UK stargazers to be treated to rare Harvest Moon

Posted: September 13, 2019 by oldbrew in moon, News, solar system dynamics

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The Harvest Moon is the Full Moon nearest to the September equinox, which occurs around September 22.

The UK is set to be treated to a rare occurrence of a Harvest Moon tonight.

The Moon will be about 14 per cent smaller in the sky than an average full moon, making it an especially rare “micromoon”, says the London Evening Standard.

Maine Farmers’ Almanac astronomer Joe Rao said the time it peaks will depend on the position of the moon.

Speaking to the Express, he said: “To add to this full moon ‘madness’, this upcoming full moon very nearly coincides with apogee – that point in its orbit which places it at its greatest distance from the Earth: 252,100 miles away.

“Remember last February, when the Full Moon coincided with perigee, its closest point to Earth?

“The Moon was more than 30,000 miles closer and was accordingly branded a ‘Supermoon’.”

A full moon appearing on the night of Friday the 13th is also very rare as the last time it happened was the year 2000 and it won’t happen again until 2049.

Full article here.

  1. Curious George says:

    Let’s celebrate! Sales of whisky should go through the roof.

  2. oldbrew says:

    A full moon appearing on the night of Friday the 13th is very rare (pictured in London)

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