Proposal to spend 25% of EU budget on climate change

Posted: May 9, 2019 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, Politics, weather
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Does the EU really have that much money to burn, on the basis of pressure from some school children? However much is spent will make no difference worth mentioning to the Earth’s climate any time soon, if at all.

Eight European countries have called for an ambitious strategy to tackle climate change – and to spend a quarter of the entire EU budget on fighting it, reports BBC News.

The joint statement says the EU should have net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 “at the latest”.

It was signed by France, Belgium, Denmark, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.

The group says their plan can “go hand in hand with prosperity” and “set an example for other countries to follow.”

The position paper comes ahead of a major summit of European leaders in the Romanian city of Sibiu, beginning on Thursday, which will discuss the future of Europe and the EU’s strategy for the next five years.

But not everyone is on board – there are 28 countries in the EU, and several of those absent from the joint position statement are significant players – including Germany.

What does the paper say?

The position of the eight countries is that climate change has “profound implications for the future of humanity” and that its impacts are already apparent – citing “the heat waves and scorching fires of last summer”.

The group also say that their citizens are clearly concerned “as shown by the recent mobilisation of young people” – in an apparent reference to the wave of walk-outs and marches by schoolchildren across the continent.

The Extinction Rebellion protests in London in April also gained widespread attention and have spread to other countries.

Continued here.

  1. Phoenix44 says:

    I enjoyed last year’s heatwave. What was interesting was that people adjusted because it was lengthy. And unlike the schoolchildren I remember 1976, so I didn’t find it really, really scary. Let’s see what thus summer brings – I’d bet £100 it wont be another heatwave.

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    Here in Australia we had snow in the mountains 5 weeks before the Holiday for Queen’s Birthday, which used to be the traditional start of the skiing season (often helped by artificial production).
    Last year the snow season was one of the best also.
    And summer in Adelaide was so cool that the Bureau of Meteorology was reduced to claiming 35℃ was a heatwave (Adelaide get hot when northerly winds blow from the desert, so very low humidity).

  3. spetzer86 says:

    Well, I have no doubt such a plan will be an example for other nations. If the other nations wait to see how this plays out, I do doubt any would willing follow.

  4. hunterson7 says:

    How did this nihilistic anti-rational social madness get so well established.
    My guess is that it has grown asymptomically, which implies a slight infection starting decades, or longer, in the past.

  5. craigm350 says:

    Reblogged this on WeatherAction News and commented:
    The timing of the protests and subsequent governmental acquiescence is rather suspect. Is the screw being turned ahead of global cooling? 🤔

  6. hunterson7 says:

    The spoiled children leading the EU off a cliff.

  7. pochas94 says:

    So much for defense spending.

  8. oldbrew says:

    citing “the heat waves and scorching fires of last summer”

    Which didn’t happen in Iceland, because they were north of the vast omega block zone that kept weather patterns in much the same place for several weeks.

    16 JULY 2018: Why is Iceland Experiencing the Worst Summer in 100 Years?

    This summer, the island is having a particularly grey and wet summer. In fact, it is the greyest and wettest summer since 1914. Not only that, but this summer weather was preceded by a month of rain that lasted the entirety of May.

    According to Icelandic meteorologist Trausti Jonsson, the heatwave currently sweeping the UK is to blame for Iceland’s drab summer weather. High pressure from Western Europe has changed the jet stream, causing clouds to drift over the north of the continent, he said. The jet stream’s location is what determines heatwaves. [bold added]

  9. oldbrew says:

    Can they ‘fix’ this?

    Record ‘Global Warming’ In May Hits Switzerland

    An historic Arctic blast affecting much of Europe over the past couple of days brought record amounts of snowfall for the month of May to parts of Switzerland.

    Capital Bern received 4 cm (1.57 inches) of snow on May 5, breaking the previous record for the month set back in 1945 at 1 cm (0.39 inches).

    The city of St. Gallen received 19 cm (7.48 inches) of snow on the same day, breaking the previous record of 12 cm (4.72 inches) set on May 7, 1957.

  10. dscott says:

    The group says their plan can “go hand in hand with prosperity” and “set an example for other countries to follow.”

    In order to follow an example one must submit to the direction given by a group of people dictating that direction. In the face of the US meeting it’s Kyoto targets without doing anything the EU did but engaging in fuel switching based on economic reasons, it clearly points out that the whole point of “Climate Change” and demands to contort the economy is to usurp power and wield it. The calls for one world government or the UN running the show exposes the real agenda here, it’s not environmental, it’s the lust for control. IF the leaders of the EU were actually serious about man made climate change, then they would have discarded their failed legislative approaches and followed the demonstrated successful outcomes.

    In a world where there is NO HIDDEN AGENDA (in this case the lust for power), IF man made climate change were real, the first order of business would be to direct the evolution of the energy markets organically by making it less expensive via regulation to develop less polluting energy sources. And no, subsidies are not a legitimate means to lower the cost of an energy source since it requires an artificial cost shifting by making users and not users alike pay a guaranteed profit to a crony. A subsidy is a guaranteed profit margin to the recipient for engaging in a non profitable enterprise run by a crony. A subsidy is an unethical scam by politicians to reward their cronies, who in turn contribute to the politician’s re-election campaign. Under the subsidy scam, “prosperity” is only for the crony and politician, not the general population from whom they are literally stealing money by misappropriating tax revenue. What the EU politicians do is nothing new under the sun, it’s just a new cover for an age old corrupt practice of fleecing the population for personal gain.

  11. Coeur de Lion says:

    We should ask alarmists to take bets with their own money as often as possible. On my professional blog I have £100 to pay out if September Arctic Ice is less than four million sq km. Never a taker. Dammit. Dammit

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