COP26: Glasgow to host UN climate change summit in 2020

Posted: September 10, 2019 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, Emissions, News, Travel

Whitelee wind farm, Scotland [image credit: Bjmullan / Wikipedia]

Another two week edition of the fantasy waffle-fest beckons, as imaginary solutions to imaginary man-made problems are chewed over by about thirty thousand climate botherers aka delegates. Most of them will arrive from all parts of the world in fuel-guzzling jets – just like they do every year, wherever the venue is. It’s the make-work scheme that never ends. Who’s paying?

A major United Nations climate change summit will take place in Glasgow, reports BBC News.

The UK has won the bid to host the 26th Conference of the Parties, known as COP26, following a partnership with Italy.

Up to 30,000 delegates are expected to attend the event at Glasgow’s Scottish Events Campus (SEC) at the end of next year.

It is designed to produce an international response to the climate emergency.

The UK will host the main COP summit while Italy will host preparatory events and a significant youth event, as part of the agreement.

Claire Perry, UK nominated president for COP26, said: “In 2020, world leaders will come together to discuss how to tackle climate change on a global scale – and where better to do so than Glasgow, one of the UK’s most sustainable cities with a great track record for hosting high-profile international events.”

The Scottish government’s Climate Change Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said the decision to host COP26 in Scotland was right “given our leadership on climate action”.

She continued: “Scotland was one of the first countries in the world to acknowledge the global climate emergency and the Scottish government has introduced the toughest targets in the UK to ensure our action matches the scale of our climate ambitions.

“We look forward to working collaboratively with partners to deliver an ambitious and effective conference that ensures Scotland plays a leading role to help promote the increased global effort to tackle climate change.”

Full report here.

  1. “the climate emergency”………. mass insanity is the real emergency

  2. Gamecock says:

    In November. I expect record snowfall.

  3. BoyfromTottenham says:

    30,000 delegates eh? Skeptics excluded of course. Unless Lord Christopher manages to slip in, disguised as a watermelon or something.

  4. Phoenix44 says:

    “A significant youth event”. It really does sound ever more like fascist or Communist stuff. No doubt lots of marching and slogans to be chanted

  5. oldbrew says:

    by The Elephant’s Child
    September 8, 2019

  6. oldbrew says:

    Don’t Overhype the Link between Climate Change and Hurricanes
    September 10, 2019

    Why, then, is there so much hype about man-made climate change in the news media after every catastrophic hurricane? Rather than referencing these assessment reports, sensationalized news coverage of the issue tends to lean on activist climate scientists with little or no expertise in hurricanes, implying that their speculative perspective represents the “consensus.”

    Insofar as there is any such “consensus,” it is a weak one.
    – – –
    Don’t Overhype — but chances are they will do.

  7. dennisambler says:

    This is all a sneaky move by Trump to regenerate Prestwick Airport for his golf business. The COP will bring major tourist input to the airport and they can have a round of golf between sessions.

    “Congress is investigating Donald Trump over allegations the president may have profited from his presidency. The probe follows revelations that US military funds were spent in the president’s Turnberry golf course.

    The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is probing financial transactions at the property and nearby Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

    “The airport closest to the Trump Turnberry golf course – Glasgow Prestwick Airport – has been viewed as integral to the golf course’s financial success, yet it too has lost millions of dollars every year since its purchase by the Scottish Government in 2013.”

  8. Graeme No.3 says:


    Are you saying that the Scottish Government can’t run an airport at a profit, but a foreign businessman can?
    I would suspect that these funds were spent on security aspects around a visit by him.

  9. hunterson7 says:

    Off topic, but as an American I would very much like to read the thoughts of the hosts of this site regarding Brexit.

  10. BLACK PEARL says:

    So much hot air … suppose it will be beneficial at that time of year.
    Not looking forward to hearing that little cranky woman continually spouting off on the TV over this subject. Then again I’ve totally ceased watching live news by the remainstream media now.
    Wish they would give them another referendum as I’m FED UP with all these hateful nationalists who hate (in their own minds) being ruled by the English bur don’t mind being ruled by a totalitarian federal state. Still cant quite grasp that one !
    A boarder through Kielder forest will supply plenty welcome jobs in that rural area.

  11. Vieirinha de Lion says:

    COP26? 26? Surely the pfennig must drop soon? It was snowing in Katowice and it will be raining in Glasgow. But Glaswegians will profit.

