SA’s Wind Power Disaster: Deluded, Potty-Mouthed Premier Brands Critics ‘Right-Wing Fu@%wits’

Posted: August 2, 2017 by oldbrew in government, ideology, turbines
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This is a fun spectacle from a distance, but not so much for South Australia’s hard-pressed electricity consumers.


What left wing fu%#wits can achieve…

South Australians must wake up each morning in the vain hope that it’s all just a very bad dream.

Alas, their sorry reality is one dictated by wind worshipping lunatics, not least its vapid Premier, Jay Weatherill.

Last week, Weatherill launched an astonishing tirade against Chris Kenny – a columnist with The Australian and The Advertiser – calling him a “right-wing fuckwit” for having the temerity to point out one or two fairly obvious facts about the unfolding disaster caused by Weatherill’s obsession with wind power.

With a grid on the brink of collapse (the coming summer promises more mass blackouts and load shedding, whenever wind power output collapses on a total and totally predictable basis) and the highest power prices in the world by a country mile, you might think that humility would be the order of the day among the leaders responsible…

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  1. oldbrew says:

    There’s also the question of whether Australian weather data is being distorted to support ‘climate ideology’ for lack of a better term.

  2. TomO says:

    Weatherill …. I’ve followed it a bit and he’s strong on the bluster and BS, volume and vehemence – I do so hope that the grid collapses again.

  3. The world is in the hands of children just now, as I tried to inform back in 2009 (soon after the start of the Obama administration’s insanity):

    “The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…”

    But the world doesn’t like my input (or anyone’s, increasingly), and I might only have made it worse with my forthrightness. I can only tell the truth, however unlikely the dogmatic, unthoughtful mass of men think it.

  4. Climatism says:

    Wait until the southern summer hits to see the true scale of the “Unreliables” disaster, especially with neighboring state Victoria’s coal fired power station “Hazlewood” shutdown by the Green/ALP government. Hazlewood used to supply baseload to SA.

  5. Graeme No.3 says:

    Weatherill (or Weatherdill as some insist) is desperate to survive politically. Labor has been in power for 16 years and has made a mess of the State economy, and a lot of deals have been concealed as best they can, but might surface if the government changes.
    The electricity crisis is one that cannot be fixed before the next State election on March 17 next year.
    Instead we are treated to a (taxpayer funded) barrage of advertisements about the plan to prevent blackouts and bring on more ‘cheaper’ renewables. The situation is getting desperate or him in that he is installing 276MW of diesel fired OCGTs and possibly a 100MW big battery. The last major blackout was when 420MW of wind farm output dropped out. If the coming summer is hot then blackouts are certain.

  6. Bitter&twisted says:

    Straight from the Mann playbook of replies.
    Can’t argue with the truth, so abuse the messenger.
    Unfortunately it does work.

  7. oldbrew says:

    Australia’s Climate Goals Are Killing Its Economy

    One of Australia’s largest energy companies is warning that the country’s commitment to the Paris Climate Accord is exacerbating its current energy crisis and risking the future of its economy.

    Glencore head Peter Freyburg warned in a speech Wednesday that Australian businesses and investors are losing opportunity and confidence in the economy as Australia tightens regulations on energy in the midst of a fuel shortage, Bloomberg reported.
    – – –
    Policy seems to be: pay to get into a mess then pay even more to try and get out again. Repeat ad infinitum.

  8. wyzelli says:

    I wasn’t previously aware that being qualified and technically trained in an area of expertise automatically made one switch to the ‘right wing’ and become a ‘f*@#wit’.

  9. oldbrew says:

    Date: 04/08/17 Graham Lloyd, The Australian

    ‘It has been reported online that electronic smart cards were allegedly fitted to the BoM’s automatic weather stations, which put a limit on how low temperatures could be recorded in official weather data.’
    . . .
    On her website yesterday, Dr Marohasy said it was not the recording­ devices that were at fault. “To be clear, the problem is not with the equipment; all that needs to be done is for the smart-card readers to be removed,” Dr Marohasy said.

  10. dscott says:

    Not to worry, the solution is at hand. Elon Musk of Tesla/Solar City will build that battery storage facility for your momentary excess wind and solar power for a fee that will carry your electric grid for a 3 full minutes during a power outage. /sarcasm/

    What a scam, make you pay extra to install intermittent solar and wind power generators, then make you pay extra for that electricity when it is produced not according to it’s need, then come back for a second bite of the apple to make you pay for electric storage because they decommissioned coal fired generators which were used to provide reliable power.

    So folks, how many battery storage units will the Australians have to pay for now?

  11. oldbrew says:

    Aussie Liberal Press Notices the Importance of Reliable Electricity

    How important is reliable power? Australia seems to be suffering more blackouts recently, as coal plants are decommissioned and shiny renewable installations fail to deliver. Trendy urbanites are starting to notice.

    Everybody notices, not just the well-off minority.

  12. oldbrew says:

    Jo Nova: South Australia generating electricity from rubbish and diesel powered jets, if they could only burn government regulations instead

  13. oldbrew says:

    What greencrap caused…