Tory ‘energy bill cap’ savings dwarfed by Climate Change Act charges

Posted: May 14, 2017 by tallbloke in Energy, government

energy-polIn the Telegraph, Christopher Booker writes

“I would defy anyone unfortunate enough to hear the Today programme at 8.10 last Tuesday morning to have made head or tail of an interview in which our Business Secretary, Greg Clark, droned on for 10 minutes with Justin Webb about the Tories’ promise of a “cap” on energy bills. The essence of this flood of deathly jargon was that, thanks to something called the Competition and Markets Authority, this could save 17 million households a total of £1.4 billion a year.

“What Clark and Webb never mentioned, of course, were the figures recently published by the Office for Budget Responsibility, showing the soaring cost of those green subsidies and taxes we all pay for through our energy bills. These are officially projected to more than double by the end of this Parliament, from £7.3 billion last year to £14.7 billion, or from £292 a year for each household to £565.”

“In other words, even if Theresa May’s “cap” on energy saves £1.4 billion a year, this will be dwarfed by the additional £7.4 billion a year due to be added to our bills under the Climate Change Act.

“But if you ask any candidates in this make-believe election what they think of those figures, almost certainly they will never have heard of them. If they come to your door, try it.”

True of candidates of the legacy parties, who all but unanimously voted for the CCA in 2008, but UKIP candidates know their onions on this stuff, because it’s been part of UKIP energy policy for years. You can download and read the UKIP energy policy for yourselves and vote accordingly.

  1. waterside4 says:

    As usual Chris Booker hits the nail on the head.

    Also in today’s Sunday Telegraph business section are two inane articles by some unknown (to me ) popsicle called Jillian Ambrose. They both deal with the future dire consequence of the idiotic “Climate Change” act, aka affordable grown up power supplies.
    I suggest you read them and weep at her (deliberate?) lack of knowledge of anything to do with the impending costs to consumers, associated with that act of Hari Kari.

  2. Adam Gallon says:

    Such a pity that UKIP’s gone down the “BNP in suits” road.

  3. ivan says:

    The real answer would be to repeal the Climate Change Act and all legalisation that supports it. That way there wouldn’t need to be a cap on electricity prices and the real generators could get back into production.

    The problem is that the environmental lobby would go nuts – maybe not a bad thing.

  4. oldbrew says:

    ivan – some might say the environmental lobby went nuts years ago – some of them at least :/