Spread the warmth this Christmas

Posted: December 18, 2017 by tallbloke in Big Green, fuel poverty, government, greenblob, Incompetence, People power, Politics, solar system dynamics

The Paris Climate Treaty, the UK Climate Change Act, the US CO2 endangerment finding. These misconceived policies decided on by scientifically ignorant and socially cocooned politicians KILL people. Far more people die of cold and cold related illnesses than suffer from heat-stroke. As the effects of these policies bite harder on personal finances, we need to look after those vulnerable people in our communities who cannot afford to heat their homes, or don’t even have a home to heat.

Please spread the warmth this Christmas. Print out the Paris Climate Treaty, the CCA2008 and the UN-IPCC AR5 report, and burn them. Invite any cold neighbours you have to keep warm by the blaze. Write to your representatives and inform them that the unnecessary and regressive ‘green’ taxation must stop, or you’ll be voting for a party with a more sensible climate and energy policy in future.

  1. Freddie Stoller says:

    if they were polar bears, someone would care!

  2. oldbrew says:

    Ongoing uncertainty of climate models that can’t explain the past is not a basis for energy policies…

    Review Of Climate Models Show They Are Unreliable For Forecasting…”So Much Disappointment”
    By P Gosselin on 17. December 2017

    Modelling of the past, i.e. the calibration, didn’t work at all. With so much disappointment one has to ask where all the confidence surrounding models being reliable forecasters comes from.


    Looks like fake confidence.

  3. ferdberple says:

    cut to the size of cordwood and left to dry I hear politicians can provide a fuel source equal to manure.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Fooling around with energy policy in China…

    The desire for quick fixes has left China lurching between seemingly competing goals – cleaner air and a thriving economy – and so far it has predictably failed on both counts

    18 DEC 2017

    So when officials imposed their ban on coal use in line with Xi’s concern for the environment, they triggered a price surge and supply squeeze in substitute clean energy, notably natural gas. And millions of poorer households and many towns and villages unconnected to the gas supply grid were left out in the cold.

    Over the past couple of months, natural gas prices have jumped by 70 per cent, hurting energy-intensive businesses, many of which were already operating on razor thin margins. Some have been forced to shut down. That’s bad enough, but even more embarrassing as far as government officials are concerned, are the tales of personal hardship that have spread across the internet and through the media, complete with stories about schoolchildren suffering frostbite because of the lack of heating in their classrooms.


  5. stpaulchuck says:

    “we need to look after those vulnerable people in our communities who cannot afford to heat their homes, or don’t even have a home to heat.”

    Why? They voted for the people who enacted this stuff. Let them enjoy the results.

  6. Richard111 says:

    I cannot understand how all this crap continuous. CO2 gas molecules in the atmosphere are a coolant!
    The molecules can absorb a little sunlight over the 2.7 and 4.3 micron bands shielding the earth below. Some of that absorbed energy is passed to other atmospheric molecules via kinetic collisions, the remainder is radiated away over the 13 to 17 micron bands which can only heat up material colder than -30C or 243K.
    The information is freely available on the web. Who is controlling the media to prevent public discussion of this subject?
    Why is there no publication of any experiments that show radiation from CO2 heats nothing?

  7. ren says:

    Reply to comment on the paper “ on a role of quadruple component of magnetic field in defining solar activity in grand cycles” by Usoskin (2017)
    V. Zharkova, E. Popova, S. Shepherd, S. Zharkov

    In this communication we provide our answers to the comments by Usoskin (2017) on our recent paper (Popova et al, 2017a). We show that Principal Component Analysis (PCA) allows us to derive eigen vectors with eigen values assigned to variance of solar magnetic field waves from full disk solar magnetograms obtained in cycles 21–23 which came in pairs. The current paper (Popova et al, 2017a) adds the second pair of magnetic waves generated by quadruple magnetic sources. This allows us to recover a centennial cycle, in addition to the grand cycle, and to produce a closer fit to the solar and terrestrial activity features in the past millennium.

    Click to access zharkova_etal_reply_jastp17.pdf

  8. ren says:

    In this paper we revise our prediction of solar activity using a solar background magnetic field as a proxy by the
    inclusion of eigen vectors of solar magnetic waves produced by quadruple magnetic sources, in addition to the
    principal eigen modes generated by two-layer dipole sources (Zharkova et al., 2015). By considering the interference
    of two dipole and one quadruple waves we produce the revised summary curve for the last 400 years
    accounting for the additional minima of solar activity occurred at the beginning of 19th (Dalton minimum) and
    20th centuries. Using the dynamo model with meridional circulation and selecting the directions of circulation for
    quadruple waves, we estimate the parameters of quadrupole waves best fitting the observations in the past grand
    cycle. The comparison shows that the quadruple wave has to be generated in the inner layer of the solar
    convective zone, in order to provide the additional minima observed in 19 and 20 centuries, thus, naturally
    accounting for Gleissberg centennial cycle. The summary dynamo wave simulated for the dipole and quadruple
    sources reveals much closer correspondence of the resulting summary curve derived from the principal components
    of magnetic field variations to the solar activity oscillations derived from the average sunspot numbers in
    the current grand cycle.

    Click to access popova_etal_jastp17.pdf

  9. tallbloke says:

    Thanks ren. Good to see Zharkova is continuing the research.

  10. Jamie Spry says:

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    POLITICIANS and global elites mad with global warming theory are destroying economies and hurting, even killing, the poor and most vulnerable…

  11. donald penman says:

    This December has been cooler than in recent years I would say because of low solar activity from the 8th of December here in Lincoln UK surface temperatures have reached a low level two days in particular had a maximum temperature of 0.4 degrees centigrade and 0.7 degrees centigrade when temperatures get this low the rivers and pools begin to freeze. Lincoln is more or less at sea level it is without doubt colder at higher altitudes in the UK and with snow lying but inside temperatures have already fallen below the minimum temperatures of previous years because of the low maximum temperatures and they are not rising above a low level in Lincoln UK.

  12. Bitter&twisted says:

    Freezing the old and vulnerable to death via rising fuel prices, is a feature of green zealotry, not a bug.
    They are Malthusians, whilst the government sees it as a way of reducing the social care bill.

  13. ren says:

    In my opinion, the magnetic activity of the Sun seems unusual. It must be remembered that the minimum activity can be predicted for 2019-2020.
    Of course, the minimums in odd cycles are flatter.

    It should also be remembered that during the period of La Nińa in the north there is less water vapor despite the meandering jet stream.

  14. wolsten says:

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    Another excellent post to be shared with all our green friends.