Viv Forbes: Signs of Sanity shock the Green World with US #Clexit

Posted: June 16, 2017 by tallbloke in Big Green, climate, EU Referendum, government, greenblob, ideology, IPCC, solar system dynamics


Coming soon after the UK Brexit which rejected the EU green octopus, the US Clexit will encourage Clexit efforts in places like central Europe, Canada and even in the decaying green swamp-lands in Germany and France. UK may even get the courage to “cut the green crap”.

This US Clexit follows the first step taken in 2010 when the canny Japanese refused to extend the Kyoto Protocol. And then Tony Abbott killed off Australia’s Carbon Tax.

The final step will be UN-CLEXIT – withdrawal from all UN climate agreements and obligations, and defunding the government climate “research” and propaganda industry.

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  1. oldbrew says:

    ‘UK may even get the courage to “cut the green crap”.’

    It should be a no-brainer were it not for political and media greenwash.

  2. Joan Davidson says:

    Can’t really see our present mob of pollies admitting they got it wrong – pity!