Cuadrilla prepares for fracking in Lancashire after gas discovery

Posted: January 13, 2018 by oldbrew in Energy, fracking, News
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frack-sectionThe last legal challenge has failed and the initial results impress the boss, so it’s full steam ahead for gas drilling tests in 2018.

Fracking firm Cuadrilla Resources said it has discovered a “very sizeable quantity” of natural gas at its exploration site in Lancashire as it prepares to drill what will be the UK’s first horizontal well in shale rock, reports City AM.

The fresh data, acquired by recovering some 375 feet of core samples from a well at the Preston New Road site, suggests the rock quality is excellent for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and holds a high natural gas content in several zones within the shale.

Cuadrilla said it is “exceptionally well positioned to drill its first two horizontal wells into the gas rich zones”.

Francis Egan, the chief executive of Cuadrilla, said the new data gives him “great confidence”.

“Cuadrilla has planning permission to drill up to four exploratory horizontal wells in the shale rock underlying its site at Preston New Road. The initial vertical sections of the first two of these wells have both now been drilled and we have just commenced the drilling of what will be the first horizontal well in UK shale,” Egan said.

Fracking is likely to begin in the second quarter of 2018, the firm said.

Permission to start fracking at the Preston New Road site was granted in October 2016 by communities secretary Javid, who overruled an earlier decision from Lancashire County Council, and work began in January last year.

In April 2017, a High Court judge dismissed two legal challenges by anti-fracking protesters over the way Javid granted planning permission for the site.

Preston New Road Action Group appealed against the decision, but today the Court of Appeal also dismissed the claims and refused permission for the parties to appeal at the Supreme Court.

Egan said Cuadrilla was pleased the challenges were “robustly dismissed”.

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  1. Bitter&twisted says:

    So those expert “scientists” from Heriot-Watt who said that geological conditions in the UK were “very different from the US…..and would not prove economically viable” were talking bollocks.
    Just like the BBC, Greenp1ss, all those “spontaneous”, “local” protesters etc etc.
    Frack on!

  2. Stephen Richards says:

    Yeah. Drill baby drill. Like my dentist

  3. Bloke down the pub says:

    I’m sure I’ve seen reported that because of the rock type in the gas bearing layers, they won’t need to fracture the rock. The next stage will just involve horizontal drilling to access the reserves.

  4. oldbrew says:

    ‘Our early analysis of this latest data suggests excellent rock quality for hydraulic fracturing and a high natural gas content in several zones within the shale. This is in line with the British Geological Survey, in association with the Oil & Gas Authority, independent report in 2013, The Carboniferous Bowland Shale Gas Study¹, which estimated a mid-level estimate of the gas-in-place in the Bowland shales across the North of England to be 1329 trillion cubic feet.’ [date: 12/1/18]

    That’s a lot of gas, if it’s all there.

  5. michael hart says:

    Do it.

  6. michael hart says:

    “..but today the Court of Appeal also dismissed the claims and refused permission for the parties to appeal at the Supreme Court”

    It is also good to see sanity prevail before it is allowed to reach the highest courts. The environmentalist objection to fracking is running on fumes…many of them exhaled from whatever the BBC is smoking that particular day.

  7. tom0mason says:

    I note that the alarming paper about fracking in Marcellus Shale region of the eastern United States said to be leaking enough methane to power a city twice the size of Washington, D.C. has been retracted
    see where they say —

    …The reason: Further analysis revealed a mistake in a key measurement that, once corrected, shows the leakage to be roughly half as large as they initially calculated.

    And that means one of the paper’s main conclusions — that fracking was worse for climate change in the region than using coal — is more than likely wrong.

    [reply] 😂

  8. oldbrew says:

    Game on…

    Date: 22/01/18 Journal of Petroleum Technology

    Cuadrilla Resources has started drilling the UK’s first horizontal shale well at its exploration site at Preston New Road, Lancashire, and hopes to begin hydraulic fracturing of two wells in the second quarter.

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