At last: Britain preparing to scrap EU renewables targets after Brexit 

Posted: April 15, 2017 by oldbrew in Big Green, climate, government, ideology
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Enthusiasm fading for renewables targets?

This could put a bit of sanity back into UK electricity generation policy, if it happens.

Britain is preparing to scrap EU green energy targets which will add more than £100 to the average energy bill as part of a bonfire of red tape after Brexit, says the GWPF.
Government sources told The Daily Telegraph that the target, under the EU Renewable Energy Directive, is likely to be scrapped after Brexit.

The UK is currently committed to getting 15 per cent of all energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar by 2020. Ministers have long been critical of the targets because they exclude nuclear power, carbon capture or gains from energy efficiency.

The UK is currently on course to miss the target and incur millions of pounds in fines from the European Union.

The Daily Telegraph has called on the Conservative Party to promise a bonfire of EU red tape in its 2020 manifesto to put Britain on a radically different course.

Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, has “applauded” the campaign and he backed calls to sweep away decades of “burdensome” EU regulations after Brexit.

It comes after civil service documents, photographed on a trade mission, revealed that Britain plans to scale down its concern over climate change after Brexit.

Details of the policy change were contained in the papers of a senior civil servant at the Department for International Trade (DIT) photographed by a passenger earlier this month.

The notes say: “Trade and growth are now priorities for all posts — you will all need to prioritise developing capability in this area. Some economic security-related work like climate change and illegal wildlife trade will be scaled down.”

Earlier this month Bloomberg, the news agency, revealed that officials at the Treasury and department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy have been discussing axing the renewables target.

The EU Renewable Energy Directive requires the UK to generate 15 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 – up from three per cent when the directive was adopted in 2009.

The target has led to billions of pounds Government subsidies for renewable power sources such as wind, solar and biomass power plants, which are ultimately paid for by customers through their energy bills.

The National Audit Office estimated that green energy subsidies will cost every household £110 a year by 2020.

Owen Paterson, a Conservative MP and former Environment Secretary, said: “It’s distorting the whole energy market. It’s like the Sherrif of Nottingham – it transfers money from my poorest constituents to my wealthiest constituents who are putting up pointless wind turbines heavily subsidised.

I would be very happy to see the back of it.”

Source: At Last: Britain Preparing To Scrap EU Renewables Targets As Part Of A Bonfire Of Red Tape After Brexit | The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

  1. thefordprefect says:


    The total of all renewable electricity sources provided for 14.9% of the electricity generated in the United Kingdom in 2013, reaching 53.7 TWh of electricity generated. In the second quarter of 2015, renewable electricity penetration exceeded 25% and coal generation for the first time.

    the problem seems to be that TOTAL energy consumption is to be reduced by 15%

    Renewable energy contributions to meeting the UK’s 15% target reduction in total energy consumption by 2020, in accordance with the 2009 EU Renewable Directive, totalled 5.2% in 2013 as measured in accordance with the methodology set out in the Directive.[3] By 2016 provisional calculations show that the figure had risen again to 8.3 per cent of energy consumption (all sources) coming from renewable sources in 2015.[5]

  2. AlecM says:

    Why wait until 2020? Put in legislation now and dare Labour and wet Tories to vote against it.

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  4. oldbrew says:

    EU law still applies until Brexit is completed.

    Date: 14/04/17 Catherine Sanz, The Times

  5. I live in Scotland – Ms Divisive recently went to the US to consult with them on how to lose election – more bird-mincers was undoubtedly their advice.

  6. pochas94 says:

    The closer to Utopia, the more roving gangs of thugs.

  7. BLACK PEARL says:

    So will this include scrapping ‘Ed’s folly’ The 2008 Climate Change Act also ?

    If so will I receive cold calls inviting me to reclaim a substantial part of the £4000 of VED I’ve paid since 2009 as I’ve obviously been miss sold ?

  8. Bitter&twisted says:

    Why not scrap Barreness Worthless’s wet dream Climate Change Act as well?

  9. ivan says:

    Scrap the Climate Change Act of 2008 and ALL subsidies for renewable energy production then make a law that if anyone wants to supply power to the nation they have to contract for a fixed amount and if they can’t supply it the penalty is twice the years contract figure with lack of supply twice sees them banned from quoting to supply for five years.

    Doing that will bring energy prices down to a sensible level and if the penalties are applied to R & D on thorium reactors (the country does have a history of that, Winfrith) we might end up with nuclear power being ‘too cheap to meter’.

  10. Richard111 says:

    I live in Pembrokeshire. For years I have been watching the empty fields in the surrounding countryside. Many of these fields are now growing solar panels /sarc.
    Seems they provide best income to the farmers under EU regs.
    I wonder who will pay when the snow comes.

  11. oldbrew says:

    Richard – solar panels are rubbish in winter anyway at latitudes of 50+degrees North.

    Too few hours of daylight and low angle of Sun, if you can even see it, especially in areas with nearby obstructions like buildings, trees etc.

  12. suricat says:

    Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here oldbrew and guys. The ‘Climate Change Act’ was about ‘CO2 emission’, but the problem turns out, apparently, to be about ‘particulate pollution’ (as I’ve argued many times ‘elsewhere’). Doesn’t it?

    We only need to ‘re-focus’ the Climate Change Act away from CO2 and towards ‘particulate emission’ for a ‘home run’.

    The ‘CO2 window’ is ‘swamped’ by ‘latent convection’, but ‘particulates’ in our atmosphere are a ‘real barrier’ to ‘EM’ (Electro Magnetic) energy transfer.

    Best regards, Ray.

  13. oldbrew says:

    STT says: In this pair of pearlers, James Delingpole spans the globe: firstly detailing the growing and staggering cost of subsidised wind power in Britain; and then turning his attention Downunder to the disaster that is Australia’s wind power capital, South Australia.

    Post-Brexit Britain Wants To Escape Its EU Renewables Targets. About Time Too
    James Delingpole
    5 April 2017

    Britain is using Brexit to try to wriggle out of its EU-driven renewable energy targets, says Bloomberg, quoting an anonymous insider.

  14. Rod says:

    What a ridiculous article and the whole premise! Renewable energy is the only way Earth can survive in the longer run. Green electricity is already cheaper to produce in the UK than that from coal and gas…and definitely safer than from nuclear stations

  15. oldbrew says:

    Ridiculous? That would be the idea that wind turbines can alter the climate.

  16. catweazle666 says:

    “Ridiculous? That would be the idea that wind turbines can alter the climate.”

    I believe there exists research that asserts that they can, but not in a desirable manner.