Australia’s ‘Green’ Dream Turns Political Nightmare: Coalition Backbench in Revolt Against Renewables

Posted: September 26, 2017 by oldbrew in Energy, ideology, Politics
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Renewable energy wars seem to be getting ever fiercer in Australian political circles.


If history offers any lessons to our political masters, it has to include those occasions when a fed up proletariat rose up and overthrew those in charge. Australia may not literally be on the brink of a civil revolt. However, there is most certainly a revolt underway in the Federal Liberal/National Coalition government.

The Nationals have already staked their ground, rejecting the Clean Energy Target proposed by Alan Finkel and resolving to slash all subsidies to wind and solar.

Within the Liberal party, a growing band have recognised that their political futures depend upon what happens next in relation to Australia’s self-inflicted power pricing and supply calamity.

Leading the battle for common sense, and political self-preservation, is former PM, Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott to ‘cross floor on energy’
The Australian
Simon Benson
20 September 2017

Tony Abbott has sent a warning to Malcolm Turnbull that he will cross the…

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  1. oldbrew says:

    In the UK the clamour for ever-crazier so-called climate policies goes on.

    Ministers should tighten the UK’s official climate change target – or face the courts, the government’s former chief scientist has said.

    Prof Sir David King is supporting a legal case forcing ministers to shrink carbon emissions to zero by 2050.

  2. oldbrew says:

    End of Days: Australia’s Renewable Energy Target on the Brink of Collapse
    October 1, 2017 by stopthesethings

    Our overseas followers are probably getting sick of reading about the exploits of Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Abbott and Josh Frydenberg. However, events of the last few months leave STT with the feeling that Australia’s self-inflicted power pricing and supply calamity has put the policies that created the disaster on the very brink of collapse.

    STT will continue doing our best to accelerate that result.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Tony Abbott weighs in again…

    Tony Abbott says nuclear power should be part of Australia’s energy mix
    The Australian October 4, 2017

    Tony Abbott has called on the Turnbull government to change laws to allow for the construction of nuclear power plants.

    The former prime minister said nuclear power should be part of Australia’s energy mix, as well as government-funded coal power plants.

    “If we ever do need zero emissions baseload power the only reliable way of getting it is nuclear, currently nuclear is illegal under federal law, well that law should be changed,” Mr Abbott told 2GB radio on Wednesday.

    Mr Abbott was critical of a government advertisement played during the AFL and NRL grand finals that mentioned the electricity system was in “transition”.

    “What does that mean? Transitions from what to what? The whole problem at the moment is that we need reliable baseload power in our system, this is why I said we should have kept Hazelwood open,” Mr Abbott said.

    “I still think we need Hazelwood 2.0, if we can have Snowy 2.0 we can have Hazelwood 2.0 and by far the cheapest form of reliable baseload power is provided by coal, if we are prepared to export our high quality coal for others to use, we must be prepared to use it ourselves.

    “If the private sector won’t build new coal fired power stations because of political risk, well then the government must.

    “Normally I would not say that the government should do this, but unfortunately there has been so much political interference in the power market over the last decade or so that we have a bad case of market failure which in the end is not market caused but government caused.”