Met chief: ‘Climate protesters caught us out’

Posted: May 14, 2019 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, Legal, News

The police chief also said that officers seen skateboarding and dancing with activists were “not professional”. And they were getting paid for it. British understatement at its best.

Police must be more assertive in dealing with any future climate change protests in London, Scotland Yard chief Cressida Dick accepted today.

The Met Commissioner said Extinction Rebellion, which organised the demonstrations last month, came in “larger numbers than we expected” and used new tactics “well beyond anything we had seen before”, reports the Evening Standard.

Thousands of protesters brought parts of central London to a standstill when they blocked roads on Parliament Square, Waterloo Bridge, Oxford Circus and Marble Arch for 11 days. Traders said they lost £12 million in business.

Ms Dick told the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee today that the protests led to £7.5 million in extra policing costs, including overtime and equipment such as barriers and a cherry-picker used to get activists down from trees in Parliament Square.

She said there were a total of 1,200 arrests — including 89 people who were arrested more than once — and that 70 people were charged.

At one point she had considered “doubling up” cells to fit everyone into custody suites.

Ms Dick admitted that police should have responded more quickly to the protests, adding: “We will have to be very fast and assertive next time.”

Full report here.

  1. JB says:

    Chief Cressida Dick is as far out as Richard ‘Dick” Dix in SpaceTravesty 2001 😉

    My apologies…

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    Why was it necessary to hire a cherry-picker to get protesters down from the trees? Just leave them alone and they will come down when it starts raining.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Starts raining pretty fast with a water cannon 😎

    But they’re not allowed…

  4. ivan says:

    Now if they had been Brazilian electricians it would have been a very different story. Picture it, the met hit squad advancing down the street guns at the ready with Cressida Dick in the control room saying ‘fire’.

    Or maybe oldbrew’s water cannon might be better because that would clean up the messas well.

  5. stewgreen says:

    Nick Ferrari was pretty good this morning putting the activist on the spot re the £7.5m police bill
    for the week the police spent on skateboards and trampolines
    .. but she just justified it
    … said the money is small fry
    – cos #1 The costs of CC are £trillions
    and 2the benefits from innovation are huge

    There must be some fallacy there
    The Jehovah’s witnesses could say they should be allowed tp paralyse London for a month
    cos their cause is about saving the universe
    and the benefit is everyone will go to heaven.