Brexit Costs: EU Commissioner Proposes EU-Wide Climate Tax 

Posted: June 22, 2017 by oldbrew in climate, government, Politics, Robber Barons
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Taxing the weather – EU member states may have to cough up climate dues as part of the cost of supporting the seemingly insatiable Brussels bureaucratic machine.

Due to Brexit and other new commitments, the EU will soon be short of € 25 billion, reports The GWPF.

EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger, therefore, wants to introduce new revenues for the EU in form of a climate tax.

In addition, he wants to take Brexit as an opportunity to remove not only Britain’s EU rebate but similar discounts for other EU member states.
“When the British leave, the rebate negotiated by Maggie Thatcher falls away; I want to use this opportunity to cancel all discounts, including those for Denmark and Germany,” Oettinger told SPIEGEL.

“After the departure of the British, we are likely to be short of at least € 10 billion a year,” he said. “I can imagine that half of this sum can be saved, and the remaining members will divide the other half among themselves,” the EU Commissioner said.

Germany, for example, receives a discount on the additional costs incurred as a result of the British discount.

But it’s not just Brexit that is causing a hole in the EU budget. EU members states are facing many new tasks such as in defense, development aid or the safeguarding of external borders. The additional financial requirement of these new commitments is estimated to be 15 billion euros.

This is why Oettinger intends to present a discussion paper on the future financing of the EU next Wednesday which will include proposed cuts in existing funding programmes. Apparently, cuts in the agricultural budget, which is still amounting to almost 40% of all EU spending, are being considered.

Oettinger also wants to open up new sources of income for the EU. To this end, EU member states are to transfer part of their tax revenues to Brussels.

“One consideration is to use the topic of climate protection and to transfer the taxation of EU CO2 credits to the EU,” Oettinger said. “These CO2 credits are based on European legislation, but they have so far gone to member states.”

Source: Brexit Costs: EU Commissioner Proposes EU-Wide Climate Tax | The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

  1. Roger,

    This is part of or most of why Brexit was the right thing! Those people are stupid! They can choose to go bankrupt, their choice!

    Press on with Clexit!


  2. gallopingcamel says:

    The EU is doomed. You Brits have a wonderful opportunity but weak leadership May waste it.

  3. wolsten says:

    Reblogged this on Wolsten and commented:
    As if we needed another reminder that it’s all about global government and the vast sums of money needed to sustain it.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Another EU tax. Just what Greece doesn’t need.

    EU Commission: The Greek debt will be 241% of GDP in 2060!
    Jun, 20 2017

  5. Husq says:

    EU energy chief warns against new taxes if sector to remain competitive:

  6. C,Alvin Scott says:

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan is introducing a Tax on diesel vehicles and already had a congestion charge. If/when there are millions of EVs where is the lost revenue which has been raised through Taxation and fuel duty at the pumps, to come from.

    If people want services it does not matter whether it is from the EU or Westminster they have to raise taxes to pay for those services. Time for people to face the brutal facts, when the €billions in Euro deals work is taken from London that will be another Tax Hole.

    Blame everyone else bar the real culprits, the Richest people have made £millions due to austerity and Quantative easing the workers pay has stagnated, in effect a slight lowering whilst prices have already risen, making that a fair size cut in pay.

    Things wrong with the EU but I would hazard a guess that it is about to get for worse when we have the Right wing Tory party policy to leave.

    Where is liar Boris £360 millions a week for the NHS, Keep believing the lies

  7. oldbrew says:

    ‘the Right wing Tory party policy to leave.’

    The Labour party has backed that ‘policy’ or referendum outcome as it should be called.

  8. gallopingcamel says:

    Paul Homewood posted this that explains how unelected bureaucrats think:

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