#Brexit blackmail: EU extorts UK taxpayers by withholding carbon creds from UK industry

Posted: May 15, 2019 by tallbloke in Big Green, democracy, Emissions, Energy, EU Referendum, government, Incompetence, Robber Barons

Brussels strikes again. The EU commission has decided to withhold the free carbon credits it gives to member states’ industries from the UK ‘until a Brexit withdrawal agreement is ratified’.

A UK government which had any capable negotiators would respond in kind by withholding the much bigger amount in membership fees we are still paying to Brussels every month, despite taxpayers having voted to leave the EU almost three years ago.

Taxpaying voters will get an opportunity on May 23 to let our incompetent government and the Brussels mafia know that they now support the Brexit Party which seeks a mandate to take over negotiations with the EU and leave on WTO terms in the meantime.

According to the BBC:

British Steel has said it is seeking further financial support from the government to help it address “Brexit-related issues”.

It follows reports the company needs another loan of up to £75m to keep trading in the coming months.

The move comes just two weeks after British Steel secured a £100m loan from the government to pay its EU carbon bill.

The UK’s second largest steel firm employs 4,500 people, and about 20,000‎ indirectly via its supply chain.

It added: “We are holding constructive discussions with our stakeholders on how to navigate them.

“Discussions are continuing about a package of additional support to assist the company address broader Brexit-related issues, whilst continuing with [the company’s] investment plans.”

A spokesperson for the the Department for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy said: “As this is speculation, we won’t be commenting.”

British Steel’s main plant is at Scunthorpe, but it also has sites in Teesside, Cumbria and North Yorkshire.

According to Sky News, in recent days the steel maker has met its lenders and the government to discuss another loan.

  1. Saighdear says:

    Ehhhh? Come again?
    Now (O.T-slightly) BBC Scotland , this morning, reported on FoA report that we shouldn’t be extracting foss. fuels. Seemed to be their No1 Story: WHY has ANY bbc region NOT posted anything about us still paying to EU as you state, yet our businesses may suffer from lack of Credits …. Huh,why bother – business as usual…………

  2. Phoenix44 says:

    How is this legal? We are a member of the EU. It is discrimination against a member state and thus illegal.

    But why doesn’t the UK government just issue it’s own credits then?

  3. Saighdear says:

    Quite agree ….Methinks that’s the problem – Laws and the way they’re made / interpreted.
    Trouble is… ( my take on it through dealing with predominantly German Companies and the German background)… that OUR Parliamentsare jus ‘talking shops’ full of Drama andbluster but no substance: mdeup of party folk with no real business accumenandare their ‘for the party’ to have a good time. They DO NOT take business “seriously” but want to control every body ” isn’t this exciting? ” seems to be their Ideal – just to be at the helm of something they know NOTHING ABOUT and are TOO LAZY to do much about…. just ride along forthe easy life.
    Not only couldn’t they run a P-up in a brewery, bu I would NEVER have them in the cockpit or Bridge. Look what they’re doing with the simple thing of an automobile ! Time they were all kicked out.
    AS they have done to us, should be done unto t hem – REDUCE / remove their Pensions for a start, Wife andI have to work LONGER to get or pensions…. despite “planning for the future” – what future asks a daft Bairnie?

  4. MrGrimNasty says:

    Why bother to save then now? With our current suicidal energy policy the entire UK steel industry will be gone within a couple of years anyway.

  5. ivan says:

    The answer is simple – they withhold payment to us, we withhold payment to them. The problem is that we don’t have a UK government any more just an extension of the EU politburo.

  6. oldbrew says:

    Delingpole: Farage Spoke the Truth on Climate Change. Why Does No Other Politician Dare?
    13 May 2019

    It’s time our politicians came clean on climate change.
    We need to know exactly where they stand.

    Are they for

    a) junk science, cooked books, rigged data, old people dying in fuel poverty, landscapes trashed and wildlife slaughtered by bat-chomping bird-slicing eco-crucifixes, enriched crony capitalists, higher taxes, green ideologues making the rules, economic stagnation, wealth redistribution, brainwashed kids, academic corruption, the decline of the West?


    b) economic growth, the scientific method, cheap energy, rising standards of living, deregulation, freedom, liberty, abundance, conservation, nature, prosperity, limited government?

    You can be one or the other but you can’t be both any more than you can be half pregnant.

    And it’s time we stopped indulging those politicians, especially on the conservative side of the argument, who pretend you can.

    This is why I praised Nigel Farage for his sensible response at the weekend to a climate change question by a BBC interviewer.
    . . .
    “I believe that if we decide in this country to tax ourselves to the hilt, to put hundreds of thousands of people out of work in manufacturing industries, given that we produce less than 2 per cent of global CO2, that isn’t terribly intelligent.”


  7. Saighdear says:

    Yeeeess! a lot of us here know that.. but we are not under 17 yrs of age to get the ear of politicians, nor are we the kinda ppl who woulddo that to their Bairnies . tht’s the troule – we’re happy to be ambushed by that tactics.
    Should have listened to Parliament channel last nigh -EU Presidential candidate “debate” last night ( mostly in their foreign language-English.) Makes oneeven Keener o beAWAY /OUT of Europes clutches gurgle > eu presidency election 2019 < to read or watch
    At least a COLD Sun is shining here today andfruit trees generally looking like heaviest potential crop for years despite such a cold "spring"

  8. oldbrew says:

    Con-Lab Brexit talks are over.

    Corbyn: “As you have been setting out your decision to stand down and Cabinet ministers are competing to succeed you, the position of the government has become ever more unstable and its authority eroded.

    “Not infrequently, proposals by your negotiating team have been publicly contradicted by statements from other members of the Cabinet.”


  9. Gareth says:

    The blackmailers are not the EU but the UK govt.

    EU has (wrongly imo) shut UK firms out of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme despite UK not having left the EU. To avoid the financial difficulties in the short term UK could set up its own ETS to replicate what the EU one does. What Westminster has decided to do instead is pin its hopes on getting the Withdrawal Agreement Bill passed so that UK can resume participating in the EU ETS* until the end of 2020, and then after that plans to create a UK ETS that is pegged to the EU ETS**.

    So long as the WAB is not passed British firms, still trading inside the EU customs union and single market, are being disadvantaged by our own government.

    * https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/british-steel-eu-emissions-trading-scheme-eu-ets-update

    ** https://order-order.com/2019/05/13/eu-control-uk-energy-prices-brexit/

  10. ilma630 says:

    [to: Gareth on May 18, 2019 at 10:24 am]

    But why do we need an ETS? isn’t that just replacing one Boondoggle with another, to no one’s benefit (except the EU’s of course)?