Paris Climate Agreement ‘on the brink’ as western governments refuse to transfer $100 billion p.a.

Posted: September 9, 2018 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, Politics, Temperature

Crazy world of climate finance [image credit:]

The usual hyped-up dramas as yet more climate talks lead to little or no action. Everyone is supposed to believe the end is nigh if more money is not thrown at developing countries. How long can such charades be kept going?

UN climate talks in Bangkok have foundered over the key issue of how efforts to limit climate change are funded and how contributions are reported, says AFP.

Activists called out the European Union, Britain and Australia for falling into line with Washington’s position. Developing countries rounded on the United States and its allies at emergency climate talks Sunday, accusing the world’s richest nations of stalling a deal aimed at preventing runaway global warming.

Experts from around the world have been locked in discussions this week in Bangkok, aiming to reach a comprehensive rulebook for countries to implement the landmark Paris Accord on climate change.

But talks have foundered over the key issue of how efforts to limit climate change are funded and how contributions are reported.

Delegates representing some of Earth’s poorest and smallest nations said on the final day of the summit that the US and other Western economies were failing to live up to their green spending commitments.

“Developed countries are responsible for the vast majority of historic emissions, and many became remarkably wealthy burning fossil fuels,” said Amjad Abdulla, the head of a negotiating bloc of small island states.

“Yet, we face devastating climate impacts and some of us could be lost forever to rising seas” without progress on the Paris deal by the end of the year, he added.

The Paris deal, struck in 2015, aims to limit global temperature rises to less than two degrees Celsius and to below 1.5C if possible by the end of the century.

To do this, countries agreed to a set of promises, including to establish an annual $100-billion fund to help developing nations react to our heating planet.

The US and other developed economies want less oversight on how their funding is gathered and more flexibility over how future funding is structured.

But developing nations insist they need predictable and open funding in order to effectively plan their fight against the fallout from climate change.

A senior source within the African nations’ negotiating bloc told AFP the US and others were reneging on pledges made in Paris by refusing to discuss future climate funding.

“It’s as if we started from scratch” in Bangkok, the source said.

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  1. Craig King says:

    So it’s really just about the cash. What will the island nations do with their money, put up a wall around the island or spend it on lifestyles for the leaders?

    Well done President Trump.

  2. oldbrew says:

    “It’s as if we started from scratch” in Bangkok, the source said.

    This source just explained how the never-ending climate travelling circus works.

  3. Ron Clutz says:

    IPCC Creed:

    We claim for ourselves the authority,
    On behalf of all needy countries,
    To collect Other People’s Money,
    For a solution that won’t work,
    To solve a problem that doesn’t exist.
    If we keep the Fear alive,
    We will surely meet again and again.

  4. oldbrew says:

    But developing nations insist they need predictable and open funding in order to effectively plan their fight against the fallout from climate change.

    So now the ‘fight’ is against the fallout, not against the supposedly man-made climate change?

  5. P.A.Semi says:

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    Save this image and possibly send it to some other people
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  6. oldbrew says:

    Another damp squib…

    Bangkok meet fails to finalize draft on climate change rules
    September 9, 2018

    Patricia Espinosa, executive secretary for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, said Sunday at the closing press briefing for the Bangkok meeting that progress was made on most issues but nothing was finalized.

  7. Bitter@twisted says:

    I love the sound of pigs snouts being forcibly removed from troughs.
    We should tell these climate rent-seekers to foxtrot oscar.

  8. oldbrew says:

    Crunch time…

    Date: 10/09/18 European Press Association

    BANGKOK – The agreement reached in Paris three years ago by 195 nations with the objective of combating climate change is on the verge of collapse due to disagreements over funding, several environmental groups gathered in the Thai capital said on Sunday.

  9. oldbrew says:

    Jo Nova: “Paris” is rock solid and on the brink simultaneously.
    . . .
    The Bangkok bunfight was meant to settle the rules on money before the next two-week COP junket in Poland in December when thousands of activists and activist-scientists are rewarded for their faith and creative interpretation of raw data.

    creative interpretation of raw data – not forgetting creative adjustment of raw data.

  10. kaykiser says:

    These flawed agreements all should die. It’s all about money and power. Redistribution to poor countries is not what it appears. They will use the money to bribe corrupt leaders and to build unreliable, intermittent wind and solar plants and panels on huts while prohibiting reliable, cost effective fossil fuel, hydroelectric, geothermal or nuclear plants. The poor can’t afford to skip these vital services that have built the economies of developed countries in the past. See my blog for more details from my book Saving Africa from Lies that Kill to be published 10-23-18

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