Mr Yoshimura would agree…

Posted: October 22, 2019 by oldbrew in Astrophysics, Cycles
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…with the period of ~2500 years in our 2015 blog post: Why Phi? – Jupiter, Saturn and the de Vries cycle (we use 2503y).

Or he might do, if he had read it. More correctly, we agree with him.

In the second paragraph of the introduction in his article of December 1978 in the Astrophysical Journal, which has a rather long title related to the solar cycle, he writes:

“From the earliest study of sunspots, it was noted that the envelope of the solar cycle has undergone a long-term modulation (Wolf 1856, 1862, 1868); Waldmeier (1961).”

The same paragraph ends:

“…other long-term modulations have also been suspected…In particular, the analysis of 14C data over 7500 years by Eddy (1977) strongly suggests that there may be a regular and periodic modulation on the order of 2500 years.”

Our 2015 chart (explained here).
E = Earth years

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  2. Stephen Richards says:

    What ?

  3. oldbrew says:

    The 2503 year period is the time taken for the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction position to return to the same point (41 retrograde revolutions of 360 degrees).
    1 J-S moves 117.147 deg. retrograde.
    126 J-S in 2503 years = 14760.52 deg. = 41 * 360.0127 deg.

    Johannes Kepler diagrammed this motion and called it a trigon, since every 3 J-S move quite close to one revolution (351.44~ degrees).

    Each conjunction takes nearly 20 years (average = 19.865~), so one ‘trigon’ is nearly 60 years. It takes 42 trigons (41*360 deg.) to complete the 2503-year cycle.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Mr Yoshimura wrote another solar-related paper with a long title in 1978:

    Nonlinear astrophysical dynamos – The solar cycle as a nonlinear oscillation of the general magnetic field driven by the nonlinear dynamo and the associated modulation of the differential-rotation-global-convection system…220..692Y

    Sounds intimidating perhaps, but press on and give the abstract and intro a try 😎

    One sentence from the abstract:
    This could give us a theoretical explanation of the solar-cycle-related climatic change of the Earth.

  5. JB says:

    “Requested scanned pages are not available “, Oldbrew.. Don’t know enough about the linked site for a work around.

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