Norway seeks ‘Tesla tax’ to trim lavish electric car subsidies

Posted: October 12, 2017 by oldbrew in government, News, Politics, Travel

Teslas in Norway [image credit: Norsk Elbilforening (Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association)]

The electric subsidy party could be winding down for Norwegian car buyers if the government gets its way. It points out that ‘large electric cars wear out the roads just as much as normal cars’.

Norway plans to trim lavish tax breaks for Tesla and other electric cars that have given it the world’s highest rate of battery-vehicle ownership, the right-wing government proposed on Thursday [reports Reuters].

The draft 2018 budget would mainly affect large cars weighing more than two tons, it said. Norwegian media dubbed the changes a “Tesla Tax”, intended to cut down on sales of luxury models such as Tesla’s Model X sport utility vehicle.

The proposal would change an exemption from motor vehicle registration tax and discounts in taxation of company cars. Norwegian media estimated it could push up the price of a Tesla Model X by 70,000 Norwegian crowns ($8,850).“Electric cars will still be accorded significant advantages in comparison with cars running on fossil fuels,” the proposal said. It keeps in place breaks from value-added tax and benefits for zero carbon pollution.

Twenty-nine percent of all new car registrations in Norway were fully electric or plug-in hybrids last year, according to the International Energy Agency, far ahead of the second-place Netherlands, with 6.4 percent, and Sweden in third, on 3.4.

“Norway is gambling with the electric car market,” Petter Haugneland of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association told Reuters.

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  1. Everywhere the subsidies for Teslas are cut, sales drop to zero. Elon Musk is running a Ponzi scheme. The $60 billion investment has literally all gone up in smoke – firing his silly rockets! His investors will lose everything.

    I wouldn’t touch a Tesla in Norway in particular. You’ll freeze to death in it! Get stuck on some mountain road in a blizzard, battery dies – as it will at those temperatures – and you’ll die.

  2. jb says:

    Mer Og Mer Skat One of the reasons I never stuck around.

    Thankfully my 4th gr grandmother immigrated from there while she could.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Remember de Loreans?

    ‘The DeLorean is the sort of car which makes motoring enthusiasts go misty-eyed, recalling a time when driving could be a guilt-free pleasure.

    However, it is probably less fondly remembered in Whitehall, which lost millions of pounds when the flamboyant fraudster John DeLorean’s sports car venture folded in 1982.’ [bold added]

  4. ren says:

    As you can see below the tropical storm strengthens. High convection. Caribbean are at risk.
    A hurricane in the middle of the Atlantic is not dangerous to land.
    The jet stream in the north will now accelerate (geomagnetic storm) and will direct the hurricane to the south.
    I invite.

  5. ivan says:

    The next thing we will be seeing is that home EV charging stations will have their own ‘smart meter’ to enable the governments to apply a ‘charging’ tax to cover the tax lost on fuel, especially when the ban on FF cars comes into force. No government could survive that tax loss.

  6. p.g.sharrow says:

    Bureaucrats and politicians can’t resist! TAX…..TAX….TAX we must have more revenue, it is only fair. Politicians give with one hand and take away with the other, but always they keep most of the loot and control more of our lives.
    We don’t need Them…pg.

  7. Adam Gallon says:

    Norwegian government seeing a revenue stream drying up, as people switch from internal combustion engine to electric cars? Who’d have predicted that?

  8. oldbrew says:

    Bribes may work – who knew?

  9. Dave Ward says:

    “Remember de Loreans?”

    At least they had a conventional petrol engine, so you would be less likely to freeze to death if caught in a Norwegian blizzard…

  10. dscott says:

    This is nonsense, the cost of any of these electric vehicles are above the price point most people can afford. In effect, any subsidy granted is literally giving money to a wealthy person to virtue signal. It’s an obscenity that needs to end. Even the Tesla Model X is $35,000 US.

  11. oldbrew says:

    We haven’t quite reached the point yet where electric vehicles hit the second hand market in numbers. Might well happen in Norway first.

    Depreciation rates should be interesting – EV batteries are much more expensive than engines.

  12. A C Osborn says:

    Oldbrew, some have in the UK and they having the largest 3 year depreciation of all cars, between 74% and 80%.
    There appear to be 2 main reasons, the first is that they are changing quickly, so have become obsolescent, especially range wise.
    The second is the fear that the batteries may die and need replacing at £5000+.

  13. oldbrew says:

    Even if batteries don’t ‘die’ the range reduces over time, at a rate that depends on how they are used, recharged etc. Could be under 10% over several years, but more if misused.

    So what shortens the life of a lithium battery? A number of factors:

    High temperatures
    Overcharging or high voltage
    Deep discharges or low voltage
    High discharges or charge current

    Some EVs may have built-in features to limit battery ‘abuse’.

  14. The Tesla fast charger – if you call an hour and a quarter to fill up ‘fast’ – runs at 450 volt and… 300amp. Unavailable to any domestic setup. Charging efficiency 50% dissipated as heat. My guess is that battery damage will be pretty severe over time too, ramming in that kind of ampage.

  15. Odd that. I wanted to write that charging efficiency is less than 50% ie more than 50% dissipated as heat. ‘Greater than’ and ‘less than’ signs got lost somewhere.

    [reply] html (web language) uses those signs/symbols

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