Burning Trees Is a Multi-Billion £ Industry

Posted: April 22, 2019 by oldbrew in Critique, Emissions, Energy, ideology, trees
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No let-up in sight in the ongoing biomass disaster.

sunshine hours

Burning trees produces more CO2 than coal. So if you are in the UK and your energy bill makes you want to cry, just remember it’s green!

A surcharge on UK energy bills is funding subsidies for biomass electricity generation that is making climate change worse, polluting communities, destroying forests and harming wildlife.

In 2017, the UK Government granted around £1 billion in renewable subsidies to power stations – including Drax Power Station in Yorkshire – to burn millions of tonnes of wood for electricity.

Drax alone received £729 million – around £2 million per day – in subsidies to burn wood pellets and is now the world’s largest biomass burner.

Biodiversity hotspots

Despite claims by the biomass industry that they mostly burn “low-grade wood residues”, US conservation NGOs have proven that a significant proportion of wood pellets for Drax and other UK power stations comes from the clearcutting of whole trees…

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  1. Bob Greene says:

    Tree farmers in the eastern US thank you for your generosity.

  2. Mack says:

    “Burning trees is a multi-billion £ industry!’ True, and biomass burning does bugger all to help the environment aside from kind of interdictive controlled burning in situ to manage woodland, excess fuel loads and scrub that used to be commonplace, the lack of which has contributed to many wildfires in recent years. Any ecologist with half a brain cell would know that a ton of freshly cut or even seasoned wood would have a fraction of the energy content of a ton of wood laid down a million + years ago (i.e. coal). The irony of this particular article is that the author, whilst bemoaning the burning of trees to save the planet, is a wholehearted supporter of bat frying, bird chopping, insect mincing, habitat destroying windmills and solar panels to provide an alternative to biomass. In essence, tree hugging trumps the rest of Mother Nature’s bountiful larder. Such stupidity is, unfortunately, endemic amongst those who think they are trying to save the planet.

  3. stpaulchuck says:

    thanks cousins!! We ‘stupid’ yanks are cleaning up (pardon the pun) selling wood chips to you. Wood chips that are a natural offshoot of harvesting trees into usable wood products.

  4. Saighdear says:

    Well I know thing or two about Chippers & Pelleters. The Hydrocarbon Fuel burnt to produce this fuel from Logs….. The chipped / milled wood has to be dried sufficiently to get bonding AND to Increase the Dry Matter for storage in transit and at the End User. All this oil could have been used in efficient Heat & Generation plants and when you analyse the Costs involved: the equipment required to be MAINTAINED – sharp Knives and Pellet Presses ( 2-300hp per ton pellets approx ) the Calorific value of the Oil will mach tha of he wood: Nett gain ?

  5. ivan says:

    I can’t help wondering how much the two spivs, Gummer and Yeo, that helped this through parliament have invested in the clear cut tree farmers in the US.

  6. Saighdear says:

    Oh! as @Stpaulchuck #metoo “stupid” brits ..:- Our Railway has been having the Trees cut back along both sides of the Cuttings and embankments. LARGE OLD trees have been felled. Some are left as logs – OK sofar, but the MASSES of woodchip PILES left on the slopes….. 1. Wasted fuel source. 2. Lost Income from sale of Chips. 3. What will become of this heaped piles of rotting chips on the slope. ADDED COST for later removal when it could have been blown into containers simultaneously as it’s chipped. …… andwe re soooo Green ! Aye sure – behind th Gills! you hearing Nigel? Make this part of your Manifesto !

  7. oldbrew says:

    Conversion to wood pellets uses a lot of energy. Temp. of 200C is used in the drying process at this site.

  8. hunterson7 says:

    My family directly profits (in a small way) from UK green largesse and I thank you.

  9. Phil Salmon says:

    Here’s a Nature Communication finding that the increased atmospheric carbon dioxide has boosted plant photosynthesis and growth 60% more than was previously thought.


    The CO2 the better.

  10. Phil Salmon says:

    The more CO2 the better.

  11. stpaulchuck says:

    CO2 is plant food

  12. Saighdear says:

    Ooooooohhh! The bbc tonight – Question time and This week. is Andy Neil loosing the plot over Electricity prices too? QT audience seemed about as much for Clim change as they were for the Donald arriving. Interesting, lot of booing ,,,
    German Tv tonight had special short programme about climate Change – all because it was dry and Dusty – heading for another Drought year? THEREFORE it must be Climae change. ….

    Why can’t the (hahaha) “Denier movement” gain the advantage in the way a Child has recently?