Ted Cruz demands investigation into taxpayer-funded global warming ‘advocacy’

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Borrowing Hollywood titles like ‘a clear and present danger’ isn’t going to overcome the fact that colourful predictions made about the climate by modellers and climate alarmists in general have failed to materialise. BBC – take note.

‘It is propagandizing’ – Daily Caller reporting.

Republican senators asked federal investigators to look into whether or not several National Science Foundation (NSF) grants broke federal law, including funding projects lawmakers sought to “influence political and social debate” on global warming.

“We find NSF’s stewardship of the federal taxpayer dollars devoted to the latter project particularly egregious for a number of reasons,” Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Oklahoma Sens. James Lankford and Jim Inhofe wrote in a letter sent Thursday evening to NSF Inspector General Allison Lerner.

“We are also requesting the NSF OIG investigate whether the ‘research’ or outcomes of these projects constitute violations of the Hatch Act or any other federal statute or regulation,” the GOP lawmakers wrote.

Lawmakers’ letter to NSF’s Office of Inspector General came after NBC News reported the non-profit group Climate Central “reached more than 500 local TV weathercasters” as part of its “Climate Matters” program that launched in 2012.

The “Climate Matters” program was backed by two NSF grants totalling more than $4 million that were awarded in 2009 and 2014, according to federal records. The grants were issued to two universities and Climate Central.

Cruz and his colleagues noted The Washington Post described Climate Central as an “advocacy group, aiming to get people to do more about what the group now sees as ‘a clear and present danger’ — global climate change.”

“Climate Central has since changed the manner in which it characterizes itself, perhaps due to the attention it received from The Washington Post, but the organization’s receipt of federal dollars for advocacy efforts raises significant concerns,” the lawmakers wrote to Lerner.

“It is further troubling that the specific objective of converting meteorologists to a climate-action-oriented opinion was to show them how an unknowledgeable citizenry would be more easily convinced of the same belief,” lawmakers wrote.

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  1. oldbrew says:

    Fmr. Harvard physicist slams ‘professional propagandist’ James Hansen: ‘There’s nothing worse about the climate of 2018 relatively to the climate of 1988’

    Czech Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl: “Well, the actual history of CO2 followed Scenario A most closely – the CO2 emissions kept on rising at a slightly accelerating rate. So you can see that Hansen predicted the warming trend about 3°C per century. The actual observed trend from the 1980s (well, early 1980s) has been about 1.3°C per century according to satellite and slightly below 2°C per century according to weather stations. Although we didn’t really stop CO2 emissions at all, the temperature was growing almost exactly like Hansen’s scenario in which the CO2 concentration becomes constant after 1988!”

    “There’s nothing “worse” about the climate of 2018 relatively to the climate of 1988.”


    IOW – much ado, and vast expense, about nothing. Or at least, nothing attributable to human behaviour.