UK Minister pledges to ‘break the deadlock’ on CCS

Posted: October 25, 2017 by oldbrew in Emissions, Energy, government, ideology

Image credit: BBC

UK taxpayers are about to face another futile trip into green fantasy land, as top politicians refuse to believe that CCS is not a realistic or affordable technology.

Climate change minister Claire Perry is convening a taskforce next month to deliver carbon capture and storage plants more cost effectively, reorts Utility Week.

Perry told a House of Commons debate on CCS last week that the Cost Challenge Taskforce, which was unveiled in the clean growth strategy, was being constituted ‘rapidly’.

She said that the taskforce aimed to repeat the success of a similar group, which had helped to identify ways of delivering offshore windfarms more cheaply.

The climate change minister, who signaled her strong commitment to carbon capture, also told Parliament that she will personally chair a separate new CCS council with industry. “It is very much a personal commitment and something I strongly believe is exceptionally important.”

“We are making a fundamental doubling down, as it were, on our commitment, but the guideline is that we must come up with a more cost-effective way of doing CCS”.

“We want the prize of global leadership in the area: we want to be the people who break the deadlock, deploy CCS in the UK and capture the export opportunities.”

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  1. AlecM says:

    I worked on two international CCS programmes and tried to create key materials, to be shafted by a renewables’ oligarch, which group does not want competition.

    CCS cannot work at the rte needed to produce base load power: better to plant lots of trees.

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    The solution is in two parts.
    1. Add some milk of lime to the wet scrubber which removes particulates. This will remove a lot of the CO2 gas. Happiness and congratulations will be yours.
    2. Don’t ever say how you make milk of lime.

  3. AlecM says:

    No Graeme, to make the CAo would be to expensive.

    There is the cement works idea in Yorkshire – too expensive.

    Alo pumping 1000s of tonnes of liquid CO2 and adding many more entry pipes into the N Sea depleted oil reservoirs is at crippling cost.

    The latter makes LOx burning uneconomic as well.

  4. Roger,

    “It spread a pall of doubt and concern across the whole of the industry about whether carbon capture and storage has a future, whether it is worth investing in and whether confidence can be restored to make it go forward, as we all want.”

    Many Brexit supporters likely don’t want CCS. The “as we all want” does not sound true to me.


  5. oldbrew says:

    BBC News: Consumers and businesses ‘paying too much for energy’

    Prof Dieter Helm, from Oxford University, was asked by the government to examine how to reduce energy costs while achieving climate change targets.

    He concluded that energy-users should have benefited more from falling costs and technical efficiencies.
    – – –
    If CCS comes in, somebody i.e. everybody has to pay for that too.

  6. Bitter&twisted says:

    CCS = Collosal CO2 Scam.
    Guess who will pay for this latest flight of stupidity?

  7. Stuart Brown says:

    Prof Helm’s report is out:

    Click to access Cost_of_Energy_Review.pdf

    CCS barely gets a mention, except for the likes of:

    ‘The existing fossil fuel technologies are highly unlikely to be rendered low- or even zero-carbon. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) might help, and it is being further supported in the Clean Growth Strategy. It is unlikely to do so at scale for several decades.’

  8. Bitter&Twisted says:

    And totally misses (deliberately) the elephant of green subsidies in the room.
    A bought and paid for “expert”.

    [reply] sad but true

  9. Harry Passfield says:

    My bet is that Claire Perry has been captured by her Green civil servants. She is now suffering Stockholm syndrome and will do anything to assuage their demands. For which we will have to pay. Well, thanks, Claire.

  10. Graeme No.3 says:

    You missed my sarcasm. Making milk of lime is easy. You heat calcium carbonate at 660℃ (or above) and it turns into CaO and CO2. Being an invisible gas the CO2 disappears into the atmosphere and IF NO ONE mentions it the politicians won’t know.
    Adding water to the CaO gives you milk of lime which absorbs the CO2 in the coal fired plant and turns back into calcium carbonate. The politicians will accept this as a magical solution. If you don’t believe this look at what they have swallowed for years.