Global Warming Madness: A lot of pain for no gain 

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Enough is enough, at least for some Australians who are seeing through the alarmist propaganda smokescreen pushed by many of their recent leaders as an excuse to spend fortunes in the vain pursuit of unrealistic climate targets.

Finally the green madness that’s threatening our ability to turn on the lights and air conditioners is being exposed as a con, writes Julian Tomlinson (via The GWPF).

Global temperatures have risen nowhere near the rate at which even the most conservative models predicted, and finally a group of warmist scientists have admitted same in the Nature Geoscience journal last month.

Bear in mind the current mess Australia finds itself in with regards to power generation and business-killing high prices is a result of blindly following these flawed models.

What’s worse is that sceptics have been saying for years the models were wrong, and these people were not only ignored but savaged by warmists, Labor, The Greens and the media. Don’t hold your breath for an apology from these attack dogs though, that’s never been their style.

Even in Queensland, the story broke this week about the Labor government: “Households and businesses face being told to set their airconditioners to 26C and having power to some hot water systems and pool pumps switched off to save the state from blackouts this summer.” All because green groups have bluffed politicians into throwing the rest of the population under the bus in a misguided belief we can reverse the world’s temperatures.

The folly of this madness was exposed by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott in a speech this week to the Global Warming Policy Foundation. He said: “Even if reducing emissions is necessary to save the planet, our effort… is barely-better-than-futile because Australia’s total annual emissions are exceeded by just the annual increase in China’s.”

So due to global warming alarmism, Australia has sacrificed a huge competitive edge of some of the lowest power prices in the world, to now having among the highest. And yet all this pain and billions of dollars to cut emissions will have absolutely no effect on global climate.

Source: Global Warming Madness: A Lot Of Pain For No Gain | The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

  1. oldbrew says:

    Date: 13/10/17 Venessa Bowden, The Conversation

    Tony Abbott’s doubts about climate science and predicted climate impacts have a long history of support among Australian business leaders.
    . .
    What was surprising, however, was the pervasive scepticism among participants [CEOs] about the science of climate change. This is especially the case given that many people now view the debate over whether climate change is happening – and whether it is caused by human activity – as being over.
    – – –
    Looks like ‘many people’ don’t think the debate (when was that?) is over.

  2. p.g.sharrow says:

    Actually, It appears to me that the debate is nearly over and the AGW people have lost! Their entire argument is so full of holes that they can no longer keep it afloat. Even politicians are getting the message,

  3. Dodgy Geezer says:

    …It appears to me that the debate is nearly over and the AGW people have lost! …

    The debate is NOT over. It has not begun. And the AGW people have not lost, they have won without a debate, and they’re sure as hell not having one now….

  4. ren says:

    Where will Ophelia be directed by jet stream?

  5. oldbrew says:

    ren – Met Office Warnings Issued For: County Antrim [Northern Ireland]
    Yellow warning of wind
    From: 1200 on Mon 16 October
    To: 2355 on Mon 16 October
    Updated 13 October at 09:47

    A spell of very windy weather is likely on Monday in association with ex-Ophelia.

    Road, rail, air and ferry services may be affected, with longer journeys times and cancellations possible. Power cuts may occur, with the potential to affect other services, such as mobile phone coverage. Some damage to buildings, such as tiles blown from roofs could happen, perhaps leading to injuries and danger to life from flying debris. Coastal routes, sea fronts and coastal communities may be affected by spray and/or large waves.The warning has been updated to delay the onset time of the strong winds and increase the likelihood of the event occurring.
    – – –
    Irish Times: West coast to be hit by tail end of Hurricane Ophelia on Monday

    Met Éireann issues status Yellow warning for storm-force winds, heavy rain and high seas
    The strongest effects expected to be felt from Hurricane Ophelia will be late on Monday off Kerry and then Galway, according to Met Éireann.

  6. Anoneumouse says:

  7. Jamie Spry says:

    Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    “What’s worse is that sceptics have been saying for years the models were wrong, and these people were not only ignored but savaged by warmists, Labor, The Greens and the media.”

  8. ren says:

    Hurricane Ophelia approaches the Iberian Peninsula.

  9. oldbrew says:

    Date: 14/10/17 Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph

    MPs arriving at Westminster Tube station have lately been presented with a huge advertisement claiming that the cost of electricity from offshore wind farms has been cut by “50 per cent over the past five years”.

    Despite the fact that this was paid for by various green lobbyists, including Greenpeace, the WWF and foreign-based owners of offshore wind farms, it seems from comments by MPs, the BBC, journalists and even our energy minister Claire Perry, that they all believe this boast.

    But The Global Warming Policy Forum has complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that the poster could hardly be more outrageously misleading. It is based only on figures relating to two offshore wind farms that haven’t even been built yet and possibly never will be.

    Being ‘outrageously misleading’ is a favourite propaganda tactic of the climate alarm industry. Not unheard of in politics either.

  10. oldbrew says:

    ren – this is a good one from your link. Note the spiral arms.


  11. oldbrew says:

  12. Richard111 says:

    Much to my surprise Ophelia is now moving fast!

