How Political Lunacy Sabotaged Australia’s Once Reliable & Affordable Power Supply

Posted: March 27, 2017 by oldbrew in climate, Energy, ideology, Incompetence, Politics
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You couldn’t make it up. Insisting on spending a fortune when much cheaper and better options are available makes no sense, but climate obsessives plough on regardless.


If what Australia’s political brains trust has done to its once reliable and affordable power supply had been done by external agents, it would have been branded an act of terrorism.

The so-called ‘wind power capital’ of Australia, South Australia has become an international laughing stock: statewide blackouts, routine load shedding and rocketing power prices might be enough, you would think, to make its Labor government see sense.

Far from it, it is now looking to spend $150 million on a giant battery that will return power to the grid and ‘power’ SA for all of four minutes and to set up somewhere between 200 and 250 MW of diesel generation capacity to keep the lights on, whenever the wind stops blowing.

The absurdity of throwing $550 million at a perfectly avoidable problem, when Jay Weatherill had the option of paying a mere $30 million to Alinta to keep its…

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  1. Graeme No.3 says:

    The SA Premier is busy denying the obvious and trying to get his party re-elected on March 17, 2018. He is already struggling because the electoral boundaries have changed and Labor cannot be re-elected on 47% of the 2 party preferred vote, they will need 50%+ to get a majority.
    Having refused to keep the Northern (Alinta coal fired) plant going, there have been a series of blackouts (blamed on the weather, the Federal government, electricity retailers, climate sceptics and flying pigs, and I may have missed one or two). Also the ‘strange’ decision by the operators of Pelican Point No.2 not to start up their moth-balled plant at 30 minutes notice. That the plant is a CCGT and would take 4-5 hours to get to capacity seems to have eluded him (and his Minister for Electricity), let alone that they had shut down as continuous operation lost money, didn’t have the gas supply available, and that on/off operation leads to much higher maintenance costs (and higher CO2 emissions) because of thermal cycling.
    So a frantic building of an OCGT which will start up when the politicians decree (unless down for maintenance, or lack of gas supply) regardless of the cost (subsidised by the taxpayer). Given the usual way in S.A. (the home of the second most expensive building in the World) it should be ready in 4 years. The ludicrous battery bank is a sop to the Greens who believe it will make ‘renewables’ work and the diesel generators aren’t mentioned in Labor publicity but are possibly the only hope of avoiding blackouts this coming summer.
    With Dopey Dan (the Victorian Premier) shutting down their largest coal fired power station (roughly 22% of supply) and hence no chance of the desperately needed interconnector supplying when the wind turbines shut down in hot weather, the only hope for the S.A. Labor government is for global cooling to make a really cool summer, dampening demand. Sorry, not their only hope, there is the State Opposition who are struggling to make any impression on the voters (save that of complete ineffectual vapidity).
    South Australia ‘prides’ itself on its progressive politics, forgetting to state the direction they are heading. Name change to South Greece?

  2. dscott says:

    Why would politicians advocate a $550 million solution that $30 million would solve? Come on! It has nothing to do with the Greens, it has everything to do with $550 million spread amongst campaign contributors. Politicians behave the same all over the world, they approve boondoggles because they get campaign contributions from those who are involved in profiteering in some way from them. Do you honestly believe those who stand to profit from $30 million can give as much to politicians as those who stand to profit from $550 million? Even if you limit the kick back to 1% of the deal, we are talking a difference of $5.5 million to $300 thousand. These funds are sent to re-election campaigns to keep the politicians in office collecting a hefty paycheck that is in most cases is higher than the median income of tax payers.

    Global Warming/Climate Change is nothing more than an excuse, a covering to engage in corruption involving billions of dollars by politicians. It isn’t their money, it’s the taxpayers money they spend. When a politician starts saying thousands of jobs will be created in supporting this boondoggle, what they are really saying is we are sharing the kick back that you the tax payers will pay for the next 30 years with interest in the form of taxes. In other words, they bribe you with your own money, that you will also pay interest on.

    Socialism, Communism and Green ideologies are nothing more than clever self righteous scams that dupe the taxpayers so they the politicians can live and work in the lap of luxury. Have you ever seen a POOR politician in office? Look at the cars they drive, the houses they live in and the conditions they work in. Here is the true income inequality, notice that the same politician who decries poverty and rails against the rich is the same person who lives at multiples higher than most of the population. They play both ends against the middle.

  3. Bitter&twisted says:

    The politicians don’t give a stuff what the people think.
    After all it is not their money they are throwing away- and they have a compliant media (ABC) to keep feeding the people lies.

  4. Curious George says:

    Follow the money. In whose pocket does it end?

  5. oldbrew says:

    ‘The politicians don’t give a stuff what the people think.’ – unless it’s likely to get them the sack at the next election.

  6. tom0mason says:

    Hazelwood — the shutdown is complete…
    … to the future and unreliability!