Guardian Hacks Told To Use Scary Language To Describe Climate Change

Posted: May 18, 2019 by oldbrew in alarmism, Critique, media
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As Guardian climate alarmaholics find less and less to shout about, they decide their best option is to shout louder anyway.


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  1. It is hard to imagine, after these latest propaganda terms have run their course, what the next set of terminology will be. Anybody is welcome to come up with the next terminology and suggest it to the Grauniad, since they seem to welcome any updates.

  2. cognog2 says:

    I think “Climate hysteria” adequately describes the current situation.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Let the Grauniad tell us all how large it thinks the Antarctic ice sheet should be in its ideal climate world :/

    The Antarctic ice sheet is one of the two polar ice caps of the Earth. It covers about 98% of the Antarctic continent and is the largest single mass of ice on Earth. It covers an area of almost 14 million square kilometres (5.4 million square miles) and contains 26.5 million cubic kilometres (6,400,000 cubic miles) of ice.

  4. wilpretty says:

    Since an emergency is a short term event, I would have thought it would be more appropriate to refer to it as ‘Weather Hysteria’.

  5. stpaulchuck says:

    more over the top agit prop from the clickbait media

  6. ivan says:

    It appears that the panic is getting to the MSM. What are they going to do when the scam completely unravels and people stop believing anything they say?

  7. E.M.Smith says:


    Too late, just past that point in the USA. See plunging viewers and circulation for: CNN, MSNBC, NYT, Washington Post, and all the layoffs (including Buzzfeed, Vines, CNN and many others).

    People are already staying away in droves…

    Unfortunately, as that leaves their only remaining audience as the True Believers and sycophants, they can’t turn to a more realistic “spin” without driving away that last revenue stream.

    The result has been a full on Electronic Book bit burning of all the conservative and reality based “alternative media” on the Internet by the Loony Lefty Silly Con Valley companies as they attempt to “help” the cause. Apparently completely missing the point that when you BAN someone with a million followers, you royally P.O. a million people who now despise you… and they do NOT turn then to pMSNBC for “guidance”….

    I believe in aviation terms this is called “Controlled descent into terrain”… ( I.e. driving it into the ground… SPLAT!)

  8. oldbrew says:

    “Controlled descent into terrain” 😆

    Good one – except for those on board.

  9. oldbrew says:

    Climate alarm favourite to win bombs out in Aussie election – how the Guardian sees it…

    Labor lost the unlosable election – now it’s up to Morrison to tell Australia his plan

    The big losers are action on the climate emergency and the likelihood that Labor will never be as ambitious with its policies again

    This was an election in large part about the climate emergency, and the field evidence shows Australia in 2019 is deeply divided about the road ahead.
    . . .
    Given that Labor is shellshocked by this result, shellshocked and shattered, it is unclear whether the party will stick with its big-target election policies, including the climate offering.
    – – –
    Bottom line: climate alarmism and its taxes aren’t a vote or popularity winner. Ask Pres. Macron in France.

  10. phil salmon says:

    In a way the media editors can’t be blamed for this enforcement of uber-alarmist language. They have been fed pseudoscientific falsehood as a supposed professional scientific consensus. These editors themselves of course are scientifically dead-heads, incapable of logic or meaningful interpretation of observational data. So they need to trust “experts”, and they’ve been sold a crock of utter shyte. They will live to realise this with inescapable certainty.

    Let’s see how the climate emergency is doing this year:

    Can someone remind me – is the climate emergency about warming, or cooling? Or is it just any weather that happens, labelled as a crisis by order of Katherine Viner. (Relative of David??)

  11. oldbrew says:

    Any weather that’s remotely unpleasant or out of the ordinary will do, Phil.

  12. ivan says:

    oldbrew, To add to global warming problems late this afternoon it stopped raining and some of the clouds cleared a little to expose new snow on my local mountain – something that hasn’t happened this late in the year during the 30+ years I’ve lived here. With the night time temperatures hovering around 6 C we could do with finding the missing heat or is that something else?

  13. oldbrew says:

    ‘We have lost Australia for now,’ warns climate scientist in wake of election upset

    The unexpected victory of conservatives in Australia’s election is bad news for the future of global climate action.
    MAY 18, 2019
    – – –
    The real ‘bad news’ is that so-called climate action has no effect on the climate.

  14. phil salmon says:

    With the Australian election result, politicians should start realising that an extreme climate agenda is toxic to voters.


  15. oldbrew says:

    Climate scare corner…

    MAY 18, 2019
    UN chief’s call to ‘save the Pacific to save the world’

    “We need to stop subsidies for fossil fuels. It doesn’t make any sense that taxpayers’ money is contributing to increased storms, the spread of drought, glaciers melting, corals bleaching and putting these islands in danger.”

    It’s his claims that don’t make any sense :/

  16. tom0mason says:

    Back around 1990 the first IPCC report came out. So they’ve had 29 years to ginger-up this scam but it still ain’t working and scary words don’t do it.
    Sure they’ve indoctrinated some, and seemed to have captured the fickle youth for the moment, but I can’t see that making a mountain out of a mole hole with the fake Global Warming (aka Climate Change, aka whatever) will manage to get anymore people to believe in it.
    If the weather across the NH keeps continues to be unusually cool, especially with longer and colder winters (which is very likely during this solar minimum), then all they will do is alienate more people from their stupid message.
    Well I hope they carry on with the policy. Go ahead, try scaring people into believing something that is wrong, and that a couple of cooler years will overturn and see where that get you.

    The Future Could Be Brighter — The Future Could Be Guardian-less

  17. oldbrew says:

    Lubos Motl writes:
    It seems impossible for me to have empathy for the people who are willing to openly associate themselves with this ludicrous pseudo-intellectual garbage – to publicly market themselves as brain-dead and unhinged sheep who are updating their own ludicrous politically correct vocabulary and lists of taboo words according to some centralized ideological-inkspillers-in-chief every few years in order to look even more pathetic than ever before.

    Why don’t you just give it up, leftist comrades? People are leaving manipulative newspapers like the Grauniad which are dying.

  18. oldbrew says:

  19. David A says:

    The statist clearly did not get the memo about “The boy who cried wolf”.