Northwest Passage Yacht Sinks In Thick Ice

Posted: August 31, 2018 by oldbrew in Accountability, Idiots, News, sea ice

Maybe the Canadian coastguard should get more pro-active, and penalise anyone who ignores their warnings and then gets into difficulties.
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Heavy and difficult ice conditions this season may compromise the Northwest Passage transit of some vessels, the coast guard added.Ottawa Citizen report.


By Paul Homewood

From the Arctic Northwest Passage blog:


The Canadian Coast Guard rescued two passengers of a sinking sailboat who were trapped on an ice floe in Arctic waters early Wednesday morning. The incident took place in Bellot Strait. (CBC)
Drama in the northwest passage
Sailing yacht gets into drift ice in the middle of the night, gets breached and sinks within minutes. The crew had to flee onto sea ice
Pascal Schürmann on 29.08.2018

Yesterday night, the French-flagged yacht “Anahita”, an aluminum Ovni 345, sank in Ballot Strait of the Northwest Passage. The disaster occurred in Depot Bay, just east of Bellot Strait. According to initial information, the ship was trapped by drifting sea ice from which it could not escape.

The course of “Anahita” from Nuuk on the coast of Greenland went via Baffin Bay to Pond Inlet and on to the entrance of Bellot Strait…

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  1. Bitter@twisted says:

    “But Professor Wadhams told us it was ice-free!”
    Another ship of fools.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Heavy and difficult ice conditions this season

    Did Wadhams get the memo? Or perhaps he was too busy churning out his man-made climate alarm scenarios to entertain the many gullible elements of the media 😐

  3. stpaulchuck says:

    Al Gore said it was ice free since 2014!!

  4. Graeme No.3 says:

    The Coastguard should charge the full cost of the rescue. To ensure that it is paid require a deposit of several thousand dollars before yachts are allowed to enter the passage. Confiscate publicity seeking boats.

  5. ivan says:

    The second one in as many weeks, how many more idiots this year?

    Hopefully they will remember that up there it is very different than sailing in the Med and that ice is very hard on unprotected pleasure boats and pass that information on. The problem is that zealots never learn from others.

  6. oldbrew says:

    The “Anahita”, an aluminum Ovni 345, had recently been specially converted for the journey into the ice – details not available

    Some conversion that was :/

  7. ivan says:

    Having looked at the lines plans there isn’t much scope for hull strengthening and retaining sailing ability. If it sank as quickly as stated I suspect the conversion consisted of adding insulation in some form, possibly sprayed on expanding foam which gives no ice protection at all.

  8. dennisambler says:

    Gore and Wadhams were out by a century plus. This is from Roald Amundsen’s account of negotiating the NW Passage in the early 20th century, this particular bit is about the Bellot Strait, the spot named in the report above, so named after “the French lieutenant, Bellot, who was drowned in these regions.”

    “As far as we could judge, the year 1903 must have been a very favourable one as regards ice.”

    “The next doubtful point was Bellot Strait, where M’clintock lay for two years waiting for a chance to get through. But the fairly heavy swell indicated an open sea for many miles to the south, and as Bellot Strait was not far ahead, our anxiety was not very great. At 8am, we passed through the strait. The only thing we met was a very narrow strip of broken land ice. The strait itself was densely fog bound. Outside the sea was clear.”

    They had no GPS, no twitter, their compass had failed and they were navigating by the stars. There had been many previous failed attempts by various mariners to complete the NW Passage, as now, and it was seen as a desirable goal because of the trade route it could open up. Still hasn’t happened. Surprising what little difference a century makes, all that CO2 and they still can’t get through…


    I also posted the extract at “Notalotofpeopleknowthat” but at the moment it is down the WordPress rabbit hole.

  9. oldbrew says:

    “As far as we could judge, the year 1903 must have been a very favourable one as regards ice.”

    Shortly after the 1901 eastern United States heat wave…

    Wikipedia: July 1901 was the hottest month over the contiguous United States until the 1930s, and is currently surpassed only by the Julys of 1931, 1934, 1936 and 2012. It remains the hottest month on record in Kentucky and West Virginia.

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