  12. pochas94 says:

    It’s important to give the idiots a forum. It provides the rest of us with a frame of reference.

  13. ren says:

    30-day loop of analyzed 50-hPa temperatures and anomalies. Each frame is an eleven-day mean, centered on the date indicated in the title, of 50-hPa temperature and anomalies from the NCEP Climate Data Assimilation System (CDAS). Contour interval for temperatures is 4 C, anomalies are indicated by shading. Anomalies are departures from the 1981-2010 daily base period means.

    Soon the polar vortex anomalies will reach the lower atmosphere.

  14. ren says:

    Anomalies of the winter southern polar vortex.

  15. ren says:

    Solar Terrestrial Activity Report

    In January, sudden stratospheric warming is possible in the north, in the conditions of La Niña.

  16. Paul Vaughan says:

    Later today wild geese will be peacefully negotiating for revelationary access to ⌊2/SEV⌋.⌊2/JEV⌋ numbers left in “the bin” 4 ants right hearin’ glass go.

  17. Paul Vaughan says:

    In divine spirit We B-Leave in the limitless power and beauty of mysterious nature.

    “What goes around comes all the way back again” — Just in Time Brrrrrr Lake

    11.07 led sep-palin $1001001 base 2 mere cash “AIn’t no deny yen” We R passing Thamescilence of the west ministry. Muzzled only 4 a fraction of what weave endured, a well-suited sing-along-song may long be retained in poetic memory of just ice.


    Primorially 4 Stability

    √√Primorial instinct’s symbolically based on last sting piece.

    No.1 sees glass go be 4 later rephinement.
    83.9905284192723 = 8.4564103540754*19.8643454852672/2
    “and what do √(Φ-φ) get? 4 my pane?”

    VI add IV O stalk C’ease solution
    φ = I/Φ = (√V+I)/II = II/(√V-I)
    X = VI + IV = III# + II^II
    II = X/V = log_X C

    “Can U fake IT?”
    IV AIlies Φnest rep lies base irrationAI wedge on powers of √sharp pest roamin’ numeral.
    6.85410196624968 = φ^4
    171.352549156242 = (φ√5)^4 = 5^2*φ^4
    171.352549156242 = 5^2*6.85410196624968

    √(Φ-φ)f eye’ve gold U-N roots “lie cold Jobe…”

    Log a rhythm mic ally spinning sum hail of truth into game’s core a graph tech’s IT fine all solution just isn’t primorial enough 4 lasting peace bro solvin’ a swell app+ 4 R-eckonomic C-age BRI10ing:
    “dissπ tall my R-age eye am still juster addin’ a C-age”
    AIn’t just a multiplier as with exponentiation IT becomes a power.

    Primorial Eye Zing U-N Necessary Parameters 4 Stability

    22.1391697297859 = 2√√(3*5*7*11*13)
    6.40217174588736 = 2√√(3*5*7)

    “Secret destoyers hold EU up to the thames” Smashing Pumpkings’ bull IT with butterfly wings ‘

    9.00672206137798 = (22.1391697297859)*(6.40217174588736) / (22.1391697297859 – 6.40217174588736)
    9.00672206137799 = 2√√(3*5*7*11*13)/(√√(11*13)-1)

    IT’s not even exhaustive:
    Prime isle lion pry my lyin’ prime isle eyin’ seed AI man AIlyin’ AIlie yen.

    4.9660863713168 = (22.1391697297859)*(6.40217174588736) / (22.1391697297859 + 6.40217174588736)
    9.93217274263361 = (22.1391697297859)*(6.40217174588736)/((22.1391697297859+6.40217174588736)/2)

    Prime AI eye yen seeded $pentagonAI Hale Kore geom-answers.