    See link at 07:53 above. Marker shows location of storm at that time.

    Most distance it’s covered in the past week.

  13. Anoneumouse says:

    Knock Knock
    Who’s There?
    Ophelia Who?

  14. oldbrew says:

    Agung Volcano On The Verge Of Blowing…Major Eruption Would Have Impact On Earth’s Climate
    By P Gosselin on 15. October 2017

    Agung last erupted in 1963 with an explosivity index of VEI 5, sending a plume of ash some 25 km into the atmosphere before leading to a cooling of 0.5°C.

  15. Brett Keane says:

    ren says:
    October 14, 2017 at 9:31 pm: Ren, please would you explain and help me understand your view of the links between QBO, SSW, Solar wind etc., and Weather?

  16. ren says:

    Brett Keane
    Please read all posts from the beginning. There is described the influence of solar wind on the jet stream. Notice the difference in magnetic field in the north and south.

  17. ren says:

    Hurricane Ophelia turned into a deep low. The pressure at the center is about 973 hPa. The center is located quite far south-west of Ireland.

  18. oldbrew says:

    Hurricane Ophelia rages towards Ireland: Met Eireann warns it could be as bad as Debbie, which killed 15 and broke weather records

    Very high winds, flooding and structural damage predicted over next 48 hours
    ‘People need to take this seriously’ – Minister Simon Coveney
    Galway, Mayo, Clare, Cork and Kerry among those with Status Red warnings
    Schools told to close, and ESB [Electricity Supply Board] on alert with winds of more than 130km/h expected Monday
    – – –
    Although Ophelia will weaken as the storm travels over cooler seas towards the west coast of Ireland, Met Eireann forecast “violent and destructive gusts”.

    Heavy rain and storm surges are expected to lead to flooding.
    An amber wind warning has been issued for Northern Ireland between 1400 GMT and 2100 GMT, when gusts could reach up to 130 kph (80 mph).

    “By the time Ophelia reaches our latitudes, she will be weakening and will be an ex-hurricane,” said Steve Ramsdale, chief forecaster at Britain’s Met Office national weather service.

    “However, Ex-Ophelia will be bringing some significant impacts to Northern Ireland and western and northern Britain on Monday and Tuesday.”

    Read more at:

  19. oldbrew says:

    Getting a bit windier now in NW England – in the ‘spiral arm’ below…

  20. ren says:

    In Ireland the winds in gusts exceed 100 km / h.

  21. oldbrew says:

    Sun goes a funny colour. Saharan dust gets blamed. Sunny in north Cheshire now, fairly windy, 20C.

    My own photo (at 1300 UK time today)…

    Update 1950 h: it’s dust from Iberian wildfires, not the Sahara.
    [video may not work outside UK]

  22. oldbrew says:

    BBC: ‘Smoke smell’ forces flights to land at UK airports

    A number of flights to UK airports have been forced to land or divert following reports of “smoke smells”.
    Precautionary landings been reported from flights travelling to Dublin, Manchester, Liverpool and Jersey.
    Liverpool John Lennon Airport said the smells appeared to be connected with “atmospheric conditions”.
    . . .
    It comes following reports of an “unusual” reddish sky across parts of England, which experts are attributing to the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia dragging in tropical air and dust from the Sahara, as well as debris from forest fires in Portugal and Spain.

    The Met Office said: “The same southerly winds that have brought us the current warmth have also drawn dust from the Sahara and smoke from wildfires occurring over northern Iberia (Spain/Portugal) to our latitudes.”

    This is north of Liverpool.

  23. ren says:

    Now the geomagnetic activity is decreasing and the circulation in the Atlantic will slow down.

  24. oldbrew says:

    Storm brings ‘apocalyptic’ skies to Britain
    October 16, 2017

    The sun shone red and the sky darkened to a foreboding orange and brown across parts of Britain on Monday, as a storm swept air and dust in from southern Europe.

    Read more at:

  25. oldbrew says:

    U of Canberra Expert: Doubling Atmospheric CO2 Would Increase “Heating By less Than 0.01°K”
    By P Gosselin on 20. October 2017

    Software engineer Dr. Dai Davies has experimental and theoretical (quantum mechanics) experience in gas phase, and he believes a doubling of CO2 will have “no significant role” in atmospheric thermodynamics.

    Davies posted online a review paper on CO2 and climate sensitivity: Atmospheric Radiative Heat Transfer in Context.

    The abstract:

    It is said that radiative gasses (RGs, or greenhouse gasses) trap heat radiated from the Earth’s surface causing it’s temperature to rise by 33 K above the theoretical temperature with no atmosphere. The word ‘trap’ is misleading. RGs delay the radiative transmission of heat from surface to space. I estimate this delay and conclude that its average impact on atmospheric temperatures, the Radiative Delay Effect (RDE), is in the order of 0.14 [0.1 to 1] K. This result is then placed in the broader context of atmospheric thermodynamics where it complements recent work on the air-surface interaction. The combination leaves no significant role for carbon dioxide.
    – – –
    Meanwhile the climate propaganda machine rumbles on, ignorant of everything except its own dogma.