#ParisAgreement gets setback as Trump heads for the exit

Posted: June 1, 2017 by tallbloke in Accountability, climate, government, IPCC, Legal, solar system dynamics

As predicted here a few days ago, U.S. President Donald Trump has decided to end involvement in the Paris Climate Accord.

A tweet from the well informed Tony Heller around 4.20pm GMT today indicated the administration’s direction of travel.

Gavin Schmidt seems to occupy his own private and little re-tweeted echo chamber these days. Poor Gav.


We can only refer him to the inimitable Windsor Davies at the top of the post. 🙂

Here’s what the US President said:

  1. tallbloke says:

    Trump holds out an olive branch – to renegotiate a deal along with the Democrats that is fair to the USAs workers.

  2. craigm350 says:

    Reblogged this on WeatherAction News and commented:
    Let’s hope this is the start of the global retreat 🙂

  3. tallbloke says:

    Let the wailing commence. Here’s Obama:

    And here’s Al Gore:

    And here’s the globalist puppet with a granny for a wife


  4. colliemum says:

    Announcement just finished: yep, he’s done it – and the green NGOs, UN, EU can all whistle in the wind for their money.
    Party is over!

  5. Roger,

    that is not a setback, that is a major set forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alex Pope

  6. tallbloke says:

  7. tallbloke says:


    Twice in under a year.

    First Brexit

    Now Trump pulling out of Paris.

    The bar is open.

  8. linneamogren says:

    Thank you Mr Trump!!

  9. tallbloke says:

  10. linneamogren says:

    Drinks are on Roger !!

  11. tallbloke says:

    Heh, what would you like Linnea?

    The #ParisAgreement hashtag is well worth a visit on twitter this evening.

    So. much. butthurt.

    So. many. splodeyheads.

    #winning 🙂

  12. linneamogren says:


    Hair of the dog that bit me! Yank chatting me up taught me that one!

    Congrats Roger your dedication to this cause has been invaluable

  13. tallbloke says:

    Thanks Linnea!

    And here’s a large glass of that for you.
    I’m drinking a bottled beer called A-hop-alypse Now
    “I love the smell of Hops in the morning” 🙂

  14. linneamogren says:


    Thank you Roger !! lol I love that bottle you’re drinking very appropriate for the occasion lol

    I love the smell of burning fuels in the morning! lol We could do a top ten.

  15. tallbloke says:

    How about Parisienne Walk-aways 🙂

  16. Ron Clutz says:

    Noticeable in Trump’s speech is the absence of detail about what “withdrawing” means specifically. That is no doubt intentional and smart. I’m guessing it means, “We are not obligated to honor whatever the previous President committed to.” So no payments to the Green slush fund, no reporting on emissions relative to plans, etc. It will be fun to hear UN bureaucrats saying “you can’t leave for three years, it’s in the Accord.”

  17. pochas94 says:

    Trump, who is a wealthy man himself, still does not want to see his country bled to death by an oligarchy of mega-rich globalists. I believe his action will ultimately benefit the rest of the world.

  18. BoyfromTottenham says:

    Hi from Oz. Rog, Yes, Trump held out an olive branch, but it sounds like the EU has summarily rejected any re-negotiation. IMO this was a clever move by Trump – he probably knew that they would reject re-negotiation, and then the UN have to deal with the 189 other Paris signatories, the developed countries of whom will have to cough up more loot. If they don’t agree to pick up the US share of the load, the UDCs, i.e. the rest of the signatories will bitch about being dudded of part of their loot. So Trump wins, the UN and rest of the signatories lose. Sounds fair to me. Keep up the good work. I hope the Conservatives have a good win in the Election, otherwise Australia may have to deal with an avalanche of UK refugees!

  19. Brett Keane says:

    Congratulations to all sceptic bloggers, and the brave scientists like Ned who carry the flame. Maybe the end of the beginning? And thanks Trumpy, not the 1st unlikely hero….
    The wailing is sickening at this end of the world too, but still sweet music.

  20. Paul Vaughan says:

    major western fault

    “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who had urged Trump to stay in the Paris deal, did not attend the ceremony” — ctvnews.ca

  21. tallbloke says:

    Merkel, Macron, and whichever puppet the EU has currently installed as the Italian head of state have rebuffed President Trump’s offer to renegotiate by saying the Paris deal can’t be renegotiated.

    Theresa May as UK PM says UK will stick by Paris deal. I suspect she will, until after Brexit.

    Lots of posturing and virtue signalling from the great and good. e.g.

    And Disney’s CEO

    Leo Di Caprio is unhappy

    Here’s picture of his Diesel guzzling yacht

  22. michael hart says:

    You can send your messages/congratulations to The President via email using this link
    You don’t need to be a US citizen.

