Scientists and media continue to spread misinformation about polar bears & walrus

Posted: November 6, 2017 by oldbrew in alarmism, Critique, propaganda

Climate alarmists and their allies in the media love trying to create scares about the Arctic.


“Lies” might be a better word to characterize the misinformation that scientists and the media have been busy spreading to the public over the last few weeks. The information is either known to be false (by scientists whose job it is to relay facts honestly) or is easily shown to be false (by journalists whose job it is to fact-check their stories).

Churchill polar bear and walrus 2017

Polar bear misinformation

Earlier this month, biologist Nick Lunn was interviewed by the CBC and for the news program The National. He stated outright, without qualification, that Western Hudson Bay polar bear numbers have dropped from about 1200 (in 1987) to about 800 now (a 33% decline).

However, it is not scientifically appropriate to compare these figures because they were based on different types of surveys conducted over different portions of the region (they are also statistically insignificant). Lunn should know better because the published reports (Dyck et…

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  1. tom0mason says:


    “When husband-and-wife team Adam Ravetch and Sarah Robertson first went to the Arctic to film wildlife, they were told that polar bears and walruses did not interact. They were told that whales were the only animals that nursed underwater.

    They were also told that if they got into the water with a walrus, it would pin them with its bulk, tear their heads open with its tusks, and suck out their brains.”

    Maybe the zombie scientists and media opinionators have been swimming with walruses.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Twenty reasons not to worry about polar bears, the 2017 update
    Posted on November 6, 2017

    Susan Crockford writes:
    Just in time for Polar Bears International’s self-proclaimed fall Polar Bear Week (5-11 November 2017), here’s a new resource for cooling the polar bear spin. I’ve updated my 2015 summary of reasons not to worry about polar bears, which is now more than two years old.
    . . .

    — Polar bears are thriving: they are not currently threatened with extinction.
    — Tens of thousands of polar bears did not die as a result of more than a decade of low summer sea ice, as was predicted.
    — Polar bears don’t need sea ice in late summer/early fall as long as they are well-fed in the spring.

  3. ivan says:

    This wail from the media is the result of declining belief in the ‘shrinking ice syndrome’ put forward by climate ‘scientists’ who are afraid it could result in shrinking funding which would mean that some of them would have to get real jobs rather than troughing at public expense.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Climate scare stories have a strong record of biting the dust sooner or later – whenever reality catches up with them.

  5. oldbrew says:

    There’s the spin, then there’s the reality – this year at least the 1980s are back…

    Experts talk of their bleak future, W Hudson Bay polar bears get earliest freeze-up in decades
    Posted on November 8, 2017

    It seems that Churchill residents and visitors woke up this morning to find most local polar bears had left to go hunting — on the sea ice that supposedly doesn’t exist. Right in the middle of the Polar Bear Week campaign devised by Polar Bears International to drum up donation dollars and public sympathy for polar bear conservation!
    . . .
    Keep in mind that in the 1980s, bears left for the ice on 8 November, on average. That means we’re back to a 1980s freeze-up scenario, at least for this year.

    Susan Crockford comments: Funny how no one bothered to mention the potential for an early freeze-up to the media last week, when scientists were so eager to talk about the imminent demise of WHB bears. And funny that Polar Bears International hasn’t tweeted a word today about the famous Churchill bears having enough sea ice to go hunting, smack in the middle of Polar Bear Week.

  6. oldbrew says:

    Tony Heller looks at the reality of Arctic ice vs. the propaganda…

    New Video : Ice Doesn’t Lie – But NASA/NOAA Scientists Do
    Posted on November 9, 2017