Anti-Carbon-Tax revolt threatens to paralyse France 

Posted: November 16, 2018 by oldbrew in ideology, News, Politics
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Protesting in France

Leaders preening themselves on their supposedly green virtue signalling policies are running into some unpleasant realities.

France is bracing for a nationwide revolt over the weekend as angry drivers plan to block roads nationwide in protest against the government’s carbon tax and rising fuel prices, says The GWPF.

The French government approved a measure in late 2017 increasing a direct tax on diesel as well as a tax on carbon, allegedly to fight against climate change.

The so-called Contribution Climat Énergie (CCE), a French version of the carbon tax, has steadily increased fuel prices in recent years.

Drivers across the country have balked at the rising price of diesel as it disproportionately affects workers who depend on their vehicles to get to and from their jobs.

Two-thirds of French people expect a “social explosion” in coming months.

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  1. oldbrew says:

    At least some people seem tired of hearing about the biggest non-event in modern times i.e. man-made ‘global warming’ – and being told they have to pay to ‘fight’ it. What a joke.

  2. Bitter@twisted says:

    We Brits could learn a lesson or two from the French.

  3. Saighdear says:

    Look at ALL the FARM Tractors – Och it MUST be fake news, can’t be farmers – Jings our NFU mannie, only t’other day was in accord with government on cutting back agric animal production, n’est pas ?
    Wish MORE of our drivers would do that too. … and how about that great Producer of Vehicles in the ay you place, germany ? – a’body seems to ‘toe’ the line …..

  4. Stephen Richards says:

    My local restaurant is closed today because Gilet Jaune

  5. Stephen Richards says:

    Bitter@twisted says:
    November 17, 2018 at 9:01 am

    When viewed from here the brits look lazy or maybe fickel

  6. oldbrew says:

    One way to avoid French taxes…

    Migrants pile into dinghies to cross Channel to Dover as ‘panic setting in’ before Brexit deadline hits

  7. stpaulchuck says:

    France is famous for shooting itself in the foot.

  8. ivan says:

    Saighdear. the politicians only need to get worried when those tractors converge on Paris towing empty trailers – think the modern equivalent of 1793.

    The Revolution was in part caused by the imposition of a universal land tax. This display has been caused by the imposition of a universal carbon tax.

    It could get very nasty.

  9. oldbrew says:

    It has got nasty…

    France fuel protest: One dead in ‘yellow vest’ blockades
    2 hours ago

    Some 244,000 people took part in protests across France, the interior ministry said in its latest update.

    It said 106 people were injured during the day, five seriously, with 52 people arrested.

    Most of the protests have been taking place without incident although several of the injuries came when drivers tried to force their way through protesters.

  10. oldbrew says:

    The people have discovered that climate ideology has to be paid for by somebody, and that means them.


    Somewhere between a half a million and a million came out on the streets to demonstrate against Macron’s last reform, and the one before that, and the one before that. But that was the unions and the left wing parties, so no-one took any notice. This is different because it’s the people – spontaneously, unorganised – and some tens or hundreds of thousands are out today, not marching in an orderly fashion through the avenues of Paris, but blocking the roads and autoroutes in over 1500 different demonstrations.

  11. oldbrew says:

    Date: 19/11/18 The Times

    Protesters at roadblocks clashed with police and motorists for a second day yesterday as the revolt over President Macron’s fuel tax rises caused chaos across France.
    . . .
    The protest was intended at first to be a one-day event but spilt over into yesterday and now threatens to drag on further, to the alarm of ministers. On the Facebook groups that started the campaign, more than 10,000 people have said they will take part in another protest in Paris next Saturday. The more radical demonstrators have demanded that the president dissolve the National Assembly and call a snap general election.