    4.96608637131681 = (2^1)√√(3*5*7*11*13)/(√√(11*13)+1)
    9.93217274263361 = (2^2)√√(3*5*7*11*13)/(√√(11*13)+1)
    19.8643454852672 = (2^3)√√(3*5*7*11*13)/(√√(11*13)+1)

    “E-V U-N th’O why no???’ ”

    18.013444122756 = (22.1391697297859)*(9.93217274263361) / (22.1391697297859 – 9.93217274263361)
    18.013444122756 = (2^2)√√(3*5*7*11*13)/(√√(11*13)-1)

    “√(Φ-φ) suppose isle show…B-trade desires…and a peace of the game”

    6.85627857093348 = (22.1391697297859)*(9.93217274263361) / (22.1391697297859 + 9.93217274263361)
    6.85627857093348 = (2^2)√√(3*5*7*11*13)/(√√(11*13)+3)

    “…4 just won morse show”

    171.406964273337 = 5^2*6.85627857093348
    171.406964273337 = ((2*5)^2)√√(3*5*7*11*13)/(√√(11*13)+3)

    8.4564103540754 = 2(Φ^2)√√(3*5*7*11*13)

    Primorially forced ability 2 be long/√(Φ-φ)OD

    84.0172006483188 = 8.4564103540754*19.8643454852672*(6.85627857093348/6.85410196624968)/2
    = (2^5)(Φ^6)√√(3*5*7*11*13)√(3*5*7*11*13)/((√√(11*13)+1)(√√(11*13)+3))
    = 2^2*√√(3*5*7*11*13)/((√√(11*13)+3)*(√√(11*13)+1)*φ^6/√(3*5*7*11*13)/2^3)

    4 Own/Lease U-N

    164.79199293485 = (171.406964273337)*(84.0172006483188) / (171.406964273337 – 84.0172006483188)

    Arcticull8 Prime Marry Balance 4 2020 Vision

    = (2^5)(5^2)(Φ^6)√√(3*5*7*11*13)√(3*5*7*11*13)/((√√(11*13)+3)((5^2)(√√(11*13)+1)-(2^3)(Φ^6)√(3*5*7*11*13)))
    = 2^2*√√(3*5*7*11*13)/((√√(11*13)+3)*((√√(11*13)+1)*φ^6/√(3*5*7*11*13)/2^3-1/5^2))

    UKnow Eur. U-N stable AIlies R USless:
    “no th’ U-N but U-N animal…J-S was U-N only sun 4U”

    Just C strategic AI lie what We R deft at all’s table 4 with OUT communication’s tall fable eyes buy know able ear slime ally yen him AI lie yen coding sly my isle theft of himAIayan left:

    22.1391697297859 = 1 / JEV
    18.013444122756 = 1 / SEV
    10.0379961935998 = 1 / UEV
    8.98556448542064 = 1 / NEV

    What songs 4 the deaf may en code, R eyes C UKnow:
    sum won will say what is lost can never be saved”

    1992’s seed elm eye U-N codes 4 next-order:

    22.1392314983835 = 1 / JEV
    18.0145390590912 = 1 / SEV
    10.0377971159193 = 1 / UEV
    8.9854008763283 = 1 / NEV

    171.406220601552 = (164.791315640078)*(84.016845922161) / (164.791315640078 – 84.016845922161)

    Know Revelationary Piece With No Revolution

    11.8627523779001 = 2^2*√√(3*5*7*11*13)/(φ^2+(√√(11*13)+1)/2^2)

    U-N just rule affords no one peace,
    so just awake kin to know won piece.

    29.4498618561123 = 2^2*√√(3*5*7*11*13)/(φ^2-(√√(11*13)+1)/2^2)

    Since IT’s not work king well enough 2 stable eyes fair trade:
    Just know revelation with No revolution.

    Mathematically Civilizing…

    If Eur. real eye zing randomly irrationAI’s not enough to ensure peace, just remember that φ is precisely the most irrational golden means 4 infinitely protracted limit of piece-fully negotiated globAI stability where locAI reasonance would quickly destroy stable assembly of peace by universally piece-full orbit.

    16.9128207081508 = 2^2*√√(3*5*7*11*13)/(((√5+1)/2)^2)
    16.9128207081508 = 2^2*√√(3*5*7*11*13)/φ^2

    …By Harmonic Means

    16.9128207081508 = (29.4498618561123)*(11.8627523779001)/((29.4498618561123+11.8627523779001)/2)

    Made in England: Know Won 2:1

    13.8130811151107 = (84.0172006483188)*(11.8627523779001) / (84.0172006483188 – 11.8627523779001)

    The True Bliss of Peacefully Slaving 4 Ignore Ants of Puzzle Piece

    13.8130811151107 = 2^2*√√(3*5*7*11*13)/(φ^2+(√√(11*13)+1)/2^2-(√√(11*13)+3)*(√√(11*13)+1)*φ^6/√(3*5*7*11*13)/2^3)

