Energy poverty and the home truths MPs would rather ignore 

Posted: May 18, 2018 by oldbrew in Big Green, Critique, Energy, government, Incompetence
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Governments often waste, but rarely run out of, other people’s money. Take renewables for example – the UK is already committed to vastly excessive payments until 2030 in the hope of possibly reducing a trace gas in the atmosphere.

Why has the Government still not formally responded to the independent review that it commissioned into the cost of energy?

Perhaps its findings are too damning, says Harry Wilkinson at The Conservative Woman.

Staggeringly, the review found that the government has wasted the best part of £100billion on the decarbonisation of the power sector.

That this is not more widely known is thanks to the cosy consensus that exists in the British media around the need for renewables, which means that their effectiveness, or value for money, is ignored.

The real victims of this wastefulness are those struggling in energy poverty, who have paid far too much for their electricity as a result. Their money went straight on to the profit margins of renewable energy companies who had claimed that only vast subsidies would make them viable.

Now they say that those subsidies actually resulted in falling prices. What the review reveals is that they took the civil servants and politicians for a ride, ordinary people paid the price, and they will continue to do so if nothing is done.

It should be obvious to anyone with a basic grasp of economics that if you let civil servants set the subsidies for renewable energy generation, they will end up much higher than if you invite competitive bids through auctions.

Since auctions have been introduced there have been significant reductions in prices, but this is sadly too little, too late, because high prices have been guaranteed far into the future.

Ninety per cent of the bill for renewables up to 2030 has already been determined. This is an important fact to remember when you next hear someone banging on about how fast the cost of renewables is falling.

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  1. Huge numbers of incompetent (or corrupt) civil servants is why we need small Government.

    Is there a single Government department that is not run by incompetents? And have you ever heard of civil servants being sacked for incompetence?

    No and No.

  2. p.g.sharrow says:

    Renewables are resulting in reduced energy cost!!!!

    In who’s universe? In California the present cost of retail electrical is $0.39 per kwh. and the power company wants $0.50 in 2020. Most of that charge and increase are “Extras” due to the mandated costs of “renewables” Wholesale charges for the energy are 13-17 cents but the cost of maintaining the backup for reliable supply are double that And we are not even counting the direct taxpayer costs.
    This is a massive ripoff by the “Renewable Energy Industry” to enrich themselves at everyone’s expense
    I have watched this “Industry” grow since 1974 when I was in it before government got involved, Once “Peanut brain” Carter and “Moonbeam” Brown got involved the scamming by the conmen hit overdrive. After that government subsidies and mandates were the “gold rush” that the promoters pushed to prove their claimed ROA to investors. Liers spreadsheets on assumptions “prove” their claimed returns, but real world returns were never as wonderful as the promoters claimed. They banked their profits up front and moved on to the next project. Politicians got their bragging rights for virtue signaling and went on to the next election. Meanwhile citizens must pay the builtin costs for this boondoggle for generations. …pg.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Renewables are resulting in reduced energy cost

    If so, mainly because they were forced to lower their previous rip-off rates by having to bid at auctions, instead of collecting state guaranteed payments.

  4. Saighdear says:

    in the current climate ( NOT Climate) I would suggest the biggest losers are the NHS & education: but then again what good did a corrupted Education system do AND wasted resources in the NHS. Throwing money at ANYTHING only succeeded in creating a gravy train of corruption, essentially.

  5. Phoenix44 says:

    We need to solve a problem. There are ten possible solutions. Are we more likely to find the right one by (a) asking some very clever people trained as civil servants to pick the right one or (b) let ten people try the ten solutions (and perhaps 2-3 others try things we didn’t think of) to find the right one?

    It’s not that civil servants are more stupid than business people, it’s that they use a system that is far, far more likely to come up with the wrong answer than the right one.

  6. oldbrew says:

    From Australia: more suppression of the facts…

    University Professor Sacked for Telling-the-Truth
    by Jennifer on May 19, 2018

    But facts don’t cease to exist because they are removed from a website. The university has never challenged the veracity of Peter’s legitimate claims about the quality of much of the reef science: science on which billions of dollars of taxpayer-funded research is being squandered. These issues are not going away.

    Shooting the messenger is an act of desperation.

  7. nickreality65 says:

    The up/down/”back” radiation greenhouse gas energy loop of the radiative greenhouse effect theory is pencil on paper, a spreadsheet cell, a “what if” scenario and NOT a physical reality.

    Without this GHG energy loop, radiative greenhouse theory collapses.

    Without RGHE theory, man-caused climate change does not exist.

    And with a snap of the fingers and “Presto!!” the bazillion dollar global climate change fantasy is suddenly unemployed.

    Must be why nobody is allowed to talk about this possibility. Not newsworthy enough? Or too far outside the fake news hysterical CAGW narrative?