EU lawmakers want to cut car emissions by 40 percent by 2030

Posted: October 4, 2018 by oldbrew in Emissions, ideology, Politics, Travel
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The war on the harmless trace gas carbon dioxide is in full swing at the EU. The diesel scandal, which was about nitrogen oxides, seems strangely to have been used as an excuse to press for a more punishing policy towards CO2. But they appear to ignore the fact that even if electric car sales go up, this mainly transfers the supposed problem to fuel-burning power stations.

The European Parliament wants to cut CO2 emissions from new cars and vans by 40 percent by 2030 and will try to convince the European Union’s 28 nations to back the idea despite objections from the powerful car industry, reports

The proposed cut agreed on by the legislators Wednesday was a compromise between environmentalists who wanted tougher commitments and those who wanted to avoid too much damage to the auto industry.

The EU nations will discuss the measures further this month. Car producers in the EU are warning that tough cuts would cost manufacturing jobs.

Car emissions have become a big issue in Europe since Volkswagen’s scandal in September 2015 in which it admitted to rigging diesel engines to cheat on U.S. emissions tests. That led to a wide-ranging examination of all diesels—and the discovery that many of them emitted far more pollutants on the road than in testing. There was talk of banning older diesels from some cities, and of ending the subsidies for diesel fuel that helped propel sales.

Originally, the parliament’s environment committee had wanted a 45 percent cut but, pressured by the biggest political group, the EPP Christian Democrats, it reduce it to 40 percent. The EU’s executive Commission had argued for 30 percent.

EU environment ministers will discuss the issue at their meeting next Tuesday with a final decision not expected before December.

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  1. spetzer86 says:

    Are these the same people that wanted everyone to be driving diesel for some odd reason (that didn’t pan out)? If it’s the same people, why would anyone listen to them on the topic of pollution or CO2 reduction?

  2. stpaulchuck says:

    the 2030 Eurocar!

  3. oldbrew says:

    These kids don’t realise they’re being trained up to generate their own power when the lights go out 😉

    Lowestoft school introduces pedal machines under desks

  4. oldbrew says:

    Some US schools are getting propane-fuelled buses partly paid for by Volkswagen’s US settlement of their diesel fiasco.

  5. Ron Clutz says:

    It’s panic time for IPCC faithful. Moreover, if some cooling were to appear in this period, the public might get distracted from warmism. This graph shows they have painted themselves into a tight corner.

    Details at

  6. Stephen Richards says:

    spetzer86 says:
    October 4, 2018 at 3:08 pm

    Sadly, we don’t get a choice. I cannot buy a large car in eu and that will only get worse. Showroom tax on a Hyundai Sante fe is now approaching 10300 euros.

    Big engines get big taxes.

  7. Saighdear says:

    Och Mannnn! Here we go again….. Simples – just as simple as the German politicians sorting out their diesel rubbish this week about buy-backs ( ? ) . Reduce emissions by 40% is as easy as reducing Engine sizes and power outputs by 40% or MORE. who needs average cars to do 0-60 in under 8 secs; Hull, man, even LGV /PLG’s can do 0-60 in around 10 secs…. WHY? 1/2 the morons on the road can’t even think that fast.

  8. European cars are already second rate and more expensive in comparison to Japanese and South Korean cars. Those emission standards will send Fiat and Renault broke and even put VW in doubt except for its investment in China.

  9. oldbrew says:

    IIRC the percent emissions standards reductions are measured per car maker, so more difficult to meet for makers with a lot of big/powerful cars in their model ranges. Fiat not so much.

  10. J PAK says:

    A Nissan Patrol or Toyota Landcruiser 4.2 diesel does ~ 7 km per litre but if you add hydrogen and oxygen from electroysis of water you can retune and get >9.75km/lit (even towing a caravan in flat country in Australia). That’s >33% improvement to an old straight 6 motor. Ok, the latest V8 Cruisers do more than 7km/l to start with and I don’t know anyone who’s fitted a hydrogen unit to one of these but NASA did the engineering decades ago.
    The addition of HHO @ 2% of intake air causes more complete combustion so you see a greater conversion of diesel to heat early on in the power stroke. Conveniently you see less soot and carbon monoxide at the tail pipe with zero carbon fouling of the upper cylinder.
    One Au researcher claims to be conditioning his water prior to feeding it into the reservoir of his electrolysis cell and achieves the same gas production from half the amps.
    I’m inclined to think that this anti diesel push is purely a political operation.

  11. JPak I think you are mixing up water injection with hydrogen. With diesel engines the water is mixed with methyl alcohol in about 50:50 mix. Water does two things 1) to cools some parts of the burning chamber where premature combustion may occur and 2) it acts as a catalyst for more complete combustion. I think it was first used in jet aircraft. Jet fuel is a kerosene which is between petrol and diesel. I used to have a tractor (John Brown) which was started on petrol then switched over to Kerosene. Anyway here is a wiki article on it

  12. Daver Ward says:

    “I think it was first used in jet aircraft”

    It goes back further than that – the big aviation piston engines from the WW2 era also made use of Water/Methanol injection for short term power boosts:

    “Use in aircraft”

  13. John PAK says:

    To clarify my earlier hydrogen augmented engine comment look up Perth Uni academic, Gavan Knox who runs his own patented oxy-hydrogen unit on his car. (Search for
    30% fuel saving is quite achieveable but not popular with goverments who tax fuel at around 40%. Here in the UK petrol is £1.35/litre.
    Generally people are slow to accept change but tend to believe what is repeated on the telly without doing the slightest research themselves.

  14. oldbrew says:

    Court orders partial ban for diesel cars in Berlin
    Date 09.10.2018

    The ruling will affect several traffic hubs in the city’s downtown area.
    . . .
    This could affect 200,000 vehicles, including commuters’ cars and delivery vans. The court gave the Berlin Senate until 2020 to implement the ban, but city officials have already said that such a timeline was impossible.

    Euro 6 or bust…

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