Prince Harry ‘gives climate speech at secretive Google Camp summit’

Posted: August 1, 2019 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, News, Psychobabble, Travel

So, a meeting of some of the world’s top climate experts? Not quite – more like a jet-set summerfest, but hosted by an internet tech giant. What was that about ‘carbon footprints’?

The Duke of Sussex gave an impassioned speech on the environment to an elite audience of business leaders and celebrities gathered at Google’s top-secret annual retreat in Sicily, reports the Evening Standard.

Prince Harry is understood to have insisted climate change is a humanitarian issue, not a political one as he gave the address – while reportedly barefoot.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell are understood to have been among the crowd of VIPS and and power-brokers at the summer conference dubbed ‘Davos-on-Sea’ with Katy Perry, Harry Styles, Karlie Kloss and Bradley Cooper also said to have been on the confidential guest list.

Chris Martin gave a performance at night amid the brightly-lit ruins.

The Prince believes the way mankind is living is having a devastating impact on the world, and humanity has been “far too slow” in waking up to the issue.

He is determined to lend his star power to raise awareness of the cause, and his speech to global game-changers came just a day after he revealed that he and his wife Meghan have decided to restrict their family to two children.

In an interview in the September issue of Vogue, guest edited by the Duchess, he also spoke about the the “terrifying” effects of climate change, saying: “What we need to remind everybody is: these are things that are happening now. We are already living in it… Which is terrifying.”

Tech giant Google’s seventh annual gathering, in a luxury resort on the island’s south-west coast, has attracted controversy in Italy amid accusations more than 110 private jets were used to ferry in some attendees, while others arrived in superyachts.

Full report here.

  1. Kip Hansen says:

    Top secret seems to be right — to my credit (or discredit) I only recognized one or two names from the guest list.

    We already have a “news organization cabal” working on promoting Climate Alarm, but apparently a “Climate Celebrity Cabal” doing the same.

    There are a lot of theories on what the underlying motives are to this phenomenon.

  2. Gary says:

    So the royal nitwits decided it’s okay to condemn only two of their children to a terrifying future. How kind of them.

  3. The Reverend Badger says:

    I’m sure the vast majority of you already know but most actors, so called celebs and a fair smattering of the inbred family referred to as “royalty” are not particularly renowned for the size of their intellect. The size of their egos is another matter.
    Anyway why wasn’t Greta there, she could watch all the jets land and see with her own eyes which ones were spewing out excessive CO2.

  4. JB says:

    Let HIM be fearful while cavorting in his royal jet to jest before his sycophants.

    “It is the deception of all leaders. They pretend that they will be the first to die, but, in reality, they send their people to death, so that they themselves may stay alive longer. The trick is always the same. The leader wants to survive, for with each survival he grows stronger. If he has enemies, so much the better; he survives them. If not, he has his own people. In any event he uses both, whether successively or together. Enemies he can use openly; that is why he has enemies. His own people must be used secretly.” p24 Crowds and Power, Elias Canetti

    “Today the survivor [top dog] is himself afraid. He has always been afraid, but with his vast new potentialities his fear has grown too, until it is almost unendurable. His triumph, when it comes, may last only for hours or minutes. For nowhere in the world is safe, even for him. There is nowhere the new weapons cannot reach, including whatever refuge he may make himself. His greatness and his invulnerability have become incompatible. He has over-reached himself. Rulers tremble today, not, as formerly, because they are rulers, but as the equals of everybody else. The ancient mainspring of power, the safe-guarding of the ruler at the cost of all other lives, has been broken. Power is greater than it has ever been, but also more precarious. Today either everyone will survive or no-one.” p469 Crowds and Power, Elias Canetti

    I do my part. I refuse to fly, allowing corporations to screw themselves with the TSA.

  5. Gamecock says:

    ‘The Prince believes the way mankind is living is having a devastating impact on the world.’

    I have it on great authority that the world doesn’t care; it will keep flying around the sun no matter what we do.

    In fact, as a member of ‘mankind,’ I am more interested in how ‘mankind’ is doing, not the stupid dirtball we are riding on.

    The diversion of attention from your own species to something inanimate is strange, but embraced by all present in Sicily.

    ‘Prince Harry is understood to have insisted climate change is a humanitarian issue’

    Humanitarian would be for people. He is doing it for the planet. Anti human, he is.

  6. BLACK PEARL says:

    Wonder how much he’s now been influenced by his new squeeze ?
    Look at all that carbon he let loose flying around in his Apache attack ship in Afghanistan
    Was he concerned about it then, or is he now thinking about the family income from all those wind wheels & solar panels planted on Crown Estates land and sea bed.

    I’m thinking that when the day comes our current monarch passes on we morph into a Republic with a ‘true’ democracy.
    Can we have a referendum on this, …. joke

  7. Gamecock says:

    Black Pearl, Charles is a fruitcake. Harry is acting up. Is William a good person? Y’all need to find a way to bypass Charles in succession.

  8. Streetcred says:

    Just as bad as his halfwit father … he shouldn’t be allowed to breed at all !

  9. yarpos says:

    “Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell are understood to have been among the crowd of VIPS……”
    Gee, wow, really? can you be any less credible

  10. He seems to have the same sense(?) or intelligence as his father who failed at Geelong Grammar junior school (Timbertop) when he was of high school age (was it 15?) Camilla thinks Charles is good in bed. I suppose Megan thinks that of Harry.

  11. Phoenix44 says:

    Harry, like many Green supporters doesn’t understand how far into politics he has strayed. What we do about problems is politics. He is making entirely political statements which go far beyond what we require from the monarchy. If he wants to be political he must resign his position, not use it to further his political beliefs.

  12. mem says:

    “If he wants to be political he must resign his position, not use it to further his political beliefs.”
    More importantly, if he wants to remain monarchical he needs to keep out of politics. And especially so-called climate change as it won’t be long before the plug is pulled and he like many others that have jumped on the fashionable but unsubstantiated “cause du jour” will will look like right real dorks.

  13. oldbrew says:

    Delingpole: Truly environmental stupidity is the gift that goes on giving…

    Twilight of the Eco-Loons: Environmental Activism Jumps the Shark

  14. Coeur de Lion says:

    Any suggestions from these people about helping the billion or so who don’t get enough to eat?

  15. craigm350 says:

    The Reverend Badger – Greta is possibly preparing for crossing the Atlantic in a zero carbon boat…

    That despite being stripped down I do see some nice plastic cabling as well as computers:

    No doubt she’ll be live tweeting her adventures to the world on computers made from mung beans and powered by dung

  16. oldbrew says:

    crossing the Atlantic in a zero carbon boat… — why not zero boat?