More Buckets Of Icy Cold Energy Reality

Posted: September 26, 2019 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, Critique, Energy, ideology
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When are climate alarmists going to get real about their preferred energy sources? Trying to scale up to replace all those they don’t like runs into severe resource problems quite quickly, as pointed out here.

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By Paul Driessen ~

The full-court press is on for climate chaos disaster and renewable energy salvation. CNN recently hosted a seven-hour climate event for Democrat presidential aspirants. Every day brings more gloom-and-doom stories about absurd, often taxpayer-funded pseudo-scientific reports on yet another natural event or supposed calamity that alarmists insist is due to fossil fuels that provide 80% of US and global energy.

MSNBC just hosted another two-day Democrat presidential candidates climate forum at Georgetown University – where I spoke at a contrarian program. Meanwhile, a big Climate March took place in New York City, while protesters tried to block Washington, DC streets. They were all kicking off the UN’s “Global Climate Week” in NYC, featuring a Youth Climate Summit and UN General Assembly event where world leaders will demand “global action” to supposedly stop the supposed climate crisis.

Their standard solution is biofuel, solar, wind…

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  1. cognog2 says:

    Would love to see a lump of zero emission steel. Do these democrats have the secret?

  2. stpaulchuck says:

    excellent article!

    The media clowns should be reporting this stuff to the public but then it would put and end to the idiot windmills and solar (aka subsidy) farms. The media is no longer staffed with reporters. Instead we have a plethora of “journalists”. These are people who operate on emotions rather than logic and critical thinking.

  3. p.g.sharrow says:

    Back in 1974 I was in the Alternative Energy business designing small systems and active in alternative energy systems. While doing this I ran the numbers for PV needed to supply the Electric Energy increase needed to be added in the United States through the end of the Century. Almost 800 square miles ! This was at the time when Ecoloons had nearly stopped all large scale Hydro projects and were beginning to prevent the constructions any new Nuclear power plants. Government was being lobbied for a massive subsidy program to fuel the start up of Wind and Solar power generation.
    It became obvious to me that this could NEVER work! So I explored near space collection and transmission of the power generated as a solution. Still not possible with known technology, but we are working on it.
    The only known technology that can supply Modern Energy needs is Nuclear Fission. All the others are just dead ends. Even Fusion is still a pipe dream after 60 years of Vast amounts of resources poured into it.

    It is time to tell these spoiled little children that their wonderful Utopian dreams are beyond the LAWs of physics and practicalities. No matter how much they stomp their feet, scream and cry, they can not have their candy. They have been lied to, there is No Free Lunch and THEY have to go to work in the REAL World.

    Nuclear Fission is a well known technology we can do, It will work and is more environmentally benign then the coal fired power plant it would replace. We should be arguing about the best direction we should go in, in adopting that solution There is no other, known to me, solution and I have explored them all.
    Many solutions have been presented but they all fail when you do the math. There is only one solution Nuclear Power and it is needed Now…pg

  4. Mike Ellwood says:

    Agreed P.G.

    This is an interesting read. He’s a AGW believer, but at least his solutions are realistic (and pro-nuclear):

    Click to access P4TP4U.pdf

    “Prescription for the Planet by Tom Blees”

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