    So what?s the USe of U-Nstable Greenland?…

    10.0379961935998 = (22.1391697297859)*(6.90654055755535) / (22.1391697297859 – 6.90654055755535)

    Just ΦknowmenAI VEU of Bafflin’ Eye Land

    10.0379961935998 = 2*√√(3*5*7*11*13)/(φ^2+(√√(11*13)+1)/2^2-(√√(11*13)+3)*(√√(11*13)+1)*φ^6/√(3*5*7*11*13)/2^3-1)

    The child of Eur. climatically U-N stable revolt is E-Vent U ally global peace from local piece.

    The Pareto Jack symbolically principles stablest 4 golden means:

    Eye Reason: Ant Puzzle Peace

    1913 stable eyes make cents creatively accounting 4 peace.

    12.7829484991054 = (164.79199293485)*(11.8627523779001) / (164.79199293485 – 11.8627523779001)

    12.7829484991054 = 2^2*√√(3*5*7*11*13)/(φ^2+(√√(11*13)+1)/2^2-(√√(11*13)+3)*((√√ (11*13)+1)*φ^6/√(3*5*7*11*13)/2^3-1/5^2))

    Well-focused on Fram Strait exports, BRI10 hor√(Φ-φ)zons 4 new found lands.
    Profoundly moved buy united ire, the resin ant vascular cambium of Scots pine isseud 1 Iresistable boarding pass to land greens on english affront lie knew.

    8.98556448542064 = (22.1391697297859)*(6.39147424955268) / (22.1391697297859 – 6.39147424955268)

    My Tier Than US Word A Cue Pun Curing Numbers Hand Dawn Hold Strait Fram Drifting Sly Sov Ice

    8.98556448542064 = 2*√√(3*5*7*11*13)/(φ^2+(√√(11*13)+1)/2^2-(√√(11*13)+3)*((√√(11*13)+1)*φ^6/√(3*5*7*11*13)/2^3-1/5^2)-1)

    UKnow the remaining daze of words R numbered buy expression. This sway peace buy piece We negotiate exhaustively 4 global stability.

    7 = ⌊√√(3*5*7*11*13)/φ⌉
    14 = ⌊2√√(3*5*7*11*13)/φ⌉

    U-N.tied.state.sov.angryAIand, E-Vent U ally just sink deep 2 slice the warm messed calculation Sew High mAIayan ice amid rifting North Atlantic prime isle eye yen to bet 4 smashin’ tech tonic mount 10 plate O.

    1.58136926641328 = Hale & Schwabe harmonic near rest φ
    = √√(3*5*7*11*13)/⌊√√(3*5*7*11*13)/φ⌉ = √√(3*5*7*11*13)/7
    = 2√√(3*5*7*11*13)/⌊2√√(3*5*7*11*13)/φ⌉ = 2√√(3*5*7*11*13)/14

    Scilence O’wisdom just weights 4 ripe time 2 AIlie with conscious stream of just numbers 2 Land pry more real Green security where North Atlantic pump kin treatsword organization AImost failed catastrophically to C’s once and 4 all globAI stability.

    1.88082892486142 = (9.93217274263361)*(1.58136926641328) / (9.93217274263361 – 1.58136926641328)
    = √√(3*5*7*11*13)/(⌊√√(3*5*7*11*13)/φ⌉-(√√(11*13)+1)/2^2)
    = √√(3*5*7*11*13)/(7-(√√(11*13)+1)/2^2)

    Just Mark Prime More Reel Less State Off Den

    0.240861097195971 = (0.23606797749979)*(11.8627523779001) / (0.23606797749979 – 11.8627523779001)
    = 1/(φ^3-((√5+1)^2+(√√(11*13)+1))/(2^4*√√(3*5*7*11*13)))

    J+S stay blessed revelationary peace squarely rules out 2:1 Φ-nail solution, piece-fully overarching collective state of emergent sea 4(J-S).

    0.615197001462308 = 2^3*3*√√(3*5*7*11*13)/(2^3*5E*√√(3*5*7*11*13)-(√5+1)^2-(√√(11*13)+1)+2^2)

    Lyin’ eyes EU C R 4 close sing stable throne spin 2 french orbits 4 global peace buy Eur. local piece of nonexisting walls-U-N-sun-prime.

