Oklahoma’s Former Governor: Subsidised Wind Power a Multi-Billion Dollar Mistake

Posted: June 28, 2017 by oldbrew in Big Green, Energy, government, ideology, turbines, wind

Governor on the wind power fiasco: ‘Decisions made now will affect, and perhaps destroy, our state government financially over the next 14 years.’

You couldn’t make it up.


As Mark Twain put it: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” And, even when the dupe accepts his folly, sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Frank Keating was governor of Oklahoma 1995-2003 and is responsible for its wind power calamity, as he calls it.

Uncharacteristically of a modern politician, Keating taps into that fast disappearing virtue – grace – not only admitting that he was fooled, but sincerely apologising for the harm caused to Okies and their State.

Frank Keating: I signed wind industry tax breaks, and I was wrong
Tulsa World
Frank Keating
25 February 2017

In 2001, when I served as governor of Oklahoma, I signed legislation creating the Zero Emissions Tax Credit for industrial wind energy. The tax credit was designed to give a jump-start to a wind industry in its infancy in Oklahoma at the time. It was…

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  1. oldbrew says:

    Some politicians in NW Germany seem to be catching on.

    “The De Facto End Of Wind Turbine Forests”. New Policy In Germany Send Powerful Signals!
    By P Gosselin on 28. June 2017

    During the state election campaign Lindner made landscape blight by turbines a major issue, and this helped propel his Free Democrat Party to a record high result on election day.

    Fears wind energy rejection will go national


  2. Jim says:

    I drive thru Oklahoma several times each year. There are several immense vistas that there are turnouts for the view. The open grass sea. Ruined. Those monsters killed the view. Looks like Kansas is no smarter. Looks like they are going to do it also.

  3. JB says:

    So often I see or hear of folks spending huge amounts of money, even engineers, without ever performing a feasibility study. I’ve not heard of one pilot wind farm or solar PV array that was built to ascertain the real construction and operating costs of large scale installations.

  4. Curious George says:

    Note that Frank Keating is a Republican. He symbolizes their strategic vision.

  5. oldbrew says:

    Who is subsidising this one…

    World’s biggest wind turbine will be taller than the Empire State Building

    The revolutionary SUMR50 structure has a 50 megawatt capacity to power 50,000 homes.

    By James Billington
    Updated June 28, 2017 18:17 BST

    The 500m (1640ft) gigantic, SUMR50 structure completely dwarfs the planet’s current largest turbines (195m) and will come with 200m blades that can change shape to the wind’s direction with the capacity to harness 50 megawatts of renewable energy.

    At this super-sized scale it will be approximately 10 times more powerful than most current systems, which range between 5-8 megawatts, depending on how big they are.


    – – –
    ‘a 50 megawatt capacity to power 50,000 homes.’

    Capacity, yes – but it won’t power anything when there’s no wind around 😀

  6. ivan says:

    oldbrew, if that 50 megawatt is nameplate then we can expect a 25 to 30% actual output if the wind blows at the correct speed and as you say nothing when it doesn’t blow..

    Powering 50,000 homes is also very suspect because the ‘homes’ value usually assumes cooking and heating by GAS.

  7. E.M.Smith says:

    Well, that was a refreshing video…

    BTW, long stretches of Texas are similarly uglyfied…

    Per that 50 MW Job: So it can reach out and chop up airplanes along with birds and bats… won’t that be fun to watvh… NOT!

  8. p.g.sharrow says:

    Sandia built a similar huge wind turbine in California as a test bed in the 1980s. Never could keep in operation very long as it kept shedding blades and finally broke the shaft.
    They tested with blades up stream of the pylon as well as down stream of it. In any kind of real wind the blades would “flap” as they went from top to bottom, the stresses would build up and destroy the blades and damage the bearings.
    Conclusion was that the air flow around the pylon and the huge unbalance of forces from top to bottom of the fan caused by the wind speed differences due to it’s elevation in the air stream could not be contained.
    Bottom line, huge is bad! …pg

  9. Graeme No.3 says:

    Re Illinois – another viewpoint.

  10. oldbrew says:

    North Carolina Lawmakers Pass Two Year Ban On Wind Turbines

    Lawmakers say they want to avoid higher energy costs from additional wind turbines, and other critics say that wind power could interfere with military radar and flights.

    More than 575,000 North Carolinians are supported by Department of Defense programs, making it critical to the state’s economy.