Cartoon of the day: Dilbert does denial

Posted: May 14, 2017 by tallbloke in humour

  1. Zeke says:

    Somebody fits right in at the dysfunctional office… 😦

  2. oldbrew says:

    Pielke Jnr: ‘After failing to get Bret Stephens fired from the New York Times, the nation’s leading climate scientist, Michael Mann (@MichaelEMann) has focused his vitriol on cartoonist Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame ‘

    Sense of humour failure 😎

  3. tallbloke says:

  4. Zeke says:

    “Comparihson between Assange and Zuckerberg”

    Now that you mention it, Zuckerberg does have the look of having been digested and propped up by the deep state. Kind of around the face.

  5. Zeke says:


    digested & propped up by the Deep State.

    To make up for my typo, here are two news links about the C I A funding raunchy and bad modern art in other countries.

    h/t Julian Assange