As Energy Prices Rise Sharply, Dutch Turn Climate Sceptical

Posted: March 9, 2019 by oldbrew in climate, Emissions, opinion, Politics
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The conclusion here might be that those with their ears (or noses?) to the ground smell a rat, while those with their heads in the clouds see nothing wrong. Or is it mainly the cost factor?

The number of Dutch people who are worried about climate change decreased significantly over the past months, says The GWPF.

While the group who thinks that addressing greenhouse gas emissions is going too far is growing since the government announced their climate plans, according to a survey by Peter Kanne of I&O Research, AD reports.

At the end of 2015 two thirds of Dutch thought the cabinet should do more to limit the emission of greenhouse gasses. Now it’s only 48 percent. In the same period, the group that thinks the government should do less grew from 7 to 19 percent.

Late last month 65 percent of Dutch said they were worried about climate change, a significant decrease compared to the 78 percent who were worried about this in December.

Two thirds of Dutch are convinced that humans are responsible for global warming. But the group that thinks their own actions can make a difference is much smaller. Some 60 percent of Dutch think that as long as large companies do not reduce their CO2 emissions, their own actions don’t matter.

Men, the elderly and people with lower levels of education are considerably more skeptical about climate change and their role therein than women, young people and higher educated.

According to Kanne, this is because the first group has more to lose if there is a stricter climate policy.

Full report here.

  1. JB says:

    “Men, the elderly and people with lower levels of education are considerably more skeptical about climate change and their role therein than women, young people and higher educated.”

    Lets not classify the heavily indoctrinated with the educated, nor insinuate the less educated are ignorant and gullible.

    “Education is no substitute for intelligence. That elusive quality is defined only in part by puzzle-solving ability. It is in the creation of new puzzles reflecting what your senses report that you round out the definitions.” Dune, Frank Herbert

    “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” Samuel Clemens

    “The corruption of Middle East Studies departments presents a paradigm that extends beyond our universities. The Saudis have also been funding, often through sympathetic university academics, the preparation of Middle East-related and Islam-related curricula, all with a biased political agenda, to be promoted for use in American public and private schools. This is one illustration, among many others readily available, that the corruption of education, the substitution of enlightenment by indoctrination, reaches well beyond our universities and is permeating our education system at all levels.” Dr. Kenneth Levin, Harvard Psychiatry Professor

    “Education is a crutch with which the foolish attack the wise to prove that they are not idiots.” Karl Kraus

    “Education’s chief concern is its search for truth; propaganda’s chief concern is its determination to incite action or active belief. True education always seeks its goal by discarding all that it discovers to be false, biased and misleading, while propaganda often seeks its goal either by hiding or ignoring the false and the misleading or deliberately distorting and using them to advantage in its efforts to support with emotional fervor biased attitudes and opinions.” Nick Ford

  2. oldbrew says:

    Date: 14/03/19 De Telegraaf

    THE HAGUE – In order to save support for its climate plan the Dutch government is taking flight a week before provincial elections in the Netherlands.
    . . .
    It is promising that climate policy costs for ordinary citizens will be reduced while businesses will have to pay more. Only at the end of April will it be clear what the promises are worth.
    – – –
    Sales of yellow vests on the rise?

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