The Cult of Greta Thunberg

Posted: April 25, 2019 by tallbloke in alarmism, climate, Critique, Education, government, greenblob, ideology, Idiots
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Partial reblog as Brendan O’Neill at Spiked Online gets stuck into the enviro-mentalists.

It actually makes sense that Ms Thunberg – a wildly celebrated 16-year-old Swede who founded the climate-strike movement for schoolkids – should sound cultish. Because climate-change alarmism is becoming ever stranger, borderline religious, obsessed with doomsday prophecies. Consider Extinction Rebellion, the latest manifestation of the upper-middle classes’ contempt for industrialisation and progress. It is at times indistinguishable from old fundamentalist movements that warned mankind of the coming End of Days. I followed Extinction Rebellion from Parliament Square to Marble Arch yesterday and what I witnessed was a public display of millenarian fear and bourgeois depression. People did dances of death and waved placards warning of the heat-death of the planet. It felt deeply unnerving.

It struck me that this was a march against people. Most radical protest and direct action is aimed at officialdom or government or people with power. This macabre schlep through London was aimed squarely at ordinary people. Banners and placards made no disguise of the marchers’ contempt for how the masses live. We were told that ‘Meat = heat’ (that is, if you carry on eating meat, you fat bastards, the planet will get even hotter) and that driving and flying are destroying Mother Earth. Of course, it’s okay for them to fly – Emma Thompson jetted first-class from LA to London to lecture us plebs about all our eco-destructive holidaymaking. It’s only a problem when we do it; it’s only bad when we take advantage of the miracle of mass food production and the expansion of flight to make our lives fuller and more pleasurable. They detest that. They detest mass society and its inhabitants: the masses.

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  1. tallbloke says:

  2. colliemum says:

    I don’t mind repeating this everywhere: had Greta been a German schoolgirl, her parents would have been warned because girls wearing plaits is a sign for parents having ‘deeply suspicious extreme right-wing political views’.
    I’m not making this up – last year parents were forced to take their daughter out of school because of that.
    The relevant German word is “voelkisch” – which refers to the 3rd Reich. It’s interesting that, historically, this ‘environment movement’ has indeed sources in 3rd Reich policies and thoughts.

  3. Has anyone actually checked behind her ear… you know for 666!

  4. Stephen Richards says:

    It is highly unlikely that she founded anything. Kids like this are indoctrinated and led by the nose.

  5. hunterson7 says:

    She is a stage prop for eco-totalitarians.
    Stalin used children as stage props, as did Mao, Castro and Hitler.
    The cultural revolution had children Greta’s age as major players.
    It is a symptom of how mindless and degenerate that the climate extremists are that they think actually believe the apocalyptic claptrap disguised as science.
    The climate concerned have utterly failed free and democratic societies.
    Shame on them.

  6. oldbrew says:

    Teenage activists like Greta will rule the world before you can say Nick Robinson
    By Laura Perrins – April 24, 2019

    YESTERDAY BBC Radio 4’s Today gave their prime 8.10am slot to 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg.
    . . .
    Here are some of the classic lines. ‘In just a few months you have gone from just a schoolgirl to what is a global movement,’ gushed Nick. ‘One minute you are meeting the Pope and speaking at the UN. Do you occasionally have to pinch yourself and say, how did this happen?’ Yup, it was hard-hitting.

    Tomorrow Nick Robinson will be saying to Nigel Farage, ‘Just a few years ago, Nigel, leaving the EU was seen as extremist, but here we are now having seen a referendum pass where 17.4million people agree with you. Do you sometimes have to pinch yourself when you realise what you have achieved?’


  7. JB says:

    Looking at the photo–

    People with graying hair are actually paying attention to a nubile jomfru, yet under the age of civil accountability, nor yet in possession of percipience?

    “And I will give children [to be] their princes, and babes shall rule over them.”

  8. stpaulchuck says:

    “borderline religious” ???

    Borderline? Man, they crossed that line years ago. Warmism IS a religious cult. I saw an article listing some ten tests for ‘is it a religion’ and this movement classified on all ten.

  9. oldbrew says:

    Date: 17/02/17

    Yesterday Happer gave an interview to the Guardian newspaper. When it came to the issue of “climate change,” Happer didn’t pull any punches. Here is my favorite quote:

    “There’s a whole area of climate so-called science that is really more like a cult,” Happer told the Guardian. “It’s like Hare Krishna or something like that. They’re glassy-eyed and they chant. It will potentially harm the image of all science.”
    – – –
    ’12 years to save the world’ and all that tripe. Give us a break 😐

  10. tallbloke says:

  11. dolphinwrite says:

    Young people have opinions and beliefs. Having said that, young people (by parents) need to be taught that wisdom comes through hard work, responsibility, and time. Young people do see things, but for complex issues, time and research are necessary. As I have instructed others, we believe, we form theories, then we test the theories: scientific method.