The long march to #Brexit: Local election campaign update

Posted: April 25, 2019 by tallbloke in Accountability, Brexit, democracy, government, People power
Keep it simple: Window poster

Things are getting very busy for me over the next week so I thought I’d write this quick update now on the local election campaign where I’m standing for democracy and independence. I may be too engaged to get around to writing more posts before May 2nd.

7500 of my campaign leaflets have been pushed through letterboxes in my ward. Another 5000 arrive tomorrow for the final push when my team of volunteers (including Oldbrew, thanks mate!) will take to the streets this weekend and hand out more leaflets and window posters. During the weekend we’ll also be canvassing at addresses near polling stations and getting pro-brexit residents’ agreement to emplace signboards in their gardens in time for polling day next Thursday. The old V6 Ford will be dragging a trailer with large banners mounted around the local streets and carparks too.

Feedback in the campaign has been excellent. There is a strong feeling out there in the community from erstwhile Tory and Labour supporters that the current crop of parliamentarians have gone rogue and are trashing our system of democracy just to frustrate the outcome of the 2016 referendum in line with their personal preferences. They are behind what I’m trying to achieve.

I have had one negative email saying I’m an opportunist piggybacking a national issue onto local politics, but the majority of people I’ve spoken to on the doorstep see this local election the same way I do: as an opportunity to send a loud and clear message to all MPs. The ballot box is the only chance we get to make ourselves heard by the remote Westminster bubble dwellers so it has to serve that purpose even at local election time.

  1. Saighdear says:

    …….. the old V6Ford, eh? don’t think it’ll be a Capri – an Old Transit maybewhen i’s owing a trailer? The Juice you’ll be using – Oh mann, you missed a chance to take an ELECTRIC one to show us how NOT GOOD it is for towing. Could run out of juice at an inopportune moment or site. Look at the Publicity THAT would generate ( big smile )

    Good Luck, anyway, Work Hard, work SMART too

  2. tallbloke says:

    It’s an old Ford Explorer 4L, running low cost clean Liquid Petroleum Gas [LPG]. £2.52 per UK gallon. 🙂

  3. LAWilson Account says:

    Not in my domain but if it were you’d have my support for Britain clawing back her sovereignty from the unelected rabble in Brussels


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  4. skeptikal says:

    If you win this election, it might turn you into a politician… have you thought about that?

  5. A C Osborn says:

    Roger, can I ask why you are not int “The Brexit Party”?

  6. Good luck Roger. Where I live there are only three candidates: Con, LimpDim and Green. I will vote for the incumbent Con man as I know him and he can be trusted with local issues. There is no way I’d ever vote for a Limp Dim or a Green.

  7. Graeme No.3 says:

    Good luck, and may the voters be with you.

  8. tallbloke says:

    ACO: The Brexit Party is not fielding candidates for the local elections. They turned down my application to be an MEP candidate for Yorkshire in favour of London living Lucy Harris. I probably needed less years and bigger tits.

    Skeptical: Not a chance. I’m way to outspoken for that. I did get interviewed on ITN news while I was on the march to leave though. Here’s the clip.

  9. Annie says:

    Best wishes, Tallbloke.

  10. Mike Benson says:

    Give ‘em hell, Tallbloke! Godspeed.

  11. hunterson7 says:

    Best wishes for a big win.
    I hope you get your country back.

  12. tom0mason says:

    Good luck Roger !

  13. tallbloke says:

  14. donald penman says:

    good luck in the election I am thinking of writing brexit party on my ballot paper and putting a cross next to it this is a suggestion I have heard recently.

  15. hunterson7 says:

    Best wishes for a big victory.

  16. All the best Roger
    I used to have a car with dual fuel- petrol & LPG. I found that the ratio between petrol and LPG was 0.7 ie divide the price of the LPG by 0.7 to get an equivalent petrol price but but it is worse driving with a trailer or caravan and also not as much power with the van so I would always switched to petrol in hilly country. With the two tanks on the Ford Falcon I had a range of about 1000km ie Sydney to Melbourne. I had to have dual fuel because not every where in the country had LPG. Electric cars hardly have any sales in Australia as there are no charging points outside the big cities and even in the cities the range is too little. The only cars with electric drive are hybrids like the Toyota Prius but only a couple of thousand on the road owned by wankers with lots of money as a second car. Thinking of deisel-electric rail locomotives maybe a way to go is a deisel driven generator with electric motors on each wheel.

  17. Sorry to write so much but just noticed that an MP in UK ( I think the criminal that helped pass a motion to take off the table a no deal Brexit) has been recalled by an Act which allows voters of more than 10% to recall an MP if they are sentenced to jail. Great Act but it should apply to all MPs as in Switzerland for any reason. Would it not be good for all the remainers (Cons, Labour, Scottish Nats etc ) to face a recall election when they have opposed the will of the people in the referendum or committed other offences such as wasting money on themselves or on projects opposed by the majority.
    Roger, I think the voters will appreciate more democracy. I am sure you support that but maybe too late for another poster I sure hope you are successful.

  18. tallbloke says:

    Thanks CF, a proper right of recall was in the 2015 UKIP manifesto I stood for.

    Anyway, polls are open now. Get out there and VOTE for democracy, independence and the rule of law.

    Get the traitors out!

  19. Stephen Richards says:

    What was your result, Roger. I cannot find it

  20. oh dear
    Mark Terence Rollinson – Greens – 746
    Roger Tattersall – Independent – 299

  21. oldbrew says:

    Bob Buxton – Yorkshire Party – 899

    Mark Terence Rollinson – Greens – 746

    Oh dear.

  22. Adam Gallon says:

    Well, looks like the electorate did send a loud & clear message. 61.8% couldn’t give a toss. Independent candidates struggle to get heard.