‘My smart meter is driving me mad’

Posted: May 14, 2019 by oldbrew in government, Incompetence

‘Smart’ meter [image credit: heartland.org]

The UK ‘smart’ meter roll-out fiasco rumbles on in its usual amateurish fashion. Pretending it has something to do with the climate is just window dressing.

Energy customers are under pressure to install smart meters, but many just don’t function properly, says BBC News.

There are government adverts on TV suggesting they are a small but important step to tackling climate change.

Meanwhile, companies are calling customers to ask them to switch, or telling them that the best deals are only available with a smart meter.

That’s what happened to Bryde Town, from Halifax. She says she wasn’t bothered about getting a smart meter. But after a number of calls and letters from her energy company, she agreed.

Things haven’t worked out well. “My smart meter loses connection, the weather seems to affect it, and it beeps all the time and the only way to stop it is to remove the batteries.”

She says it’s driving her round the bend.

Government figures show that until the end of 2018, nearly 15 million smart meters had been installed. But those same figures also show that only 12.5 million were operational.

That leaves 2.3 million smart meters that have been installed but are not functioning.

DCC is the company tasked with the job of making those devices smart again. But they’ve not implemented the technology to make that possible yet.

The company told the BBC: “We’ll be supporting energy suppliers to connect millions of first-generation meters to the central DCC network, bringing consumers the full benefits of smart metering, like the ability to switch supplier without losing smart functionality.”

Plenty of customers are totally unaware that that’s not possible already.

Full report here.

  1. BoyfomTottenham says:

    Looks like smart meters are typical warmist fare – very expensive non-answer to a non-problem, just like ‘renewables’.

  2. Coeur de Lion says:

    Over my dead body while I am master of this household

  3. ivan says:

    Don’t worry that your so called ‘smart meter’ doesn’t work because that means that they won’t be able to switch you off when the unreliables don’t produce enough power after they have shut down all the reliable power stations. Rolling blackouts when the wind doesn’t blow like today where wind is only producing 7.13% of power requirements (20:00 BST 15/05/2019).

  4. oldbrew says:

    Labour’s energy plan ‘last thing’ National Grid needs
    3 minutes ago

    The Labour Party’s plans to nationalise the country’s energy networks would hinder the shift to green energy, National Grid has said.

    The firm is the UK’s largest transmitter of electricity and gas via its network of pylons and pipelines.

    Labour said its pledge to return it to public ownership would “usher in a Green Industrial Revolution” and tackle climate change.

    National Grid said the proposal was the “last thing” that was needed.

    – – –
    ‘Climate change’ is just a catchphrase to most politicians.

  5. donald penman says:

    I switched to a smart meter recently from a card meter, they wanted to install a card meter smart meter but I did not see the point in this as i could have credit meter installed free. I was given a three hundred pound rebate on the amount I had overpaid being on a card meter. I have had very little problem with my smart meter allthough I do wonder if they use the information from it to selectively price the things I use most such as my computer, I had never had to limit my use of my computer with the card meter and assumed it used very little power. It was easy to work out which appliances used more energy but sometimes cooking appliances with a high wattage were more efficent because they cooked faster. I am paying less for my energy with the credit meter than I was with the card meter so while green taxes are making our bills higher i am sure my bill is relatively lower.