Poland ready for EU climate showdown over coal use

Posted: November 17, 2017 by oldbrew in Emissions, Energy, government, Politics
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Gateway to the COP24 climate conference in 2018

Poland doesn’t plan to undermine its economy to please the EU or anyone else with an agenda. The report notes: ‘Ironically, next year’s climate conference will be held in the southern Polish city of Katowice – the centre of the coal-producing Silesia region’. Maybe the local miners would like to pay them a visit 😎

Poland is on a collision course with EU chiefs over its continued heavy use of fossil fuels, as the country prepares to receive its first shipment of US coal, reports the GWPF.

Prime Minister Beata Szydło has warned MEPs she will “throw it back at them” if they criticise her nation’s carbon consumption at next month’s EU summit.

And that could set the scene for more stand-offs next year, when Poland hosts the next round of UN climate talks.

The EU is playing a leading role in the Paris climate accord, which aims to radically cut global carbon emissions. But Poland, the EU’s biggest coal burning nation, is at odds with Brussels over the targets.

The ruling Law and Justice party are unapologetically pro-mining, a belief shared by US President Donald Trump, who visited the country in the summer and said: “Whenever you need energy, just give us a call.”

Poland has taken the President – who wants to exit the Paris agreement – at his word. This week The Navios Helios, a vessel carrying a 73,616 tonne coal shipment for Weglokoks from Baltimore, is expected to enter the harbour in Gdansk.

The new trade arrangement is mutually beneficial – Poland has to meet a shortfall left by the failure of national mining giant PGG to achieve its production targets, while US miners are relying on export growth as power utilities at home switch to cheaper, cleaner alternatives.

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  1. oldbrew says:

    They seem to be saying (below) that getting rid of ‘dirt’ is the same thing as ‘saving the climate’.
    Bizarre nonsense. CO2 is perfectly ‘clean’ i.e. colourless, odourless and tasteless.

    UK takes lead on phasing out coal-powered stations
    International alliance launched at the United Nations climate change talks

    “The bottom line is coal is a dirty, unnecessary, polluting fuel that deserves to remain in a more ignorant and backward era. These countries are showing they understand that.”

    As well as the UK and Canada, France and Italy have also signed up from the G8 group of leading economies. The list of 25 signatories also includes the low-lying Marshall Islands and the US state of Washington.

    The announcement comes ahead of the launch of the UK government’s industrial strategy, which will feature steps to promote clean growth.


  2. ivan says:

    oldbrew, that sounds like those countries are shooting themselves in both feet – it is going to be very painful.

    When they run out of electricity in winter the little people might start to do something about it, who would be a green politician then.

  3. oldbrew says:

    The choice facing climate obsessives is between a wildly expensive system and a risky system, possibly both at once.

    Poland isn’t going to go down either of those routes when better options are available.

  4. Graeme No.3 says:

    If the Conference in Poland in December turns nasty, all the Poles have to do is turn off the ‘dirty’ electricity to the Conference. The enthusiasm for renewables will plummet as fast as the temperature.

  5. oldbrew says:

    Date: 18/11/17 Bloomberg

    While more than 20 nations, led by Britain and Canada, pledged to stop burning coal, German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended her country’s use of the fuel and the need to preserve jobs in the industry. Meanwhile Poland’s continued and extensive use of coal raised concerns that the next meeting, to be held in the nation’s mining heartland of Katowice, could thwart progress.

    “People don’t have total confidence that Poland wants to increase ambition, to put it plainly,” said Alden Meyer, director of strategy at the Union of Concerned Scientists, an advocacy group. “They’re 80 percent dependent on coal, they’ve been pushing back against European Union proposals to increase ambition.”


    The Poles don’t intend to freeze in the dark to placate greenies. Their leader is a coal miner’s daughter.

    = = =
    Climate Hypocrite President Macron Sucking Coal Power from Britain
    Eric Worrall November 18, 2017

    According to The Guardian, a temporary shortage of nuclear power in France forced France to buy substantial amounts of “dirty” coal power from Britain – right at the time French President Macron was taunting President Trump, and pushing for climate trade tariffs against countries which do not share the EU’s “climate values”.

    = = =
    19 Countries Vowed to Phase Out Coal. But They Don’t Use Much Coal.

  6. Bitter&Twisted says:

    I hope the Poles tell the unelected EUSSR commissariat to ef off.
    Just like we should in the BREXIT talks.

  7. oldbrew says:

    Looks like the EU is already on the warpath against Poland.

    Bialowieza forest: EU threatens Poland with fine over logging
    21 November 2017

    Europe’s top court has given Poland 15 days to prove it has complied with a court order to stop logging in Europe’s oldest forest or face fines of €100,000 ($118,000; £89,000) a day.

    The European Court of Justice said it was taking action to avoid serious and irreparable damage to the Bialowieza forest, a Unesco World Heritage site.

    Poland has not yet commented. In a controversial decision last year, it approved a threefold increase in logging to combat spruce bark beetle.