Sammy Wilson: Trump’s Climate Change Decision Poses Huge Problem For UK

Posted: June 10, 2017 by tallbloke in climate, Energy, government, Politics, solar system dynamics

Sammy Wilson was the Democratic Unionist Party’s environment minister in 2008-9. He campaigned vigorously for the United Kingdom to leave the EU and believes that the country would be better served being in charge of our own finances, trade and immigration laws. He serves on the Brexit Committee at Westminster. No wonder the left wing are upset by the DUP’s importance in the new political order at Westminster following the general election:

Sammy-wilsonThe very wise decision by the US President to pull out of the totally flawed and pointless Paris Climate Change agreement, presents huge problems for the UK and the Government’s ongoing trade and industry strategy. It also raises big issues for an energy expensive area like Northern Ireland which has the most expensive electricity costs in the UK.

America is rebuilding its economy on cheap energy from shale gas and shale oil. Already it is attracting manufacturing jobs back to its shore from overseas because energy prices have plummeted due to the massive fall in prices as fracking of shale gas gathers pace. So cheap is its energy that it now pays to ship gas from America to Grangemouth Scotland rather than use gas from the North Sea. If we wish to remain competitive and increase trade with America we cannot ignore the actions of Donald Trump.

Currently our energy policy based on the Climate Change Act and the commitments we made under the Paris Agreement are costing consumers both industrial and domestic dearly. According to the Office of Budget Responsibility which independently measures the economic impact of Government policies our commitment to renewable energy targets means that consumers and Government are paying subsidies of £7.3bn per year rising to £14.7bn by 2025. This amounts to an increase of £292 per year on each household bill and will rise to £565 by 2025.

The result is massive fuel poverty 40% in Northern Ireland crippling bills for industry and the loss of industrial and other jobs to countries which have lower energy costs because they don’t engage in what the Prime Minister’s own Chief of Staff has describes as a “unilateral and monstrous act of self harm”.

The Paris Agreement itself is a delusion. India which signed up to it plans to build 400 coal fired power stations increasing CO2 emissions by 300% by 2030. China has promised to reduce CO2 per unit of GDP but given its growth rate will be producing 50% more CO2 by 2030. So pulling out of the agreement which was only a piece of window dressing for climate chancers who wished to pretend that they were doing something about an issue which they can’t affect anyhow is not the disaster which the green lefties are getting hysterical about.

What it might actually do is give us the opportunity to design a sensible energy policy which will help grow the economy, lift the burden of high energy costs off the shoulders of poor households and secure manufacturing and service jobs in energy intensive industries. The only losers will be those who are hoovering up billions of pounds of subsidies from hard pressed consumers.


  1. After taking a step back from the election and re-assessing the political landscape I’m starting to think that the new reliance on the DUP to maintain government majority really is a blessing in disguise. The Tories do have a lot of centrists that would prefer to maintain the status quo on EU and climate.

  2. So by you reasoning then Denmark and Germany would have a rising unemployment Uk would not be falling and US should have a massive uptick – Lets See (world bank data):

    So not true at all, sorry

  3. tallbloke says:

    Indeed. I call them the green welly tories.

  4. tallbloke says:

    A bit of a leap there Ford. Other macroeconomic factors are also in play. 🙂

  5. TB to quote your piece:
    “America is rebuilding its economy on cheap energy from shale gas and shale oil. Already it is attracting manufacturing jobs back to its shore from overseas because energy prices have plummeted due to the massive fall in prices as fracking of shale gas gathers pace.”

    Where is the mention of other macroeconomic factors?

  6. oldbrew says:

    Which top UK politicians of the main parties might be receptive to any of the points made here by Sammy Wilson?

    Trying to cap energy bills while cranking up the cost of subsidies to renewables is economic nonsense.

  7. oldbrew says:

    From the GWPF…

    Date: 10/06/17 Der Spiegel

    In the run-up to the G20 summit, the German Government is trying to isolate US President Trump. According to SPIEGEL, Angela Merkel is lobbying for a commitment to the Paris climate agreement from as many statesmen as possible. But it’s not that easy.
    – – –
    These ‘statesmen’ signed it but they’re not committed to it 😉

  8. craigm350 says:

    Reblogged this on WeatherAction News and commented:
    I did wonder who the ‘devout climate change denier’ the BBC were harping on about were;
    Nothing like apostasy 😂

  9. Graeme No.3 says:

    eventually reality intrudes. Possibly not for Merkel and similar minds until after disaster strikes, but even then they will switch to “It wasn’t my fault mode” as they find themselves in the waste bin of history.

  10. One reason Germany is showing lower unemployment is that they do no count everyone. Germany has taken in millions of refugees -over one million in the year 2015. They do not count refugees and others on welfare as unemployed. I suggest that the unemployment level in Germany is above 10% plus another 10 % underemployed. Merkel is delusional and as in East Germany where she comes from statistics are fiddled.