British government finally gives green light to fracking shale gas

Posted: July 25, 2018 by oldbrew in Energy, government, News, Shale gas
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Shale gas drilling site [image credit: BBC]

After years of wrangling, the UK (or at least England) seems to have at last run out of ways to avoid tapping in to the wealth that is the gas under the nation’s feet, in this case anyway. Why import what can be produced at home?

Shale gas developer Cuadrilla on Tuesday became the first operator in Britain to receive final consent from the government to frack an onshore horizontal exploration well, reports Reuters.

The government said it had granted approval for so-called hydraulic fracturing to take place at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site in northwest England.

“I have carefully considered Cuadrilla’s application and I am content that hydraulic fracturing consent should be granted in this instance,” Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry said in a statement.

Cuadrilla submitted its application for consent in May.

Hydraulic fracturing consent was introduced in 2015 as an additional step to the government’s regulatory and permitting regime and ensures all necessary environmental, health and safety permits have been obtained.

Fracking involves perforating wells and fracturing rocks by injecting liquids, sands and chemicals to suck in oil and gas. It has transformed the U.S. energy industry but has not taken off across Europe, where some countries have banned it.

In Britain, there have been protests by environmentalists and local residents against fracking amid concerns it could contaminate underground water reservoirs and harm the environment above ground.

Cuadrilla welcomed the government’s decision.

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  1. Bitter@twisted says:

    An outbreak of common sense?
    Whatever next?

  2. cognog2 says:


    Hopefully, beneath the absurdity of the recent government press release there is an element of common sense. Just wonder how the pendulum will swing in the future.

  3. Phoenix44 says:

    Despite all the lies and propaganda. I am on the emailing list of a Left-wing activist group – I can’t remember how, but I find it interesting to see what is being said about issues. The email from them said:

    “Imagine huge trucks and heavy machinery rumbling past your children’s school, your favourite picnic spot being destroyed, or even hearing experts warn your area could experience an earthquake. Fracking, a controversial way of getting gas out of the ground, could make all this a reality.

    Think this sounds bad? Well the government don’t. They’ve just published their plans to fast-track fracking, bypassing local democracy. They want to make it easier for toxic energy companies to test for gas and get full scale fracking off the ground, without giving local people a say in the decision.”

    I especially like the use of the word “controversial” as if somehow the controversy is nt being entirely manufactured by the people claiming it is controversial. It’s like the Remainers who have don all they can to create chaos now blaming Brexit for chaos.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Over half of Britain’s grid electricity is being generated by gas at the time of this comment.

  5. Joe Public says:

    Gotta love the verbal Diarrhoea from Reuters

    “Fracking involves perforating wells and fracturing rocks by injecting liquids, sands and chemicals …”

    As if liquids and sands aren’t chemicals.

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    Ah yes, that brand new never seen before entirely unproven technology of fracking /sarc; :

    Related: Huge 100 Billion Barrel Oil Discovery Near London

    The Civil War and its Fracking discovery

    The History of Fracking can be traced back to 1862. It was during the battle of Fredericksburg VA., where civil war veteran Col. Edward A.L. Roberts saw what could be accomplished when firing explosive artillery into a narrow canal that obstructed the battlefield. This was described as superincumbent fluid tamping.

    On April 26th, 1865, Edward Roberts received his first patent, for an “Improvement” in exploding torpedoes in artesian wells. In November of 1866, Edward Roberts was awarded patient number 59,936, known as the “Exploding Torpedo.”

    This extraction method was implemented by packing a torpedo in an iron case that contained 15-20 pounds of powder. The case was then lowered into the oil well, at a spot closest to the oil. From there, they would explode the torpedo by connecting the top of the shell with wire to the surface, and then filling the borehole with water.

    This invention increased oil production by 1200 percent from certain wells within a week of being implemented. This also led to the founding of Roberts Petroleum Torpedo Company, which charged $100-$200 dollars per rocket, plus a royalty of 1/15 of the profits generated from the product.

  7. oldbrew says:

    Nowadays it’s the anti-frackers trying to torpedo economic progress.

  8. stpaulchuck says:

    “Quick! to the windows!! The porcine Air Force will be overhead any minute.”