Germany in crisis as coalition talks collapse over climate hysteria and migration

Posted: November 20, 2017 by oldbrew in climate, ideology, Politics

The contrast between maintaining prosperity and submitting to so-called ‘green’ ideology could hardly be clearer. Political casualties at least partly due to major climate policy differences look likely, as the GWPF explains.

Berlin – Chancellor Angela Merkel was left battling for political survival on Monday after high-stakes talks to form a new government collapsed, plunging Germany into a crisis that could trigger fresh elections.

While the Green Party demanded to phase out coal power and combustion-engine cars, the conservatives and FDP emphasised the need to protect industry and jobs.

And with no other viable coalition in sight, Germany may be forced to hold new elections that risk being as inconclusive as September’s polls.

Merkel had been forced to seek an alliance with an unlikely group of parties after the ballot left her without a majority.

But following more than a month of gruelling negotiations, the leader of the pro-business FDP, Christian Lindner, walked out of talks, saying there was no “basis of trust” to forge a government with Merkel’s conservative alliance CDU-CSU and ecologist Greens.

“It is better not to govern than to govern badly”, he said, adding that the parties did not share “a common vision on modernising” Germany.

Voicing regret for the FDP’s decision, Merkel vowed to steer Germany through the crisis. “As chancellor… I will do everything to ensure that this country comes out well through this difficult time,” she said.

The Greens’ leaders also deplored the collapse of talks, saying they had believed a deal could be done despite the differences.

The euro fell following the news, although analysts said the longer-term implications for the currency were not yet clear.

‘Failure in the air’
The negotiations, which turned increasingly acrimonious, had stumbled on a series of issues including immigration policy.

Merkel’s liberal refugee policy that let in more than a million asylum seekers since 2015 had also pushed some voters to the far-right AfD, which in September campaigned on an Islamophobic and anti-immigration platform.

The parties also differed on environmental issues, with the ecologists wanting to phase out dirty coal and combustion-engine cars, while the conservatives and FDP emphasised the need to protect industry and jobs.

Source: Germany in crisis as coalition talks collapse over climate hysteria and migration | The GWPF

  1. German Patriots (AfD) keep the keys to forming a government> but the polyology,
    and the stupid characters >  brought the stalemate, perhaps new elections again > maybe and the political end of Merkel !!

  2. Phoenix44 says:

    Dealing with the Greens is nigh on impossible – they are the party of Virtue-seekers, nothing more, and simply don’t care what damage their policies bring provided they can feel good about them.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Germany is closing down its nuclear plants. If they strangle coal as well, there’s only (Russian) gas left to provide the bulk of the on-demand power they need.

    Which of their political parties even understand that?
    = = =
    They could try this 😁

    Poultry excrement could partially replace coal as a renewable energy source, study says
    November 20, 2017

    Read more at:

  4. Curious George says:

    It took two months of attempts to reconcile to irreconcilable. We might see new elections in three months. Germany is heading toward a 5-month election cycle.

  5. Dodgy Geezer says:

    Simple answer. Make voting for the AfD illegal.

    Which, I suspect, is close to being tried…

  6. oldbrew says:

    They could try the UK FPTP system – first past the post.
    Did a good job converting UKIP’s votes into zero MPs :/

    2017 – Scot Nats 3.07% = 39 MPs, DUP 0.91% = 10 MPs, UKIP 1.84% = 0 MPs.

  7. Bitter&twisted says:

    Good let’s hope the idiot Greens and murderous Markel get the boot they so richly deserve.

  8. Excellent story!!!!

    Poultry excrement could partially replace coal as a renewable energy source, study says November 20, 2017

    You must grow food to feed the chickens, where is the gain?

    Instead of how many windmills it would be how many chickens.

    It would put a lot of people to work collecting and processing chicken droppings. Actually, it might not make a difference, people already do that.

  9. oldbrew says:

    They’d need a lot of chickens…

    = = =
    German output drops due to slower winds
    20 November 2017 by Craig Richard

    GERMANY: Reduced wind speeds meant power produced by onshore wind farms dropped 6.5% last year, despite an increase in capacity, new figures show.

  10. Paul Vaughan says:

    From years of observation and careful testing, we know that logic has no effect on climate beliefs.
    All powerful influence on climate beliefs is irrational.

    The climate movement encompasses far more than climate. Physical knowledge and predictions — no matter how perfect — can’t change this.

    Letting go of the notion that the climate movement has something to do with “science” swings open the door to stability.

    Durable stability holds in reserve more sharply principled teeth than a bait-and-switch paper decoy easily fired by dragon’s breath with neither resistance nor trace.

    Neither reckless fracture nor the terror of forced unity ensures stability.
    In sharp contrast, stability’s natural with principled division.

    May God enlighten 1/5 of Germans with the Pareto principled golden means to stability.

  11. oldbrew says:

    Date: 20/11/17 Benny Peiser — Director, Global Warming Policy Forum

    Germany’s utopian dream of transforming itself into the world’s green powerhouse is collapsing as its political and media establishment is mugged by reality. The country’s climate obsession has turned into one of the country’s biggest political and economic handicaps, making Germany almost ungovernable.
    . . .
    The dramatic success of the AfD means that for the first time a party is represented in the Bundestag that opposes Germany’s plans to cut CO2 emissions by moving to renewable energy. Its sceptical stance on climate and green energy issues has sent shock-waves through Germany’s political establishment who fear they can no longer afford to appease the Greens without losing further support among their traditional voter base.

    Voters rebelling against ‘green’ energy – take note, British politicians.

    Josh on target…

  12. Paul Vaughan says:

    Necessity’s Invention’s 5-Star Tiger Mom.

    “Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi said Monday that […] the world is in a new period of instability […] Conflicts take away peace from societies […]”

    Challenging the major western fault (the false uniformity assumption) is a brave act:
    1. Stable division is superior to unstable union.
    2. If divisions are principled rather than reckless, that’s a stable alternative to the terror (for a critical proportion of the population) of forced unity.

    Tip from eastern wisdom:
    Don’t step on sleeping dragons.