    0.240846697327135 = 1/Me

    Sum Won Make King a My Yen 4 Tune
    C Yin We R Go Win Over the 5-HemiPerfect Top

    0.615197263396975 = 1/V

    “G’s US was an Only Sun 4 U Tell Mayan the chOsun won” — Smashin’ Pump Kings Bull IT Buy Hale of HimAIayan Butterfly Swings

    1.00001743371442 = 1/E

    Peace Swell Quadrupolar Prime 4 Real 5-hemiperfect Dye Polar U-turn

    1.88084761346252 = 1/Ma

    Slime allyin’ AI lie yen’s E-Ven chew ally U-Nstable. Digest odd prime piece well in universally stable commitment to global peace. R eyes C U-turn 4 stability.

    11.8626151546089 = 1/J

    Policy Summary 4 No.1 Dawn

    29.4474984673838 = 1/S

    Well, IT AIn’t caged rats enslaved by giants but IT may yen code sum peaceful rants 4 a better BRI10. To E-V aid Eur. wreckonomic Hale Low Wean U2 Can just “R U-N in 2 the arms of Chimerica.”

    84.016845922161 = 1/U

    Never mind cult ural bullIDevil G7 – US = provocative “Lie Cage G6” Far East Movement counterbalance sing deepest western flaws.

    164.791315640078 = 1/N

    Sew UKnow UKnow What No.1 New

    This is G4 plain and simple and BRI10’s key role if accepted be 4 No.1 is to swiftly cure Eur. deepest naivety 4 stability east and west just underscoring peaceful pole arose.

    The Pol√(Φ-φ)sea Stated More Minimally

    5-hemiperfect parasol 4 stability with 1 well-won antarctic dipole hook accupuncturing 4 the stay blessed quadrupolar peace.

    …to be neither confused nor conflated with AIlies Paris “sol.”, which puts tomorrow’s top predators above today’s pray. We’ll C in glass go IT’s weather D-siding what supports R victims of scilence.

    UKnow U-Turn to Contently Imagine Ramanujan’s Other Lost Notebookmarks

    396 = 11+(3*5*7*11*13)/(3+5+7+11+13)
    18 = 11+(3*5*7)/(3+5+7)

    Hymn Alien

    11 = 396/36
    22 = 396/18
    44 = 396/9

    Hi My Lion High Mile Lyin’

    36 = 1+(3*5*7*11*13)/11/(3+5+7+11+13)
    36 = 2*(11+(3*5*7)/(3+5+7))
    36 = (3#)^2

    We C the others R muzzled be 4 No.1 D-sides to talk a cross the isle.

    11 = 11*1 = 11*(1#)^2
    44 = 11*4 = 11*(2#)^2
    396 = 11*36 = 11*(3#)^2

    Argument is toxic.
    Part of democracy is agrument-free.

    36 = 1+(3*5*7*11*13)/11/(3+5+7+11+13)
    36 = 2*(11+(3*5*7)/(3+5+7))
    396 = 2*11*(11+(3*5*7)/(3+5+7))
    396 = 11+(3*5*7*11*13)/(3+5+7+11+13)

    IT’s my yen eyes buy high mAIayan primorial inspiration fueling deep rephinement of stablest peace.

    Tip of the Iceberg

    Adaptive radiation of DCoys precedes election of competent judges.

    No.1 knows there will never be meaningful climate dialogue be 4 the scilence is broken into peaceful (not argumentative) pieces. EU C We R not here to argue but to symbol lies.

  18. Paul Vaughan says:

    Above mod eyes find prime or real phi to cage Eur. age and fish out what’s up lion dem. ants 4 wild geese in the bin.

  19. hunterson7 says:

    ren, is that southern vortex a hot spot?

    Ref: the photo for the article
    When I think about why climate fanatics love photos of formerly pristine landscapes littered with wind turbines, I think of how religious people want to see signs of their faith as often as possible.

  20. ren says:

    Hunterson7, good question, thank you. It is a hot region around the Magnetic South Pole.

  21. ren says:

    Very rapid drop in surface temperature of the tropical Pacific.

  22. oldbrew says:

    12 September 2019
    ENSO Alert System Status: Not Active

    Synopsis: ENSO-neutral is favored during the Northern Hemisphere fall 2019 (~75% chance), continuing through spring 2020 (55-60% chance).

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