Dutch govt appeals landmark greenhouse gases ruling

Posted: May 28, 2018 by oldbrew in atmosphere, climate, Emissions, government, Legal
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Dutch Parliament buildings [credit: Wikipedia]

To what extent can courts tell governments what so-called ‘climate policies’ they should be adopting? Isn’t there a burden of proof in such cases? Appeal verdict awaited – eventually.

The Dutch government on Monday appealed against a landmark 2015 court ruling which ordered it to slash greenhouse gases by a quarter by 2020, reports Phys.org.

“The current government is already extraordinarily active in terms of climate,” lawyer Bert-Jan Houtzagers told the Hague Appeals Court.

Three years ago some 900 Dutch citizens led by environmental rights group Urgenda won a landmark court case as they sought to force a national reduction of emissions blamed for global warming.

Urgenda, which brought the case in April 2015, said it wanted the government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent over 1990 levels by 2020.

The court found in favour of the rights group exhorting the government to do more in a ruling handed down a few months ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The global Paris deal sets out measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent temperatures rising by more than two degrees Celsius.

The Dutch government’s appeal of the 2015 court ruling, questions in particular the “extent of judges’ control over the future policies of the state”.

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  1. peterandnen says:

    “Going Dutch” used to mean sharing a bill. Now it seems to mean you pay the meal ticket for all looney green warriors.

  2. oldbrew says:

    The court found in favour of the rights group exhorting the government

    Extorting, more like.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    So what fraction of China’s new hundreds of power plants are the 4? Dutch coal plants to be closed? Will closing them cover a few days, or a whole week, of increased Chinese coal use?

    Just wondering…

    (And the Dutch used to be so good at international trade… )

  4. ivan says:

    While I applaud the courts when they hold the government’s feet to the fire if they ignore the laws they have made there is NO way any court can make law – that is the job of the government.

    In this case it appears that the green activists were trying to make law by the backdoor and when you have that all you are left with is anarchy. May the government win and take the 900 to the cleaners. .

  5. stpaulchuck says:

    more black robed anarchists trying to dictate new laws from the bench. *spit*

    We’ve had tons of that in the US. It’s still going on with idiot judges trying to control presidential Executive Orders which are out of their control under the Constitution (separation of powers).

  6. tom0mason says:

    A little off topic but maybe the Dutch should look at what the Chinese are doing….

    Out of 99 gigawatts (GW) of solar projects built in 2017, 53 GW were built in China.
    That bullish streak came to an end on Monday when China took steps to slow its solar industry. Feed-in tariffs that provide set prices for electric power sent to the grid will be cut and distributed generation (DG) projects will be capped until further notice. Early estimates are that solar installations will fall to around 35 GW in 2018, with a lot of that already installed. The impact of the policy changes will be widespread, and no company will be spared…

    China’s National Development and Reform Commission said there would be no more planned ground-mounted solar projects in 2018 and subsidies for future ground-mounted projects would be forbidden…
    Distributed solar farms were also capped at 10 GW for 2018, a level that may have already been exceeded…

    Demand is going to fall and prices could go with it. Roth Capital estimates the solar market will be oversupplied by 34 GW of panels…
    Even SunPower’s (NASDAQ:SPWR) premium-priced high-efficiency solar panels will have a little more competition as Chinese manufacturers look to dump solar panels on anyone who will buy them…