Cheers! Trump to skip climate portion of G7 meeting

Posted: June 8, 2018 by oldbrew in climate, government, News, Politics

Some of the arm-wrestling will be left to the President’s aides, as he may feel he has better things to do than engage in fruitless arguments about what the weather might be like in several decades’ time.

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(CNN) President Donald Trump plans to depart from this weekend’s Group of 7 summit in Canada several hours early, the White House announced Thursday, punctuating an explosion of acrimony between Trump and his foreign counterparts on the eve of the talks.

The White House said Trump would depart mid-morning on Saturday, skipping sessions on climate change and the environment.

An aide will take his place, the White House said.

The announcement came as Trump engaged in a bitter back-and-forth with French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over Twitter, both of whom he’ll meet face-to-face on Friday.

Trump is expecting a knock-down, drag-out fight with top US allies over trade during his time at the conference, held in remote Quebec.

It’s a battle he believes he can win, but which he’s unenthusiastic about waging in person, people familiar with his thinking say.

Source: Cheers! Trump to skip climate portion of G7 meeting

  1. stpaulchuck says:

    they’ll all a bunch of damn fakers anyway. The US is the only one to measurably reduce the Satanic Gases. Not one of the Euroweenies has done so and with the idiotic shutting of nuclear plants will actually INCREASE their output.

    Add to that, that this is nothing more than another power grab over the people in the form of increased taxes, costs, and regulations, and the whole thing is better stepped away from. I giver you UN Agenda 21. QED.

  2. Tenuc says:

    Much ado about nothing.

    The existing Climate Accord has no teeth, there is no will for rich industrial nations to spend trillions on getting the 3rd world to reduce CO2, and no good cheap form of alternative energy available to replace fossil fuel and nuclear. I don’t blame Donny for not wanting to waste another few hours of his life on a futile discuss, where all that will happen is meaningless ‘virtue signalling’.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Donald Trump ‘tired of Theresa May’s school mistress tone’ and will not hold talks with her at G7

  4. Paul Vaughan says:

    Conjuring Climatic Arts

    “Poets priests and politicians […] Their logic ties you up and rapes you.” — The Police “De Do Do Do De Da Da Da”

    The major western fault damned itself with devilish base assumptions.

    Upon dark foundations lit only by hellfire, devilish agency assumed a cultural empire of “reasoned”, “logical”, “scientific” subjugation and oppression.

    Steering the imagined civilization with computer models based on faulted assumptions is operationally-impaired marketing genius devoid of the simplest cornering stability.

    “Hong Kong geomancers predict a complicated year ahead, with U.S. President Donald Trump, born in 1946 — the year of the “fire dog” — facing a run of bad luck as his element is mismatched with that of 2018, which is an “earth dog” year.

    However, to welcome the Year of the Dog, a mall in northern China has erected a giant canine statue with Trump’s trademark hairstyle and eyebrows glowering over shoppers, one index finger raised.”

    The major western fault undermines dynamic stability with static prescriptions of poisoned red tape.

    “Yellow tigers crouched in jungles […]
    You said no strings could secure you” — Cream “White Room”

  5. Paul Vaughan says:

    Faulted base assumption:
    “With the lights out, it’s less dangerous” — Nirvana

    No strings secure the stablest ties .

    Stringlessly Taylored historic assembly hangs on faulted base assumptions.

    Democracy dies in darkness

    “Cut out doors and windows in order to make a room. Thus what we gain is Something, yet it is by virtue of Nothing that this can be put to use.”

  6. Paul Vaughan says:

    Faulted western base assumptions:

    come as you are
    as a friend
    as an known enemy

    memoria” — Nirvana

    “Kairos has classically been defined as a concept that focused on “‘the uniquely timely, the spontaneous, the radically particular.'” Ancient Pythagoreans thought Kairos to be one of the most fundamental laws of the universe. Kairos was said to piece together the dualistic ways of the entire universe. Empedocles was the philosopher who connect kairos to the principle of opposites and harmony. It then became the principle of conflict and resolution and was thus inserted as a concept for rhetoric.”

  7. Paul Vaughan says:

    “Changes aren’t permanent but change is” — Rush

    Heated Revolution? Never Mind!! Pink Slip Revelation Just in Time

    Because kairos emphasizes change, it is an important aspect of science. Not all scientific research can be presented at the same time or in the same way, but creating an opening makes it possible to construct the right time.

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    Stability of Seven hangs on the bottled latin message of pen-insular ice elation.
    Avangard responds cre8ively to the well-dotted hook of faulted western base assumptions:
    “I’m the question and you’re of course the answer” — Rihanna “SOS”

    The stablest ties of the stablest eyes secure the stay blessed eyes.

  8. oldbrew says:

    Date: 11/06/18 EurActiv

    Voters across Europe have lost faith in politics partly because of “unachievable targets” on renewable energy, said German Energy Minister Peter Altmaier, rejecting calls from a group of other EU countries to boost the share of renewables to 33-35% of the bloc’s energy mix by 2030.

    Altmaier made the comments during an on-the-record exchange between the 28 EU energy ministers, who are gathered in Luxembourg today (11 June) for a meeting of the Energy Council.

    The so-called green dream is really a nightmare in the making, for both politicians and voters. Politicians can’t deliver what they promise because renewables are far too unpredictable, and voters have to pay a fortune for electricity anyway.

    Why Britain can never rely on wind power