’s funeral will be held on Tuesday 28th March 1:30pm at West Berkshire Crematorium. Anyone who would like to attend, please contact me.

    Any further donations via the Talkshop will be passed in accordance with Tim’s wishes to the
    Newbury and District Cancer Care Trust who are raising money for a chemotherapy & dialysis unit.

  36. gallopingcamel says:

    It was a rare privilege to collaborate with Tim. One meets many people on the Internet but very few with Tim’s ability and honesty.

  37. gallopingcamel says:

    One tiny complaint………….I had to enter “Captcha” strings on three separate occasions to donate.

  38. Sparks says:

    I just learned of Tim’s fate, I’m upset to hear of his passing, my kindest regards to his family x

    I will miss you…

  39. wayne says:

    So sorry to learn of Tim’s passing Rog. One brilliant mind in areas I never seem able to tread. Know he will be missed.