Tories face extinction in this climate of hysteria

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Trevor Kavanagh blasts the ineffective UK government over its Brexit and climate dithering.

H/T Climate Change Dispatch

The Tories are facing extinction, having beaten themselves to a pulp over Brexit, and are too stupefied to defend themselves over false global warming claims.
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The Tories are facing extinction – without even the pleasure of a rebellion.

Having beaten themselves to a pulp over Brexit, they are now too punch-drunk to defend themselves over global warming.

Lifelong Swampy Jeremy Corbyn has latched on to climate change as a lethal weapon against a party which has lost control of the agenda. Idealistic young voters are all ears.

There is a solution to our looming energy crisis — cheap, clean shale gas. But feeble Energy Secretary Greg Clark threw it away, forcing fracking tsar Natascha Engel to quit yesterday in disgust.

After nine dithering years in power, with no idea how to keep the lights on, this Government is damned now whichever way it jumps.

Protesters claiming “The End Is Nigh” are swarming like angry wasps.

Their claims may be simplistic and sometimes false, but they have been nailed on Netflix by national treasure Sir David Attenborough and hammered home by Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg.

Jezza is using these crowd-pullers to turn dull carbon emissions into a glittering crusade — a national emergency no less.

His Momentum Marxists are tutoring the Extinction Rebellion protesters who gridlocked London and turned 16-year-old Greta into a global warming superstar. The Tories have nothing to say.

Gutless Clark abandoned fracking contractors who risked hundreds of million only to see Project Shale strangled at birth.

Engel’s walk-out should surprise nobody. I received a frantic call from the ex-Labour MP weeks ago warning about “nonsense” rules that stop fracking at the slightest tremor.

She told me: “This is a real threat to the industry and means buying more Russian gas.” Her argument doesn’t wash with Jezza’s anti-capitalist anarchists, Greta or Blue Planet’s Sir David, who between them now run UK energy policy.

Arguments for shale have been drowned out by images of raging bushfires, tidal waves and an Apocalypse Now soundtrack.

Saint David’s bell tolls, and it tolls for the Tories.

Climate change is the issue of the day. They have thrown in the towel on this as on so much else.

Greta Thunberg is Sweden’s new dancing queen, upstaging gas-guzzling hypocrite Emma Thompson and treating Britain’s top ministers with withering sarcasm.

They were doing NOTHING to reduce carbon emissions, she spat. In truth, Britain is leading Europe, at a huge cost, in reducing carbon emissions while replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy. Wind and solar energy are replacing coal.

Worst-case projections

It is also a fact, courtesy of the respected Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change, that global warming is not about to roast us all alive or drown us beneath stormy oceans.

Polar bears are multiplying, not disappearing. Walruses are thriving, not throwing themselves off rocks.

None of this washes with single-issue, black-and-white zealots who regard all inconvenient truth as the work of the Devil.

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Original article by Trevor Kavanagh here.

  1. Neil Hampshire says:

    There is an elephant hiding in Extinction Rebellion’s room.

    China emits 13,000 Mte of CO2 per year.

    (That is 35.6 Mte of CO2 per DAY)

    The UK emits 360 Mte of CO2 per YEAR.

    Let us suppose the UK could achieve carbon neutrality tomorrow.

    China would put all that CO2 back into the atmosphere in just 10 DAYS

  2. oldbrew says:

    Kavanagh writes:

    Jezza’s much brighter brother Piers deserves a final say on this sudden burst of mass hysteria and Greta worship.

    “Listening to an ignorant, brainwashed child is deranged,” he tweets. “I am an actual scientist of physics, meteorology, astrophysics and climate and say Greta Thunberg is wrong.”
    – – –
    Then there’s Ned Nikolov…

  3. phil salmon says:

    In future generations “Greta Thunberg” is going to become a metaphor, and not in a good way.

  4. Annie says:

    Nail on head by Matt, as usual.
    I despair of the Tories…useless. Is it by design?

  5. oldbrew says:

    JD blasts the Tories and the rest on climate…

    UK’s Major Parties Genuflect At Altar Of Suicidal Climate Policies

    When the Conservative government’s position on climate change is virtually indistinguishable from that of Labour, the Lib Dems, or indeed the Green party it’s hardly surprising if the Conservative grassroots should start asking: why on earth should I waste my vote on these charlatans and chancers who are betraying all the things I believe in?