    I wrote him;
    “Congratulations, Mr President, upon fulfilling an important promise to withdraw from the Paris Climate accord.

    The complaints will be very loud and very long. You are probably getting used to that by now, but it’s probably going to get even worse!

    Unfortunately, much more needs to be done to roll-back the damaging effects of expensive energy legislation based on unsubstantiated claims about carbon dioxide, but it is a good start. As Churchill said, “it’s not the beginning of the end… but it is at least the end of the beginning.”

    Best regards, Michael Hart”

    I was very quickly right about the noise!
    I can’t resist relaying this one from one of the usual suspects at the BBC:
    “In many ways it is far worse than many observers had expected.-Matt McGrath, BBC”

  23. tallbloke says:

    Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoon strip, has this wry and pithy comment on the Paris Agreement:

  24. tallbloke says:

    Katie Hopkins (of all people) weighs in with some data:

  25. A C Osborn says:

    michael hart says: June 2, 2017 at 10:05 am

    I have followed your lead and written to him as well.

  26. oldbrew says:

    Bullseye for Trump!

    Commenter @ TB’s link: ‘It’s become impossible to distinguish actual left-wing responses from parodies in The Onion.’

  27. gregole says:

    Wonderful. I listened to the entire speech – just great. This is huge and I hope it emboldens others to follow.

  28. tallbloke says:

  29. Tenuc says:

    This great news is a game-changer regarding the United Nations plans to redistribute wealth from the ‘rich’ developed nations to the third world.

    Trump is well aware that the trillion dollar ‘green revolution’, stuck of the back of the false CAGW conjecture, is simply a huge international Ponzi scheme and he is bailing the USA out before the inevitable crash. The failure of the Paris Climate Accord to have any sanctions if targets were missed was the trigger for many countries to recognise it was time to jump ship.

    This is evidenced by only 147 countries out of the 195 present having ratified the Accord as at today. Watch other developed countries follow the USA lead over the coming months, including the UK, which has discovered a huge coal deposit off the coast of NE England. Japan and China are also likely to bail out early as they have both successfully tested pilot production systems for the extraction of the vast deposits of methane clathrate from the sea bed. The next few years are going to be very turbulent as the countries left in the scheme become bankrupt and start looking for redress,

  30. tallbloke says:

    Tenuc: China won’t bail, because under the Paris Accord, they get to carry on with business as usual anyway.

  31. tallbloke says:

    CM: Thanks for the link, I left a brief comment.

  32. Tenuc says:

    tallbloke says:
    “China won’t bail, because under the Paris Accord, they get to carry on with business as usual anyway.”

    The problem China has is that they have been pumping trillions into their economy after the global crash around eight years ago and the now is running a debt of 250% of GDP, without gaining the expected growth. The side-deal Obummer did with China to get them to ratify the Paris Accord promised China lots of dollars if they moved to so-called ‘renewable energy’ – this promise has now been revoked. I think they will quietly drop their commitment unless Trump has a change of heart. He is not the most reliable of USA presidents and this is far from impossible.

  33. oldbrew says:

    Date: 03/06/17 Arnd Henze, Tageschau

    Two days after the decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, the conservative wing of the ruling Christian Democratic Party (CDU) is demanding a radical change in Germany’s climate policy.

    A statement submitted to the ARD Capital Studio, the “Berliner Kreis (Berlin Circle)”, which includes numerous federal and communal politicians of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), calls for an end to “moral blackmail” by climate research and a “farewell to unilateral German CO2 targets.”


  34. A C Osborn says:

    oldbrew says: June 4, 2017 at 8:19 am

    Could this be the “avalanche” gaining momentum, who will be next, Poland or one of the East European countrie who are already fed up with the EU’s stance on Climate and Energy?

  35. pochas94 says:

    We (the US or any other nation) cannot afford to add any external agency to its bank account with unreserved withdrawal privileges, which is where we were headed with the Paris agreement. It’s like putting a sign on your front yard that says “Take what you want” and leaving the front door open. We don’t do that for the Church and shouldn’t do that for the Climate Religion.

  36. oldbrew says:

    Cry-babies [click on pic]…

  37. tom0mason says:

    The mass exhalation of the global left has pushed CO2 levels to a new high of 0.041% and at least 2 green political advocates have erupted into spontaneous combustion with the excess heat.

  38. oldbrew says:

    Like It Or Not, Donald Trump Put Climate Change On The Map

    Google trends aren’t perfect, but they are a pretty good measure of public and media engagement on an issue. Trump’s decision got vast amounts of people searching for information about global warming and what Trump’s decision could mean for the future.