German farmers sue government over missed climate targets

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German coal: back to the future
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This is what can happen when climate models that don’t even reflect reality are used as an excuse to push the myth of ‘climate protection’, meaning humans should somehow manage the Earth’s climate – or prepare to face nightmarish problems if they don’t. Yet another attempt to get the courts to dictate national energy policy.

Dismayed by the German government’s failure to meet climate protection targets, dairy farmer Heiner Luetke Schwienhorst has filed a lawsuit against Berlin to force it into action, reports

“Some describe this as a fight between David and Goliath. To me, that’s besides the point,” said Schwienhorst, who suffered his poorest harvest in three decades after a record drought.

“The attitude of political representatives, the way they trivialise climate targets by giving up what they have set, is something that we need to bring to political accountability. That is important,” he told AFP.

Together with two other farmers and Greenpeace, Schwienhorst has launched a challenge against the German government for having “given up” trying to achieve cuts in greenhouse gas emissions set out under its own climate target, as well as under European law.

A dairy farmer near Hamburg and a livestock farmer on the North Sea island of Pellworm have joined the first such lawsuit to seek “climate protection, not monetary compensation”.

Berlin had pledged to take action to slash greenhouse gas emissions in Germany by 40 percent by 2020 compared to 1990 levels.

But in its latest annual climate protection report published in June, the government admitted that it was now expecting to achieve 32 percent in reductions compared to 1990.

The shortfall of 8 percentage points is equivalent to about 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The German government’s failure to meet its own targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions is simply down to a lack of political will, says Greenpeace.

“It was clear in the climate protection report that the government is not planning to take further measures in order to reach the target. Instead, it has simply given up,said Anike Peters of Greenpeace.

“We’re saying we’re not going to accept this. Because it’s not about a lack of technical possibilities to reach the target, rather it’s about a lack of political will.”

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  1. oldbrew says:

    “The change in the last decades is already impressive. But what happened this summer is simply frightening,” he said, referring to a record drought unseen in Germany since 1911.

    So it’s happened before, when ’emissions’ were much lower. Case dismissed! 😎

  2. hunter says:

    The farmer, and his supporters, are as stupid as medieval superstitious fools in Holy Grail

    But then Merkel, in promising that attacking CO2 can manage weather, is no brighter.
    I hope that the lawsuit helps even more people see the scam at the heart of the climate consensus.

  3. Graeme No.3 says:

    The government might use the defence that CO2 doesn’t effect the weather, but somehow I don’t think they will.
    Alternately they should delay the law suite for several years until the weather turns cooler and the case gets laughed out of court.

  4. oldbrew says:

    One drought isn’t a trend but even if there were 2 or 3, the causes are not provable and at least one German drought was over a century ago.

  5. stpaulchuck says:

    in the meantime the Indians and Chinese are building a huge new inventory of coal fired power plants whose CO2 emissions dwarf any reductions by the Euroweenies. (*shakes head, wanders off mumbling something about idiots*)

  6. oldbrew says:

    A mere 0.04% of the atmosphere (CO2) is supposed to be a big deal – really? And only a small portion of that is due to fuel burning. It beggars belief that people can claim to be wound up about it.

  7. ivan says:

    So the guy had the worst harvest in ages. Doesn’t he realise what he is seeing is the result of his country reducing the output of plant food his crops need? All he and the green pees are doing is trying to reduce food crops even more – if he gets his way who will he end up taking to court when he has no income because he can’t grow anything?

  8. I think there will be other attempts by Green groups and stupid individuals financed by socialist billionaires to take governments to court. The simple solution is to get them to outllne their understanding of climate and then charge them with perjury or with misleading the court which are criminal offences and put them in jail. In Australia a judge was found to have put false information in a statutory declaration which amounts to perjury and was sentenced to 4 years jail.
    Please consider joining Clexit (Climate exit) and agitate to take action (jail for false statements in court, in affidavits, or statutory statements, jail for fraud) on some of the high profile liars.
    In UK what about Hammond., so-called climate people at UEA etc

  9. oldbrew says:

    Judges are being asked to determine the causes, or most likely causes, of weather events. Enter the fake consensus :/