Walruses climbing cliffs and falling off them are natural events: 1994 video from Alaska

Posted: September 2, 2019 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, Critique

Yet another manufactured climate scare bites the dust. Is Attenborough enjoying his self-appointed role as an alarmist myth-maker?


US Fish and Wildlife officials in 1994 explain walruses falling to their deaths from a cliff at Cape Pierce in the southern Bering Sea (a haulout for adult males during the ice-free season). Explanation? Overcrowding (too many walruses)!

Hype from the Netflix/Attenborough ‘climate change is gonna destroy the world’ fearmongers earlier this year notwithstanding – or the media this summer trying to stir up climate change fever – the US Fish and Wildlife Service determined in October 2017 that the Pacific walrus is not being harmed by climate change and is not likely to be harmed within the foreseeable future (USFWS 2017). The IUCN Red List (2015) lists the Pacific walrus as ‘data deficient.

Large herds onshore are a sign of population health, not climate change, and walruses have come ashore in the Chukchi Sea during the ice-free season in summer and/or fall for more than 100…

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  2. oldbrew says:

    Video Proves That Netflix’s David Attenborough Documentary Misled The Public Over Falling Walruses

    Aired at the start of the year, the show became notorious for heart-wrenching footage of walruses falling to their deaths from cliffs in Siberia. Attenborough’s claim that this was due to global warming became highly controversial when it was revealed that the footage had been recorded during an incident when polar bears were known to have driven walruses over the cliffs. Now, archive video confirms that Attenborough misled his audience. US Fish and Wildlife Service footage, recorded at Cape Pierce in Alaska in 1994, shows that more than 100 walruses had fallen from cliffs there on a number of occasions.

    “This video proves without any doubt that walruses have fallen from cliffs decades ago. These tragic episodes have nothing to do with global warming and everything to do with breeding success and population pressure.” [bold added]

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    When does the public get a retraction of these misleading claims?

  3. Chaswarnertoo says:

    No polar bears ( or film crews ! ) panicking them over the cliffs? Much easier to eat splatted walrus for sea bears…..

  4. oldbrew says:

    Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
    September 3, 2019 9:05pm

    Global warming is a religion because facts don’t count. So don’t expect David Attenborough to say sorry for claiming global warming caused walruses to fall off cliffs, despite footage from 25 years ago emerging that proves this is nothing new.


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