North Seas require 50GW of interconnectivity by 2045

Posted: November 24, 2017 by oldbrew in Energy, ideology, turbines, wind
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Scottish offshore wind project [image credit :]

No mention here of the huge cost of putting yet more hundreds or thousands of wind turbines miles offshore, or of what is supposed to happen when it’s not windy enough to generate any, or much of, the required electricity – other than vague reference to ‘storage and demand response’, and interconnectivity.

EUROPE: A total offshore wind capacity of at least 230GW is needed in northern Europe by 2045 to meet the requirements of the Paris Agreement, according to newly published research, writes Craig Richard at Windpower Offshore.

This increased capacity in the North Sea, Irish Sea, Channel, Baltic Sea, and Atlantic Ocean would require between 50GW and 80GW of new interconnectivity to ensure reliable operation, energy and climate consultancy Ecofys found.

Of the 230GW total capacity, 180GW would be installed in the North Sea itself, covering approximately 5% of its total area, with the remaining 50GW in other seas, the consultants added.

Beyond 2030 there would be only a “marginal” increase in capacity because “almost all suitable locations for onshore wind will be exploited by then”, Ecofys wrote in its ‘2045 outlook and implications for offshore wind in the North Seas’ report.

The spatial planning required to meet the 2045 target was an “international challenge”, Ecofys noted, and stressed that cross-border collaboration would be needed.

Required installation

To meet the 230GW target “the offshore wind installation rate needs to increase considerably”, Ecofys wrote.

On average, approximately 3GW a year of offshore wind is expected to be added until 2023, and Ecofys assume an additional increase of 1GW year-on-year between 2023 and 2030.

This approach, with a net installation rate of 10GW a year from 2030 onwards, would be sufficient to reach the 230GW target by 2045.

But the report’s authors warned: “New policies and market integration progress are required to ensure an increased roll-out after 2023 to enable reaching the 2045 target.

“A higher ramp-up could be difficult to achieve due to the required expansion of industrial fabrication and installation capabilities.

“A lower ramp-up, on the other hand, would yield the 2045 target difficult to attain.”

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  1. A C Osborn says:

    But the wind is free, so that makes it all right. /sarc off.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Also free to take a break at the ‘wrong’ time :/

  3. ivan says:

    And how much money are these Ecofiz idiots going to invest in this stupidity?

    If they want than it should only be funded by the ecogreens and their ilk – not the general public. After all as A C Osborn says the wind is free so the cost should be negligible.

  4. waterside4 says:

    Is it true that Elisabeth Windsor, being the “owner” of the UK sea bed, is entitled to a nice little jackpot from these crackpot bird mincers?
    We should be told.

  5. oldbrew says:

    waterside – we have been told 🙂

    Queen’s income boosted after record year for Crown Estate and its wind farms

  6. oldbrew says:

    EU fast tracks $1.1bn Ireland-France power link ahead of Brexit

    By Diarmaid Williams
    International Digital Editor

    The European Union is fast-tracking a $1.1bn power interconnection project between Ireland and France as part of an overall effort to improve the bloc’s security of supply.

    The Celtic Interconnector is one of 173 priority energy projects being overseen by Brussels, and is especially important to Irish energy security, enabling better linkage with the European mainland, in advance of Brexit.

    As a European Union member Ireland will be unable to form a bilateral deal with the UK after British exit from the EU.

  7. Graeme No. 3 says:

    The North Sea requires 50GW of interconnectivity – I wonder who else ‘requires’ it? Apart from some unelected and rather stupid (but well paid) bureaucrats.

  8. stpaulchuck says:

    I’d love to take a large ice breaker and just mow those ugly damn things down. Do they have any idea how much damage they are doing to the aqua environment with them? The vibrations are already proving to be inimical to various marine life. All in aid of a mythical computer generated hoax of a threat.