Another Newsweek Conspiracy: ‘Greta Thunberg Snubbed For Nobel Peace Prize’ By Big Oil

Posted: October 13, 2019 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, News, opinion

Well, there’s always next year or whenever. Arctic sea ice still doing OK despite all the false prophets of doom, including certain Nobel recipients.

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By Clay Waters ~

Newsweek reporter Rosie McCall offered a conspiracy theory as to how a 16-year-old environmental activist somehow failed to win the Nobel Peace Prize this year: “Greta Thunberg Snubbed for Nobel Peace Prize by Committee Run by Norway, One of the World’s Biggest Oil and Natural Gas Exporters.

This new theory comes courtesy of a magazine fresh off breaking the news that opening tanning salons in urban neighborhoods were a plot to give gay men skin cancer, or something.

McCall wrote:

The Nobel Committee has surprised oddsmakers by not picking 16-year-old Greta Thunberg to win the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.

The five-member Norwegian panel instead announced on Friday that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had won the award, “for his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and for in particular his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea,” a statement…

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  2. It doesn't add up... says:

    The Norwegian Nobel Committee 2019 Members
    Berit Reiss-Andersen (Chair) Lawyer
    Henrik Syse (Vice Chair) Professor, Senior Researcher at the International Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
    Anne Enger Independent adviser, former County Governor and member of Parliament/government
    Asle Toje
    Thorbjørn Jagland Secretary General Council of Europe (the weakest link?)
    Olav Njølstad Professor (Secretary)

    None appear to have worked for Statoil or Norsk Hydro, let alone a non-Norwegian energy company. Evidently Newsweek doesn’t do basic research.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Newsweek reporter Rosie McCall offered a conspiracy theory…

    There you have it.

  4. Curious George says:

    One Yasser Arafat, one Al Gore, and one B. Hussein Obama are enough.

  5. hunterson7 says:

    It wasn’t surprising at all that Greta’s time in the spotlight has already passed. Like Joan of Arc, another disturbed teenager, Greta served her purpose to those who have manipulated her and now she is also expendable.
    Greta will be a saint to the faithful of the XR death cult, but not so much to those not suffering from the mass delusions of climate extremism. Listening to Greta’s bizarre anti-scientific temper tantrums style of communication is not something a peace maker uses. Her big speech simply allowed her to reveal her true self:
    An ignorant angry teenager who has been cruelly used by her parents to profit off of her medical bad mental disorders.

  6. stpaulchuck says:

    little Greta Thumbdrive is nothing more than a vessel filled with eco-loon nonsense by her equally mentally challenged parents (“dance artists”) and then shipped to America for a data dump while scowling, which was supposed to validate the crap data she dumped on us. All the while the progressives (sic) and eco-loons waved her about like some eco-holy version of Joan d’Arc.

    After handing out unearned prizes to Obama and others, the Committee apparently decided not to continue the howls of laughter and outrage over their blatant politically motivated awards, once in a row. Giving that award to Ms. Thumbdrive would have been about as justifiable as awarding it to an actual thumb drive.

  7. SasjaL says:

    It doesn’t add up…,

    The Norwegian Nobel Committee members are all assigned by the Norwegian Stortinget, a.k.a political assignment.

  8. Phoenix44 says:

    Fancy picking someone who has ended a decades old conflict that has claimed tens of thousands of lives rather than a 16 year old who has…er…spoken at a conference.


  9. Gamecock says:

    Newsweek doesn’t like brown people.

  10. manicbeancounter says:

    It is worth comparing the achievements of Greta with those of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali.
    Coming to power in April 2018, by July he had a peace agreement with Eritrea, where there had been a “no peace, no war” situation for nearly 20 years. Also, from the Indian Express

    “In its announcement, the Nobel Peace Prize committee said: “Abey spent his first 100 days as Prime Minister lifting the country’s state of emergency, granting amnesty to thousands of political prisoners, discontinuing media censorship, legalising outlawed opposition groups, dismissing military and civilian leaders who were suspected of corruption, and significantly increasing the influence of women in Ethiopian political and community life”.”

    This is in the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize, not a teenager telling adults “how dare you” and reciting mantras she has learnt.

  11. JB says:

    Newsweek was foisted on my American history class in HS. I recognized its ridiculous messages as propaganda then, over 50 years ago.The instructress of the course was some old NEA/CEA gullible spinster who hadn’t the slightest impression what she taught wasn’t history but manufactured tripe. I was blown away then how anyone could incorporate those ideas without due diligence, and the experience paved the way for seeing it rampant in American culture over the next several decades. Its like the person who imbibes regularly a foul intoxicant, and calls it an acquired taste.

    As for Greta the Great, she has been set up for a tremendous fall as a pawn. She has no idea that her destiny is a nondescript but abrasive personality, buried in the ashes of political ideologues and ignored by competent men.

  12. I think “Greta” has become too politicised to be of any real use or to make a lasting difference. She spearheaded something important that has now become a news media quagmire of lies and innuendos. It is a sad day for humans when the honest intentions of a dissatisfied youth are turned into political weapons that have nothing to do with the original cause. Shame on the news media. Shame on all of those who have used “Greta” to forward their own agendæ. 😠😢

  13. oldbrew says:

    Thunberg has an IMDb page which is supposed to be for ‘entertainment professionals’ and is a movie database.

    Her second of four forenames is Tintin. Until very recently she was listed as an actress but that’s been edited out now.

  14. Adam Gallon says:

    Glyn, you’re a mug. There’ve never been any honest intentions. The child’s been a con all along. Groomed by one of Gore’s acolytes.

  15. Gamecock says:

    The Nobel Prize Committee decides who win Nobel Prizes.

    Newsweek does not. That the committee picked someone other than who Newsweek wanted is NOT NEWS.

    Speculation on why the committee didn’t pick who Newsweek wanted is not news.

    Blaming oil companies for what didn’t happen is bizarre.

    ‘Thunberg snubbed’

    What a preposterous headline.

    BTW, Gamecock was snubbed, too. Details in next week’s Newsweek.

  16. Geoff Cruickshank says:

    How dare they!

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