Roy Spencer: Can teach us anything useful about climate?

Posted: December 3, 2018 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, Critique
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Note: red lines added to original image.

In a word – no. As usual the massive atmospheric pressure at the surface of Venus is ignored.
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I saw a article today entitled, Can Venus teach us to take climate change seriously?

While writers should know quite a bit about the other planets, the article was a fount of misinformation and gross exaggeration, says Dr Roy Spencer.

The obvious purpose of the article was scare us into taking increasing carbon dioxide levels seriously, following on the Fourth National Climate Assessment (NC4) report (which I’m still trying to digest).

After repeating the NC4 claim that “10 percent of the U.S. economy could evaporate by 2100” due to climate change, the Venusian silliness begins:

…a nearby world has an even hotter climate problem than ours, and scientists say we could learn some valuable lessons from it. That world is Venus, Earth’s “evil twin,” which was once nice enough until something went wrong and the atmosphere began trapping a little too much heat.

First of all, it is extremely speculative to claim that the climate of Venus “was once nice enough“. Then to further claim, “something went wrong and the atmosphere began trapping a little too much heat.” This makes it sound like Venus was just another hospitable planet until it reached some tipping point and a runaway greenhouse effect ensued.

This kind of prose might be good for science fiction, but it does a disservice to the facts.

Continued here.

  1. ivan says:

    It appears they will do anything to keep the scam alive and the money rolling in from the developed nations.

    Since the US pulled out of the Paris money fest they have to try harder to get the money wagon rolling again by trying to shame President Trump to reverse his decision but all they are doing is showing themselves up with their fake science and/or total lack of scientific knowledge.

  2. dai davies says:

    Not even good science fiction, then.

  3. oldbrew says:

    The temperature at 1 bar atmos pressure on Venus is very similar to Earth’s at 1 bar (see graphic above).

    The difference is that that’s the surface pressure on Earth, whereas on Venus it’s quite a long way up.
    (1:1.176 is the Earth:Venus fourth root ratio of solar radiation)

    Venus: No Greenhouse Effect

  4. Brett Keane says:

    Oldbrew, too right! Any one who has any sense of Physics could not fail to understand such data as we saw here about ten years ago. The others? Poseurs or academic hacks, not real scientists anymore. I keep reminding them of Maxwell, Wood etc. but the blindness is strong in them. Never mind, truth will out as usual. Brett

  5. oldbrew says:

    Show them the real Venus temp data and…

  6. Trick says:

    That chart just supports P=density*R*T works on both planets with each planetary greenhouse in place. It just goes backwards at 1bar P(z=0 for earth) for each density(z) from the NASA forward calculation of Venus’ T(z) from its measured density(z) & known P(z). One of the issues with that chart is it computes WITH the greenhouse effect in place on both planets.

    1bar: T_Earth w/GHE 287.4K T_Venus w/GHE 338.6K T_Venus w/GHE/1.176 287.9 Error +0.5K

    Doesn’t work without the greenhouse effect in place on both planets:

    1bar: T_Earth noGHE 255K T_Venus noGHE 232K T_Venus noGHE/1.176 197.3K Error -57.72K

    That chart actually confirms there is a HUGE GHE on Venus. The difference in chart errors at each altitude is just the various weather conditions at each altitude when NASA measured the atm. density(z) from radio signals thru the Venus atm.

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